Think Thank at the Bone Zone

Brandon Reis and Ted Borland got that DIY spirit, now aided by Brighton Resort.

Lib Tech Storm Factory Outerwear Welcomes Brandon Reis to the Team.

Lib Tech welcomes the master of board control, Brandon Reis, to their ever growing outerwear team with some park laps at Snoqualmie, Mission Ridge’s Lib Tech 100 Laps Park and Idaho’s Bogus Basin.

Think Thank Almanac – Brandon Reis

The end of days have arrived ushered in by this savage Brandon Reis part. Like a horde of spot decimating locusts Brandon chomps his way through school yards, parks and side country hits on a biblical scale. Day or night, rain or shine Reis won’t stop (and if he does stop, a little peer pressure will get him going again). The world is upside down, conspiracy theories are true, the dark slide is possible, fish are leaping to land, all of this points to signs of the beast, Reis the Beast.

The planets have aligned, the crops yielded their bounty, the charts were correct and our snowboarding predictions have come to pass! This is the Think Thank Snowboarding Almanac 2014; spins, slides, styles, monsoons, slashes, nourishment, motels, Delores, barley refreshment, galaxies, friendship, drought and the body’s humors all played out in the pantheon of snowboarding.


Windells Session 3 Photo Recap

Words and Photos: Erik Hoffman

With the passing of the summer solstice just a few weeks ago, we are allowed to enjoy a new season, which brings sun and warmth to the deep veins of snow that travelfrom the glacier atop Mount Hood. Trevor Borelli and his digger crew did not hold back and continue to dish out well-crafted and creative parks that rival the flow of Windells own Concrete Jungle skatepark.

Lib Tech, with the likes of Krush Kulesza, Brandon Reis and Cobra Dogs own Ted Borland, added some spice to the session with World Cup-themed activities that found the visiting pros tending goal blindfolded as campers fired soccer balls at them. There were some close calls, but I’m happy to say they all survived and the camper who was able to score the most goals went home with a brand new Lib Tech board as a trophy.

The session’s antics didn’t stop there, Lib Tech also hosted their second annual “Downtown Throwdown” qualifying contest called “The Feeders.” Two qualifying heats culminated in a winner take all final with first place spot stamping a paid trip to Boston to compete in the “Downtown Throwdown.” Standouts included diggers Jeff Deforge and last year’s winner Jake Rose, who both peaked in the qualifying rounds. As the thin clouds burned off and the sun came out, pasty, young eighteen-year-old Max Lyons decided he wanted a slice of the action and did not take a single spill during the finals, which made the judges decision relatively easy.

After throwing up the deuces on top of the podium he promptly called his Mom and raced down the mountain to head back to camp. It seems not much has changed since his days competing USASA rail jams. Competitors and spectators alike got to enjoy quite the show with a laid back, fun vibe which capped off a perfect start to Independence Day, so keep an eye out for the footage as you stuff yourself with hot dogs and potato salad this Fourth.

Holiday Hams with Jaeger Bailey

We’ll be featuring a juicy Holiday Ham edit every day through the holiday season for your viewing pleasure. In today’s ham, Jaegar Bailey gets upside down.

Brought to you by High Cascade.

Sit back and watch Bundy do what he does best.

A Chris Grenier and Scott Stevens edit, just what you wanted.

Enjoy an afternoon treat from Joe Sexton.

Gus Engle serves up a mouthful.

Brandon Reis gets stuffed.

Under Review: Think Thank’s “Mind the Video Man”

Are you ready for what just might be the absolute best of Think Thank? Well, you have to wait a minute or five. First, a winding intro will take you through a few clips, a lot of talking and other old people stuff. Boom, five minutes of nostalgia has passed and the young guns take over to kick this flick over the moon and into “new classic” territory. So here’s why I’m so excited…

Brandon Hammid kicks things off. In his first big part the most muscular man in snowboarding earns his keep. In a Jed like trick porn display Brandon lays a foundation of all things urban that will leave your jaw limp and your biceps feeling like wet noodles.

Transition to Chris Beresford, some serious ’90s music, a lot of jumping, tons of snow and the coolest tree transition I’ve seen this year. Like Hammid, this is Beresford’s best part yet.

Nial Romanek. I don’t remember seeing him ride before, but I won’t forget it now. In another standout part this kid proves he’s smooth as hell, owns the 5-0 and his riding actually reminds me a lot of Darrell Mathes. This is the kind of kid who makes little hesh dudes want to own Nike sweatpants. Watch for the presses through heavy kinks.

Sean Black filmed a part, and while half is dedicated to what a weirdo the dude is the other half is chock full of solid snowboarding that will keep his sponsors paying the bills. Oh, you can also see his blurry dick a few times, he wears a Yobeat beanie and his two bangers are pretty rad.

Alex Andrews has a guest part. It’s good.

