Ground Control FULL MOVIE

If you’ve been sitting around waiting to watch Bald E-Gal’s Ground Control in its entirety on the Internet, wait no longer!

Featuring: Drew Poganski, Nate Lavik, Mike Liddle, Clay Hatzenbuhler, Brandon Larson, Matthew Boudreaux, Randy Vannurden, Dan Brisse, Krister Ralles, Shane Ruprecht and more


Clay Hatzenbuhler B Footy and Second Angles

Guys, it’s not just ANOTHER season edit, it’s another season edit of Clay Hatzenbuhler. Though technically, the rest of his footage was assembled into a full part in Bald E-gal’s Ground control.

Bald E-Gal’s Ground Control Teaser

Trade show time means teaser time! Here’s the first to drop on the ‘net from the boys at Bald Egal.

Featuring: Clay Hatzenbuhler, Drew Poganski, Krister Ralles, Matthew Boudreaux, Nate Lavik, Randy Vannurden, Ryan Barker & Shane Ruprecht

With friends: Dan Brisse, Brent Mohs, TJ Antisdel, Dan Vinzant, Branon Larson, Joe Mertes, Jordan Michilot, Mike Casanova, Austin Young, Justin Henigen, Mike Liddle, Peter Limberg, Corey Wissink, Charlie Fenton, & more

A Minute with Dan Brisse and Cale Zima

Sorry kids, no one really wants to watch YOUR “B footage” edits. But I think Mike Thienes is now reaching into “C footage” for this little video of Cale Zima and Dan Brisse, and it’s still good. These guys can ‘board.

Poachers X Teaser II: Opening Montage

The second teaser for Bald E-gals Poachers 10 (in case you can’t read Roman Numerals.) Well technically it’s the opening montage, but still it will tease you into wanting to see more. And if you’re bored and want to know more, go read the Hump Day with did with Bald E-gal’s Mike Thienes.