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If you were at Bear Mountain for HDHR last weekend, tag your best shot with #yobeathdhr2017.

If you weren’t there don’t fret– you can still win! We will select another winner from the same hashtag for the photo that makes us laugh the hardest.

Winners will be selected on Friday, Oct 6, 2017 from all received entries. Open to anyone, anywhere with an Instagram account. One entry per person, please! Happy hashtagging.

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Official Intern Report: Hot Dawgs and Handrails 2017 at Bear Mountain

Following our attempts at being funny on instagram, we’ve been having nightmares about people calling us Turdlord forever. Matt Coughlin. 

All photos: Kieth Rutherford @kieth78

Hotdogs and handrails? More like hotdogs and hammers! Despite long lines to eat actual hot dogs, there were plenty of free tacos, sweet pros, and good vibes at Bear Mountain’s 2017 winter kick-off party on September 23, 2017. In addition to double chucks and rail dancing mastery, Method Man and Red Man were on hand to shut down the show. THE Snoop Dogg also made an appearance, but he probably smoked more blunts than the number of words he spoke to the crowd. Perks of being Snoop, I guess. 

After a jam-packed day full of beers, boards and bros, French Canadian newcomer Frank Jobin walked away 10k richer, while Jaeger Bailey took 2nd for the third year in the row. Yung Trollhaugen rail slayer Benny Millam rounded out the podium and showed the world what a proper hard way 270 looks like. Madison Blackley extended her winning streak and took home a check worth a solid 20% of Frank’s. Lenny Mazzoti also took home a half a g for his switch back 270 to regs, on the gap to down bar.

It’s a mads, mads world out there. r: Madison Blackley.

Other notable riders included Ryan Paul with his beautiful beard and banger tricks, Denis Bonus who spun on and off rails like Donald Trump’s presidency, and Sam Klein who repped Wisco like a G. Drayden Gardner spent most of his time upside down and showed us around town, and Halldor Helgason turned up looking clean cut, but managed to be remain everyone’s favorite dude and snowboarder even without his flowing locks.

Rail jam season is now officially underway and hopefully they’ll let us go to another one of these things. Until then, thanks to Bear Mountain for hosting and letting us park in the VIP lot, Stinky Socks for the gas money and clean socks, the security guards for not checking the back pocket of our bags for beers, and the most thanks to the Gardner family for letting us lowly interns crash on your couches so we didn’t have spoon in the truck! 

— James A. Windsor, Yobeat intern

Business on the top, party all the time. Haldor Helgasson and an unknown skater. 

Next week Riley Knickerson is trying out for American Ninja Warrior, so he wanted to get as much time on the giant red foam balls as possible. 

Wait, is Nora Beck riding a powder board at a rail comp or is that what jib sticks look like now?


Save The Rabbit

Joey Leon,Trevor Eichelberger, Will Stellar, and LJ Twombly at Snow Summit and Bear. Do do do do do do do do…

Point Blank

Casual boarding from @turdlord @zeach_man @hotsnake @travis_wood @mel902 @jamiemadrid @masaflocka @bryant265

Bear Mountain – Opening Weekend

SoCal’s Bear Mountain opened over the weekend. Here’s a quick edit from the action featuring Robert Toste, Keoni Kaimuloa, Lenny Mazzotti, Mamba, Daniel Salazar, Nick Guin, Drayden Gardner, Jake Schaible, Mike Gray and Jordan Small.

Zoltán Strcuľa – Bear Mountain 2016

Last season at Bear. You don’t mess with the Zoltán.

Tom Bennett Bear ’16

Hot Dawg$, Handrail$, and Inflation

Let’s face it, hot dogs aren’t free. And this year it ain’t free to be a spectator at Hot Dawgs and Handrails. The event that historically “kicks off winter” is back at Bear Mountain, but this time, it will cost you a pretty penny if you want to watch the show. Oh yeah, and if you’re competing, it looks like the purse dropped too (but hey, it’s not about the money). Get your hotels booked, cause the now two-day event is going down September 23 -24, 2016.

We get it. Things change, and events have to make money… at the very least the goal isn’t to lose money. Don’t worry, for your $30 day ticket you’ll not only get to see a rail jam, but you’ll get to see Eagles of Death Metal and other musical acts. Transworld and Snowboarder will be premiering their videos too!

What was once the snow event of late summer just became another Lollapalooza-meets-snowboarding ticketed event in the vain of Snowboarding on the Block. We get it, snowboarding alone doesn’t justify the price of a ticketed event. She Wants Revenge on the other hand… that’s just what the people want.

Musical acts such as Atlas Genius, and DJ Jayceeoh — while they compliment snowboarding like ketchup on donuts — don’t come cheap. There’s production costs for staging, sound and lighting, and of course band fees. Who knows what unexpected costs will be encountered on Dilated Peoples rider. Last year’s $16,000 snowboard contest purse is now billed as $15,000. So the ticket cost is evidently going to production. But it’s cool, Wale are playing.

Here’s what it will cost you if you want to see the action (hot dogs presumably not included).

  • 1 Day (Adults, 13+) – $30
  • 1 Day (Kids, 12 & Under) – $15
  • 2 Day (Adults, 13+) – $40
  • VIP Experience*  (Adults, 13+) $90
  • VIP Experience (Kids, 12 & Under) $50

If it’s anything like other ticketed events a-la Street League, and Air & Style, they’ll be giving away plenty of free, unsold tickets the week before the event. So be sure to check their site for offers.

Here’s some throwback coverage to last years event. Before inflation took over.

For more information or to reserve your tickets visit the official Hot Dawgs and Handrails web site.

Grant Garges Bear ’16

Mark Gama Weekend at Bear

Wormlyfe’s Bear Mountain Mixtape#9

Not to be confused with Magic Hat or potion #9, this mixtape is hot off the cassette deck at Bear.

Mark Gama – Nick Tro – Sean Monahan – Scott Banks – Jordan Gibson – Chris Schweiger – Buzz Holbrook – Grant Garges – Keoni Kaimuloa – Jake Schaible – Kody Williams – Lenny Mazzoti – Stephon Deifer – Jordan Small – Kyle Schafer – Tom Bennett

Film – Kevin Lonergan and Kyle Schafer/@shylekafers
Edit – Kevin Lonergan/@kevthurdy
Music – “Burning Down The House” by The Talking Heads
“Smooth” by Tha Dogg Pound

Data Fantasy Full Video

Video By bEEF

Featuring: Jared McDaniel – Kody Williams – Brett Wilkinson – Denis Leontyev – Kyle Schafer – Mike Gray – Jeremy Estorga – Lenny Mazzotti – Keoni Kaimuloa – Bob Abrams – Chris Fellner – Richie Conklin – Jake Schaible – Robert Toste – Jason Falcao – Johnny Miller