The Dew Tour countines to invade Think Thank and first up is Brandon Reis. This kid is actually super good. I poured IcyHot into his ass crack once and he laughed, so expect double corks, massive gaps, the best backflip of the year and good humor for around two minutes or so.

Ryan Paul still films snowboarding and it’s as dirty, dreaded and disgusting as ever. There’s not much to say, just watch his part, enjoy the circus and never try anything he does because you’ll either die or sport a wheelchair for the rest of your life. P.S. Gus Engle has a few shots in here for you OG Think Thank fans.

Change the channel from the circus and you’re back to Dew Tour with Sam Hulbert. Guess what, he’s also good. Not as funny as Reis, but still good. So, if you’re into good snowboarding and learning new tricks this is a pretty sweet part I guess.

The rider now known as Gray Thompson has a part. It’s sort of Eric Messyhair meets Brian Fox with a stupid backpack. Either way it’s refreshing and fun to watch.

Friends parts! Justin Keniston has some mind blowing guest shots. Oh Shane Wright and Ted Lavoie are in there too. Viktor Simco tries not to kill himself while also trying to bang babes from 1984. Cody Comrie, I mean Chris Cloud has some shots. And then, there is Masaki Kitae who is so raw, so rad and so smooth I might buy the movie just to own his part. His backsdie brickslash is going to fuck your day up. Kyle Lopiccolo shows up, gets drunk, rips a bunch, has more fun than you ever do, passes out and then I think the Friends are finally done.

Jaeger Bailey has no style and I’m not sure if he could keep up on a powder day, but he’s raw as hell and has figured out some sort of a system that allows him to do all sorts of super strange shit on a snowboard. Like, not die when he should die, flip off anything and pull shit out of his ass that you would never try because it’s way too sketchy. I hope he never gets older and his brain never fully forms so we can see more of this for years to come.

Oh my god it’s Scott Stevens! Well, by now you know what a Scott Stevens part is all about. He once again proves he is king of the mini shred and damn good at anything else he tries and well. Another great part from the growing legend that is Scott Stevens.

Ted Borland’s part says, “YOLO.” in it and if I could reach his face I’d slap him. He’s lucky he’s tall as hell. That said, Ted comes out hot with a well deserved full part. Classic tricks on big rails, not so classic tricks on small rails and the coolest powerslide boardslide I’ve ever seen.

Remember Curtis Woodman? The kid who had the super ender a few years ago? Well, he’s back in a big way. Like his last famed part he’s up in the mountains, the real mountains, charting new lines, jumping scary rock faces and rumbling up memories of a younger Scotty Wittlake. This part proves you don’t need all the fancy new tricks if you’ve got a huge pair of balls and can actually snowboard. That might be the highest praise I’ve given in years, and this might be my favorite Think Thank movie of all time.

“Mind the Video Man” is awesome. The intro is sort of boring (sorry old dudes) but after that you get almost an hour of non-stop new age destruction capped off by one of the most explosive parts in years by a newly awakened Curtis Woodman.

Want to see it and party? Check this out:

Quebec “B” Montage

Here’s some additional footage from a recent Quebec trip while filming for Sean Black’s WeSC webisode series and the Think Thank crew. Be sure to watch for the hammers in Think Thank’s new flick, “Mind the Video Man”.

Snowboarding by Brandon Hammid, Sam Hulbert, Brandon Reis, Sean Black and Alex Andrews.

Video by Cole Taylor.

Additional Filming by the riders.

Dew Tour Interactive Outtakes

Last weekendish the Dew Tour stopped in Snowbasin, Utah. While most folks partied in SLC or over at the DC Mountain Lab some stuck it out close to the hill in good ol’ Ogden. In the four days we were there a few bars actually ran dry of various popular beverages, a strip club has been forever altered and one old man is now blind in his left eye. Here are some out takes and random photos captured during the stop. 


Ride Team Manager Matt Sickles got to use a cigarette vending machine. It sold outdated cigs’, in soft packages, for lots of money. The smokers among us couldn’t have been happier. 

[poll id=”125″]



This chick was hired to dance at an after-party. I know, I thought it was funny too. 

[poll id=”126″]

Ogden’s finest couple came out to party with the pro dudes. 

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Of course strip clubs have Yobeat napkins. What else would you expect. 

[poll id=”128″]

tits1Up in ‘da club.

[poll id=”136″]


Brandon Reis passed out after drinking in Utah. No, that wasn’t a joke, he actually passed out drinking in Utah. For this act he got icy hot on his balls. See that green goo? That’s the stuff…

[poll id=”129″]

Added pressure makes icy hot more effective. 

[poll id=”130″]

Megan Ginter posed. I swear it. 

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megs_1Mmm… Dew money…

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Peace, thumbs up, cheers. People do weird stuff in front of the camera. 

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This is Dirty. He once had Blink 182 or something dare him $35,000 to tattoo dicks all over his arm and end it with “The Snake Pit” on his wrist. 

[poll id=”134″]


Danny Davis getting set to drop. 

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