Nick Lipton’s Greatest Hits of 2011

Just a bunch of one-liners and a video from the past year, so you can see why we keep this guy around.

“The latest cinematic propaganda by Burton, Standing Sideways, is without a doubt one of their all-time best brainwashing schemes.” — Under Review: Standing Sideways

“The mistakes now stack so high the only conclusion we can come to is that JP Walker has lost touch with reality, he has no idea what is happening in snowboarding, he feels the need to insult those who are smaller and younger than himself, and he is confused.” — The Real Jp Ain’t Nothing to Fuck With

“If Winter Wars shows us anything, it’s that a whole generation of young men need step their game up if they ever want a free pack of stickers.” — Under Review: Winter Wars

“The bad part about reading it online is well, you’ll never really know if Jon Kooley punched a guys face in, or if Nick Dirks was at a strip club just hours before he was supposed to fly to Chile. You won’t know which girls made out in front of the bar, and you for sure won’t know that Toby Witte woke up on some sidewalk 20 blocks from home without most of his possessions from the night before. You’ll just never find that sort of stuff out.” — VG Round 3

The hard-partying wild man we loved in last years video is now the washed-up, where-is-he-now, scruffy dude at AA.– A Simple Guide to Finding Fame, Getting Cool & More

“Try this line, “Hey whatever your name is, I run blah blah website and we’d just love to interview you.” Seriously, it’ll work, or they’ll say, “Fuck you, I read the last sentence of that Yobeat article too.”” — Summer Project: Take Over the Internet

“After getting a house with everyone you’ve ever met snowboarding the group splits three ways. One group goes to Colorado and are never heard from again. Another begins stalking the Utah scene, and one friend (not you) goes Man Am. The other third never leaves home. FedEx becomes a great job with loads of opportunity for upward mobility.”– What Happens to Your Career In?

“Like a smack habit out of control I crave the day I can hold Jerm, Jimbo and the rest of you down, beating you with hockey sticks and socks filled with soap. But, I’m too cute for jail and even the Tranny Finders could beat Brooke up, so, I’ll just stick to Commenting Back.” — Commenting Back #6

“Most “new” ideas presented by companies are just shittier versions of what we saw last year, or in fashion or in other words, they are stolen ideas but in a shittier wrap.” — SIA 2011: Nick Lipton’s Coverage

“Jeremy Jones is to snowboarding what 50 Cent is to rap, originally awesome, currently retarded and backed by Vitamin Water.” — X Games Sorta-Real Review

“Based on the belief that riding a plank of expensive wood down a hill of snow that costs millions to maintain is similar to hustling crack, coke, weed and whatever on a AIDS-plagued corner, the homeboys of boardin’ have adopted the look of the streets.” — 2011 Trend Forecast

All of this was originally typed by the same fingers that are stuck up that nose.

The Best of Terrible Tuesday 2011

What started as a video series based on bad ideas has somehow continued for almost three years. For the most part we just get the leftovers from Pat’s better paying jobs, but every once in a while, he drops some real gold. Here are five of those times from the past 12 months.

#1. Dirks vs. MaryGuenn

#2 Scott Stevens

#3 Camera Men Gone Wild!

#4 Jed Anderson

#5 Eat at Spedelli’s

The Most Commented Posts of 2011

Let’s kick this off right. It’s rerun week, which means we’re more interested in drinking and boardin’ then creating new content and since it’s the first day of the last week of the year, we’re gonna play the numbers. These are the posts (contests not included) that got the most comments over the last year. Some good, some bad, all sort of controversial. If you missed out, there’s still time to chime in and if you didn’t, relive the memories now!

1. Skibowl The Movie

These guys were super serious. They filmed an entire movie on the mini boxes at Ski Bowl and since we love that place, we commend them. We won’t even look to see how many of the 143 comments came from Ben Maki and just tell you to watch it again. It’s amazing. We promise.

Read em all!

2. The Real Jp? Ain’t Nothing to Fuck With

Who doesn’t love drama? So JP Walker went to Internet battle with Bode Merrill and it either killed, or saved, his career. We just broke it down cause no one else would and 139 comments later, the people are still talking about it it. Hell, we even got an ad out of the deal.

Read it again!

3. The Jerm Edit

So we let Jerm talk shit. He’s good at it. But some crybabies are always like, where’s your edit Jerm? So he made one. Actually, he made two over the last year. But the general consensus is always, oh shit, he’s not that bad. He ain’t a pro, but guess what, he can board ok. And at the end of the day, his comments make us laugh so… everyone wins!

Read what the people had to say!

4. The Mt. Hood Camping Guide

OMG! How could you guys give away my super top secret camping spot!? Yeah, we went there and guess what. No one who wouldn’t have otherwise figured it out learned anything. So deal with it. We’re here to help fellow dudes who want to slum it in Gov’y and it’s gonna stay that way.

Read the outrage!

5. The 10 Most Hated Snowboarders of All Time

Some agreed. Some dissented. But almost 90 comments later, we realized that yes, people do hate some pro snowboarders and love others. While you may disagree, there’s one thing we can guarantee — No one will ever be loved by all, and guess what, that’s ok!

Read all about it