COMUNE X TAHOE Usher in Spring after Blizzard

The super storms that blanketed Tahoe have finally let up, leaving behind sun shine, warm Spring weather and yep, tons of snow. If you live in Tahoe right now you're in for one of the best Springs of your life. Tons of snow, great weather…

Story of a Champ: Robbie Sell

Once again, a black and white Robbie Sell shot with an super artsy shadow made its way through four weeks of formidable challengers to earn its place in the Firing Squad Champions Gallery. Wanna know more? Well good, cause we asked him some…


If you missed the premiere, well, you're probably lucky. Some hackers apparently thought it would be a good day to take down YoBeat. Some of you braved the warnings, and we thank you, and apologize deeply if your PC got a virus (but seriously,…

COMUNE Drops Another Teaser

Another day closer to COMUNE'S first full length release and to harden your boner just a bit more Diggles and the COMUNE factory have dropped yet another teaser. Enjoy some boarding, bails and babes kids!

Public Paradise with Comune

, Corey Smith and his gang of dirty youngsters made it to Hood this summer. While the crew of Brendan Gerard, Ben Rice, Corey, his lady, his dog and Bo Diddley were excited to rip and shred under the summer sun a…



Jibassic Public Invitational 5 Videos

What the fuck is a Public Invitational? Well, it's what went down at Boreal last weekend. bHappy films presents its edit for the team video challenge from the event. Thank you Boreal and everyone who made it happen! Oh…

Ben Rice a Positive Influence

Editorial Note- People seemed to have very mixed feelings about Hump Day with Ben Rice. Many people seemed to have felt that Yobeat only showed one side of Ben's darling personality. To rectify this Comune's Art Director and Ex-Pro guy Corey…

Hump Day with Ben Rice

Ben Rice, a mellow fellow.                                                          Photo: Carey Haider The first time I met Ben Rice was in a Portland…