Win: The Bonfire x Fourstar Collection

If there’s one thing we learned from the new South Park, it’s that comments are all that matters. So, for your chance to win this bitchin’ collection from Bonfire, leave a comment saying why you want/need/deserve this stuff. Be sure to use your real email so we can contact you when you win!


“Bonfire’s 25th Anniversary reconnected founder Brad Steward and Fourstar Art Director, Andy Jenkins. The result is a capsule collection that connects snow and skate into unique pieces of outerwear.”

Bonfire x Fourstar Jacket

Fourstar graphic tee

Prescott hoody

Morris pant

Bonfire x Fourstar hat

TOTAL MSRP: $529.95

Louif Paradis’s New Clothes

Sort of like the emperor, except he’s actually wearing something – The Felix Jacket and Felix Pant to be exact.

Since 1989 Bonfire Snowboarding has aimed to create outerwear that is genuine and durable, but most of all team-tested and approved. For 2013/14 Bonfire is pleased to announce team rider Louif Paradis’s signature outerwear–The Felix Jacket and Felix Pant. The following video features Louif putting his outerwear to the test and some amazing snowboarding.

Louif Paradis has Deja Vu

Perhaps you’ve already watched the latest Bonfire ad on Snowboarder Mag, where it is “exclusive” but if not, watch it here! Louif is an amazing snowboarder, and you will enjoy. We should warn you though, after watching there is a good chance you will feel compelled to buy some Bonfire outerwear and the full Deja Vu movie.

At Home with Louif

You guys, pro snowboarders have homes too! It’s like lifestyles of the semi rich and not really that famous.

A Hump Day History Lesson with Brad Steward

Did someone call the snowboard police? Photo: Jared Souney

Burton. Sims. Morrow. Barfoot. You know all those names because they have been printed in huge letters across the bases of countless snowboards. You may not be as familiar with the name Brad Steward — founder of Bonfire Snowboarding and Salomon Snowboarding — but don’t assume he’s had any less impact in this crazy world we live in. The first kid of the second generation of snowboarding, Brad was there for the days when snowboarding wasn’t allowed at resorts, and has bought, sold and run more of snowboarding than you’ll ever even know existed. Be warned, this interview is long, but it’s worth it, so read up and learn.

Tell me about the history of Bonfire and what was the original idea behind starting the brand back in 1989.

Actually the original idea of the company that existed are in some ways really similar to what I had in mind, and in a lot of ways different to what I had in mind. The original company name was Bonfire Think Tank Designs Inc. At that time I’m coming out of film school, coming out of being a pro rider, had a little bit of corporate experience with starting a couple of brands but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do yet. So the original idea was, why couldn’t you start a clothing line, be a film company, maybe be an ad agency, and do something that was way more creative than just making stuff and selling it? I was really trying to stay out of that business model, without even really being smart enough to know that was a business model. I was just thinking how do you stay creative and active and keep on the road. Which was a big goal of mine actually, just to keep on the road, shooting, living, riding, and having fun.

Matt Goodwill, Bonfire model/boarder circa the 90s or something.

So how would you say that Bonfire today compares to that?

Well, we existed kind of in that way I just described. We existed in that way probably for the first 7 years of the business. I had started it under kind of weird circumstances. I was sitting at Morrow one day and I discovered, via a call from one of the people that worked at our bank, that there was something going on that probably wasn’t very ethical, and that I wasn’t aware of what’s happening. And I always had this thing where I didn’t want my time in snowboarding to be tainted by anything at all, you know? So I confronted the owners of Morrow and said, hey, this is unethical. They said, that’s just the way we work and I basically handed them 6 million bucks worth of stock back and said I don’t work this way and literally walked out. Grabbed a couple family photos, split. I went to the Mac store down the street, bought a computer, went to my house, and started a new company. It was a really different company from the beginning because my attitude was kind of, I have to make this work. And even our first labels have a little thing at the bottom that just says “Make it work” and it was just a little message to myself to that it’s up to you, you can make this work or not make it work.

So, how does that pertain to what we are today? About 7 years into it I realized a really, really simple thing. If Burton was going to be the Coca Cola of snowboarding that represented everything to everyone in snowboarding, then I need to do something different to be successful. Chasing them and doing it the same way that they had done it would never work.

