The Bored Yak Inagural Winter Beard Challege


From the desk of the Bored Yak

I challenge you to grow a beard from December to May. Send me [boredyak at gmail dot com] a ‘before’ shot before January 1 with some dated material in the photo (like a newspaper) so I know you’re not cheating. Grow a beard for as long as you’re able. When May 1 rolls around send in an ‘after’ shot. I’ve got some judges, including master barbers from Portland’s Rooks Barbershop, to help me determine the winners. I’ve got a prize package for the fullest, longest, most yak-like beard and another ‘Nice Try’ package for the patchiest, scraggliest dirt beard. Prizes include a Poler Mini Duffaluffagus, Electric goggles, Volcom jacket, Columbia pants and assorted clothes from the likes of Salomon, Bonfire, Yobeat, Superior Threadworks and Forum. You don’t need to raise money for charity, you don’t need to feel stressed and you certainly don’t need to build your own web page. All you need to do is stop shaving and have some fun with your new found extra time. Send updates. Let your razor gather dust from disuse. Protect your face. See you in May.

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