Perisher Blue Opening (Featuring the Hair)

The well-oiled, money making machines known as Australian Ski Resorts opened their virgin slopes up to those far too willing to hand over $110 to ride t-bars and pomas in crowded early season slope. We joined in with the rest of the suckas and made our way up to Australia’s main resort – Perisher Blue. Awaiting us where Rival Snowbro filmer gangs all battling it out with an array of filming apparatus to secure the title of having the first Australian edit out for 2012. We beat them , so fuck ya – end of story

Here’s a bunch of kooks trying to be like Mike Rav but falling way short in a place that makes better pies than ski resorts – known as Australia. You didn’t think we had snow? We don’t, Man-made baby. Man-Made.– Louis Macindoe, official Yobeat Aussie correspondent.

Poor Traits: A Tale Of Deadbeats Teaser

This just in from our Aussie Correspondent Louis Macindoe —

It’s been a long time between sending you any kind of correspondence from Australia, it might even be said that I may have not actually done anything since becoming the Australian correspondent. I’m stepping up my game because whoa, settle down, I’ve got a teaser!

It’s called Poor Traits which should be quite fitting because the end product will probably be of a poor standard. We went to Russia, it was cold – so cold that it would freeze the bandanna of any Mountain High Local. Good place to visit if you like -40f.

The whole trip was to coincide with an article in Transfer Magazine, which comes out this week. Our crew (Big Hugs) went to Russia, the following issue features the other crew who went to Afghanistan. Both of the films made from Russia and Afghanistan are going onto a DVD which comes out in the following issue (July , I think?). Transfer is just sending kids out to gnarly places to snowboard and die.

Featuring: Louis Macindoe, Tom Pelley, Richie Carroll and Tom Reilly

Thughugging- A BigHugs Moving Picture

“Going off the Bawbaw-ding feedback , people think Australia is a shit-house place to ride snowboard crafts. Which is mostly true however we do by the off chance have better things to ride that just sticks and rocks and not everyone dresses like glowsticks.

We made an edit which hopefully you might even consider putting on yobeat or just condemning it to the rejected edits bin where we can be ridiculed for having such a gay name like ‘bighugs’. We’re not gay , we just like hugging each other. No homo.”

Really, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Riders: Ant Haddrick , Pete Long, Richie Carroll, Jake Weston, Tom Pelley, Jai West, Jared Dean, Matt Wrobel, Reid Mathieson, Dane Tiene, Daniel Crean & Tom Reilly.