One of the basic business questions I always try to ask myself is what would the competition never do? And at that time something that no other snowboard company would do would be to partner with the worlds biggest ski company. And I thought, this is the reason that it will work, is because there is no precedent for it, nobody knows the ground rules or how it can all happen. And I always say that I kinda came to that realization, but during that same time the Salomon guys had come to me and said that we want to buy your company. I had sort of re buffed them 3 or 4 times and said no way, this is business suicide, career suicide, brand suicide, this will never work. And literally just one day I thought, actually wait a minute. This totally will work. So that’s kind of the beginning of the relationship. Going from a no way in hell, to a hi, nice to meet you.

Yeah, he ‘boards.

So how did the ski company effect everything? Do you feel like they changed your original idea?

In some ways yes, and in some ways no. The original proposition was, we’re going to buy Bonfire and we’re going to start Bonfire Snowboards. And Bonfire Snowboards will be cool because Brad’s legit, the company is credible, and everything will be good. I talked to them for a little bit about that, and as I learned more about it I just kind of came to the table and said hey man, I don’t think you should start Bonfire Snowboards. I think you have to re-invent Salomon. My image of Salomon in the 90’s was a ski instructor in red pants and I just said you gotta rebuild that, and if you rebuild that successfully, Bonfire will follow. It seemed like they were kind of asking the tail to wag the dog a bit, and I thought we’re going to be in this small company and we’re going to create this completely core company and nobody is going to understand what it is, why it exists, how it’s important, or what it even means to the people who snowboard. So I really started out on this mission to try to change Salomon. Years down the road where we are now, my day to day work at Bonfire is really bringing back to Bonfire that original flavor that we had. You know, we were making award winning commercials, little movies, and doing all sorts of crazy stuff and people knew Bonfire to be a smart brand. It wasn’t a company for people who wanted to wear a snowboard uniform or just being the goofy kid in big pants, we were always a little smarter then that.

Not so trend focused, would you say?

I think that we were trend aware, but my orientation was more, if that’s the trend what can we do to buck it? And that’s actually caused us some really good benefits to happen at Bonfire and also some really bad benefits. A great example is when tighter pants and that whole look came around. We introduced it at least 3 years before the competition. We took it to snowboard trade shows and people said, you are crazy, those don’t even fit. And we’re kinda sitting there thinking, well, yeah they do, you just have to start seeing things a little bit different. We had them for two years, then we killed them. The staff that created those left Bonfire, started Holden, and came back with a brand that had that whole perspective and turned out to be a major competitor to us. It was just kind of a lesson of that we can be kind of far ahead, but we kind of damage the brand sometimes by being too far ahead — where people were looking at it saying no, no, no, that’s not what snowboarders use. And my perspective is the Northwest is the only place in the world where snowboarders outnumber skiers, and we have a different viewpoint. We see it differently. Myself and the other people in the company, we’re not really interested in hitting what’s out there. We’re interested in trying to find something that people don’t know they need, and build it for them.

Just one stoked dude. Photo: Jared Souney

That’s interesting you mentioned Holden, with them recently moving to L.A. What is your take on that?

Super smart guys, super smart move. And because I know them personally, I’ve never really seen them as a snowboard company. To me the d.n.a. of that company has always wanted to be a street wear company. I think they are good guys and good friends and I wish them success.

It just comes down to what you want, you know? And with Bonfire, what I have always wanted for the brand was just dumbed down and simple. Because I’m kind of a dumbed down and simple guy, and that is — I want a group of people working together to make something that’s cool, artistic, interesting, and ahead of the curve. And that’s it. And inside of all of that, you can do a ton. There’s all the movie projects, the writing, the visuals, you know the whole way you build a brand and you build a life. All of that is inside of that. That’s very different from saying, we want to sell our company to a big surfing company. We’re going to move to L.A. and we’re going to plop right in the middle of their neighborhood so they can all smell our brand and ask themselves, do we need a little serving of that? That’s a very different goal. And neither one is right or wrong, it’s just a different thing. For me, I’m just looking to stay creative and keep people engaged and to be valuable to the riders that ride our stuff and for the people that buy it. READ MORE


Salomon and Bonfire Sites are All New

Another day, another new website…

Winter is just around the corner, which means new products are hitting shops everyday. You can also check out all of the new 12/13 gear on Bonfire and Salomon’s newly updated sites here:

Salomon Snowboards:

Bonfire Snowboarding:

Highlights of “what’s new” include the Bonfire x Pendleton collaboration, and the new ShadowFit technology for Salomon. Visit the sites to check out videos on both and much, much more.

