bHappy at Boreal Opening Weekend

The "Going For It Kids" really went for it at Boreal last weekend. Check out this super exclusive edit (we embedded off vimeo) from the crew at bHappy.

bHappy on the Bigger Screen Thursday!

bHappy Films is premiering its latest flick Happy Thoughts on the big screen of 5050 Brewery in Truckee. According to a comment on the facebook event, the world series is also going on, so chances are that will be showing too. It's not like…

bHappy at Hood

Summer camp ended what, three months ago? Fucking slackers. Edit Paul Heran/bHappy Films

Happy Thoughts #4: Pow for Days!

, bHappy heads into the backcountry. Good thing that pow looks soft.

bHappy in the Other Park

, There's more than one park in California. This one is at Northstar. Riders: Sammy Spiteri, Durell Williams, Sean Kean, Cole Atencio Edit: bHappy Films

bHappy Gets Bucked

, The guys from bHappy tried their hand at an infamous kink rail in Tahoe. And this, my friends, is why the pros are pros. Stunt junkies: Sammy Spiteri, Durrel Williams, Cole Antencio More:

bHappy in the Park

, Bear Mountain. Not on a Sunday.

Happy Thoughts Teaser

, From bHappyfilms, the people who brought you last year's Happy Meals comes the first official teaser for "Happy Thoughts." Snowboarding, fun, friends, etc. For weekly updates and more, check out bhappyfilms.c…

bHappy Holidays

, Don't know about you, but we're officially sick of the Holidays; we really milked that shit for all it was worth. But the bHappy crew had to go and send us their holiday edit, which includes no holly, reindeer or…

Dinner at Boreal

, Sammy and Paul from bHappy films keeps it classy with a healthy dinner and some night riding at Boreal.