JAPMOB Summer Rewind

Yes, it's another summer edit!

What's Coming? Winter 12/13

Nick Lipton and a bunch of dudes who actually matter forecast the coming Winter.

Ride With Us: Season 2: Episode 2

Wonder if Tim Pogue and crew truly grasped all the fun plays on words that would be possible when naming the company "Ride." Brilliant really. Anyway, season two of the Ride propaganda series "Ride with Us" is underway, and our friends at YWKII…

Under Review: Think Thank's Ransack Rebellion

Think Thank comes out strong with Ransack Rebellion.

YKWII’s Share the Wealth FULL MOVIE

The Pacific Northwest's premier homie flick has struck again, this year with the much improved "Share the Wealth." Don't believe me? I don't care, with a strong opening from Seth Kitzke, all sorts of hammers sprinkled throughout and a few…

YKWII "Share The Wealth" Teaser

, Great up-and-coming talent, spots, filming and an overall love for the Pacific Northwest are the reasons you should be excited for YKWII's 2010 release "Share The Wealth". Sit back and enjoy this edit, after all,…

Windells Starts in Two Weeks!

It’s that hazy time of year again. You’re sitting in your chair in math class, half-listening as your teacher drones on about the quadratic formula and half-staring out the window at blue skies and green grass. Summer vacation is on…

Izzy and Austin Take Shakedown Best Trick

The Ride Shakedown is underway at the Summit at Snoqualmie. Last night the rail best trick happened, with Izzy Lalive taking it for the women with a 50-50 to front 180 out and a switch boardslide. For the men, Austin Hironaka held it down…

Hi-ya Hump Day with Austin Hironaka

Home sweet summer home, Austin in his temporary front yard at Windells Snowboard Camp. Konnichiwa Yobeat readers, and welcome to Austin Hironaka's Hump Day. Talented as all hell, and able to karate kick a hole in your chest, Hironaka…

Kinko de Mayo!

Nothing says fun like a bunny and boardin'! Photo Greg Miller I cannot tell you how ashamed I am that my homecoming post to Yobeat is about a goddamn rail jam. I fear it is a sign that I am forever doomed to watching little kids goof around…