The 2012 Bonfire Pipe to Pipe Video

The longest running summer snowboard contest celebrates another year of tricks, treats and near misses at Windells Snowboard Camp. We’ve got words and photos, but we figured PAGE VIEWS, and also those aren’t done yet and the video is so enjoy everything you missed in one neat little moving picture.

North American Team Vacation Wraps Up

Next stop, Europe!

The last week on the RV was a fun one.

We lit off bottle rockets, rode non-man-made-snow, played soccer, drove, boarded, played soccer, drove, ate some pizza and skated a nice mini.

Riders: Louif Paradis, Chris Grenier, Scotty Arnold, Chris Carr, Brandon Hobush, Jed Anderson.

Win: Louif’s Bonfire and Salomon Kit from Real Snow

Big Lou made the finals of X Games Real Snow, so to celebrate, and also to entice you to vote him through to the big $50k win, Salomon and Bonfire are giving away his full kit. It might not make you ride like Louif, but at least it will help you look as cool as him.

To enter, just comment with why you think Lou should win the gold in this year’s Real Snow. After the Real Snow winners are announced on Saturday, Lou will pick his favorite comment and that person will a brand new version of the set up he wore while filming. BE SURE TO USE YOUR REAL EMAIL so we can contact you when you win, and don’t forget to VOTE LOUIF!

YOU GUYS! WE TOTALLY DID IT! The winner is… Jason Curran from Somerville MA. thanks for voting!

Bonfire x Pendleton

Bonfire’s Tailored to Destroy outerwear design aesthetic meets Pendleton’s legendary wool in a limited collection serving up natural warmth and style. Why it makes sense: We’re two brands focused on common values– authenticity, quality, and craftsmanship. Why it’s awesome: You get winter and wool woven together as one.

It makes good sense for two Northwest firms to partner in a truly unique blending of technical outerwear and natural fiber craftsmanship. Bonfire and Pendleton combine to establish an entirely new order of functional, timeless apparel for the slopes and the lodge. – Jim Buckner — Pendleton Menswear Division Manager

Combining Bonfire and Pendleton has been one of the most interesting projects I have worked on. We are bringing an exciting product to the snowboarding market and beyond — each piece is timeless, unique and has lasting quality — for both on and off the mtn. – Shawn Steward, Bonfire Design Director

Thanks to wool’s natural warmth and wicking power, our Pendleton PDX Shirt is a truly a multitalented layering piece. Featuring full 60g insulation, its rugged, timeless style pays homage to long hours, hard work, and the sun setting over the open range. MSRP – $299.95

The Pendleton Cavalier Jacket is outfitted with old-school-cool varsity jacket styling, 80g insulation, and waxed cotton/laminated wool to seal out moisture. In short, it takes streetwear style to a performance outerwear level. MSRP – $399.95

Originally released back in ’92, our historic Fireman Jacket got a new lease on life this season. We added a luscious Pendleton wool lining, and the innovative new waxed-cotton shell fabric has a soft, rich hand that feels totally street. MSRP – $379.95

On the women’s side, the Pendleton Pilgrim Jacket sports a laminated wool exterior that’s rich and weather protecting with inherent breathability. The flattering long cut provides better coverage on chilly streets, while a shred-friendly feature set makes good on the mountain. MSRP – $399.95

Because layering is crucial, especially for women, we give you the Pendleton Filly. Built on button-up work shirt bones–but with longer, more feminine lines and better coverage–this toasty wool piece also features a chill-fighting Sherpa collar. MSRP – $299.95

Download the whole look book here!

Win: A New Outfit From Bonfire

Is your kit super beat? Are your friends embarrassed to shred with you both due to your appearance and/or odor? Well then, do we have the contest for you! Bonfire has agreed to giveaway a full outfit — including the Timberline jacket and Volt pant — to one lucky dude and one lucky chick and here’s what we want you to do. Send us a shot of your current gear. The most busted kits win. Simple.


(we didn’t get any entries from girls so it’s two dudes)

EJ Shaughnessy from Fitchburg, MA, who actually doesn’t own snowpants, so he sent us this picture of his boots. We’re sold. and..

Mark Pairitz from Lake Forest, IL, who is stuck in the 80s and ACTUALLY wears this. Congrats dudes and everyone else who entered, stay tuned, we’ll have more gear to giveaway soon!

