Josh Vagne & Tom Harveyson at Perisher

Snowboarding is neat cause you can do it all by yourself, but when you actually have friends it’s a lot easier to get better. Case in point: Josh Vagne and Tom Harveyson, who’ve spent the past three years egging each other on, and look at them now!

Film/Edit: Finnegan Laver

Inside: Mt Hood’s Hot Dog Obsession!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 10.04.14 AM

When you think of Mt. Hood, you probably think of summer snowboarding, horrible goggle tans, and hot dogs. Hot dogs? Yes, hot dogs. It’s a fact: hot dogs and summer boarding go together like Drake and a good cry.

Let’s examine the evidence. After you’re done “hot dogging” down Mt. Hood, you’ll probably be hungry. The place you’ll go? Cobra Dogs, the hot dog cart masterminded by Cory Grove and Jesse Grandkoski way back in 2005. Anyone who’s been to Hood can tell you a Cobra Dog is a must. We go all beef brat, cobra style with relish, but no matter what you choose, you’ll be stoked.


The weena man himself. 

And believe it or not, summer snowboarding/hot dog history goes back even further than 2005. Those who’ve been around the Gov’y block for awhile know before Cobra Dogs, there was another dog in the pound. Digger Dogs. The enterprising diggers at Windells would grill up dogs for hungry campers who were too lazy to pack a sandwich for themselves in the morning. For $5 you could score two dogs and a soda and have enough empty calories to sustain you for at least a few more hours of riding.

A more or less rogue operation, Digger Dogs was originally started by Brian Happer in 1988, but came to it’s sad end in 2000, when it was shut down by the man! Apparently black market hot dogs can be quite a racket, and legend is diggers would make hundreds of dollars each per session. True totals were never released to the general public for fear of tax repercussions, but the proof is in how poor diggers have been ever since.


Austin Leonard dishes up a digger dog. via Windells

Now in normal society, the hot dog gets a bad rap for being “unhealthy” or “gross processed food” but this is Board World. You’re a kid (or pretending to be one) and your parents aren’t there. Live a little! If you go to Hood and don’t eat at least one hot dog, you’re totally blowing it.

The Booth Babes of SIA 2015

SIA… A collaboration of basic bitches and snow pro hotties. If you can survive this shit hole of a maze… consider yourself lucky. With a combination of bros, hoes, boys, and toys, it’s not very hard to stay occupied. At times you may feel useless, but don’t be scared, there are plenty of dix to suck and shwag to be had.

Worried about selling product from your mediocre company??? Not a problem! Hire a hot babe with curves like a racetrack… You’ll be making deals in no time. Her butt ain’t too sweet and the tits are sub-par? Yoga pants, a push up bra, and cake on the make-up. Hello 100k. – Brett Wulc


Sometimes paper girls are less scary than real girls.


Damn Sara, is that performance base layer you’re wearing?

Butt pads make your ass look.... juicy

No comment.

me and my boys!

Not like the Reef girls of yore…

portable pussy power

Go puck yourself.


Femme Fatales.

this guy stuck in 1934

Oh weird, how did this get in here? 

your girl got too wasted? strap on your shades and stick her in the cart, you still look good

Oh hey girls, got room for one more in that buggy?


Sorry tho, moon boots will never be hot.

posters work too

TreSquad’s Lifestylez 3

Since we’re still getting bitched at for not posting Shorts and Shades this year, we better get this one up stat. It’s all our favorite relevant boarders doing completely irrelevant things.

Featuring (in order of appearance): Gus Warbington, Sage Kotsenburg, Austin Ford, Blake Paul, Blaze Kotsenburg, Max Warbington, JD Dennis, Alec, Alex Mertz, Freddy Perry, Ross Phillips, Chris Beresford, Blake Geis, Dave Marx, Tucker Andrews, Taylor Carlton, Tim Eddy, Woods, Tyler Bello, Jeremy Thornburg, Brandon Reis, Grant Giller, Lucas Wachs, Greg Furey, Shane Wright, Sam Hulbert, Kyle Martin & more
Edited by Gus Warbington
Filmed by Max and Gus Warbington

Windells Best of Snowboarding 2013

It’s almost summer time and to remind you that board world rages on at Mt. Hood, Windells put together its best footage from last summer. Relive the memories.

Featuring Sage Kotsenburg, Eiki and Halldor Helgason, Dylan Thompson, Forest Bailey, Zak Hale, Justin Fronius, Brendan Gerard and many more.

When In Whistler- Episode 1

Back for it’s third season. “When In Whistler” presented by Board World.

When in Whistler – Last But Not Least

In this fourth and final episode, we join Geoff Brown, Gordon Emery, Mat Galina, Marc Triffitt, Braden Dean and Spencer Kaleb, Ryan Manning, Greg Murray , Marc Triffitt join David Kinskofer and Canadian jump slayer Charles Reid for some good ol’ Canadian style boardin.

The Tuesday Mini Movie

From Instagram it may have seemed like everyone was at SIA, but truth is, most people who snowboard were actually out there getting after it. And accordingly, it’s time for a mega video post to save some room on the Internet.

First up, head to Park City for a little Midwestern-style boarding by Justin Henigin, Mike Liddle and Ryan Lanham, but with fewer rope tows.

Just down the road in lovely Salt Lake City, Ugly Kidz Co found plenty of snow and plenty of spots.

At Marquette Mountain, things got a little weird. Or maybe that was just Adam Rottschafer

This next one is 11 minutes long, but is worth it thanks to “hard body boarding” from Adam Chuntz, Bruce Johnston, Eric Brown, Zach Stone, Cole Vibert, Brad Martin and Geoff Brown.

And nabbing the ender, it’s Connor Brown and his frontflipping prowess. Not bad for a filmer, eh?

The Post Holiday Rush Mega Post!


If you follow us on that social media stuff, you may have noticed we were on a little Soulcation to the backwoods of Montana. And apparently we weren’t the only ones hard at work, because our inbox is overflowing with submissions right now. You know what that means… time for a MEGA POST.

First up, a full part from one of the hottest new Cannucks, Dylan Ojo.

Next, Aaron Brimhall & Parker Worthen prove all you really need to make an entertaining edit is Rick Ross, a parking cone, and some boulders.

Meanwhile, in Euroland, 13-year-old Max De Vries is getting way too good in those snow domes.

Finally, head back to North America, where Cooper Dykeman, Colter Heard, Cameron Veenstra, Max Wharin, Mike Morkowski, Jordan Sullivan, and Evan Hay have been lapping Blue Mountain.

Happy 2013! Now get back to work.