Follow along with the crew at Bonfire at

Team Vacation: The Official Rough Schedule

Without further ado, it’s the US Schedule for Salomon and Bonfire’s Team Vacation. They’re currently tabulating, taking all your suggestions into consideration and trying to decide on a winner for the Salomonder and Boss bindings,  so until then, here’s a more precise Northwest Schedule. The tour kicks off TOMORROW at Timberline. Read more

Bonfire’s Bootpack will Apparently Change Your Life

Desiree Melancon was kind enough to explain how super awesome the new Bonfire Bootpack Back is and showing you all the stuff you can put in it. Tarp-lined boot storage sounds neat and all, but she never gets around to answering the pressing issue: where do you keep your weed!?

Bonfire Snowboarding Company introduces the most versatile bag in snowboarding for the upcoming 11-12 season. The Bonfire Bootpack is both a backpack and a bootbag.

Its streamlined design makes it the simplest way to pack everything a rider needs for a day in the mountains or for a season of travel.

“The Bonfire Bootpack bag should be called ‘The everything bag that happens to fit your boots,” says team rider Desiree Melancon.

A full rundown of the bag’s handy features, including tarp lined boot storage with drainage, rivet re-enforced handle and stash pockets are explained by team rider Desiree Melancon. To learn more about Bonfire team riders and products check out

The Bonfire Bootpack is available in Black and Fire red. It will retail for $89.95.

Bonfire Snowboarding Outerwear is heavily tested in the varying climates on Mt. Hood, as well as throughout the world by its team of riders including Louif Paradis, Bode Merrill, Takaharu Nakai, Desiree Melancon, David Benedek, Harrison Gordon and Rolf Nylander.

A Bonfire/Salomon 2011/12 Joint (site)

It’s hard to check all the websites out there, what with there being at least a billion of them. The staff and Bonfire and Salomon have realized this, and taking into consideration the motivation levels of snowboarders, decided to do something about it! Both new sites are live, but they’re both the same site! Meaning, you only have to go to one. Of course now, how will you decide which one to go to? Dang.

PORTLAND, OR. (August 18, 2011) — Salomon and Bonfire are joining forces to bring snowboarders a new website for the winter of 2012 that stays updated 24 hours a day through social media feeds and rider-driven content.

The new site will allow riders to peruse both hard goods and soft goods in one place through separate Bonfire and Salomon tabs. The site will be accessed through both and
“Bonfire and Salomon site users have increased dramatically over the last 3 years, our new sites, which are simple to navigate and loaded with new content, should help us continue to expand our web presence,” said Brand Director, Brad Steward.

The new site will have a dynamic blog presence run on the Tumblr platform with contributors from all over the world including team riders and sales reps.

All team rider information will be in one location on the site for easier browsing with clear color-coding by brand.

Bonfire outerwear and Salomon Snowboards have had a long-standing relationship since 1995 when Salomon purchased Bonfire from Brad Steward, who directs marketing for both brands today.

Bonfire Snowboarding Outerwear is designed and developed in Portland, Oregon. Salomon Snowboards is designed and developed in Annecy, France.

Bonfire and Salomon’s Working Vacation

The life of a pro snowboarder is super tough. You have to snowboard all the time, even when you’re hurt or over it. You are forced to take long plane rides to exotic locations and try never-been-done stunts in hopes of getting a good video part. It makes sitting at a desk all day seem like a damn cake walk, right? Whether you buy into the fact that pro snowboarding is hard or not, the Bonfire and Salomon teams are adding the word vacation to their job description with that tour, which automatically makes everything better.

PORTLAND, OR. (July 6, 2011) The team riders been working hard– ending video parts, winning the team challenge, traveling the globe to get the shot and breaking themselves off. It’s time to do something different.

The Salomon and Bonfire Team Vacation is a worldwide resort and shop tour spanning North America, Europe and Asia. Riders are taking it back to the kind of snowboarding that started it all, riding the chairlift, hanging with friends, and meeting new people along the way.

You can follow the team through weekly team edits released throughout the season or by meeting up with them at one of the many stops.

“Most of the team has spent the last several seasons killing themselves for different video projects or contests so it feels like a good time to spend a year riding resorts and having fun as a crew. Not to mention, we’re gonna make a web series and a tour video that is going to be pretty awesome,” says Bonfire and Salomon Team Manager Java Fernandez.

Riders participating include: Jed Anderson, Bode Merrill, Jenny Jones, Louif Paradis, Chris Grenier, Annie Boulanger, Harrison Gordon, David Benedek, Josh Dirksen, Desiree Melancon, Wolle Nyvelt, Chris Carr, Sylvain Bourbousson, Taka Nakai, Jamie Nicholls, Kohei Kudo Scotty Arnold and Rolf Nylander.

For More information: or .