“Darrell has been a part of who we are long before we started Ashbury. He’s been with us since the start and his presence in the culture of our brand is undeniable. As a rule, Ashbury has always been very inclusive and we treat other riders and friends the way we treat our own team, and Darrell has always been someone we’ve included in everything we do. But until now, he’s never been officially one of our guys. We’re proud to to announce Darrell as a part of our team. It just makes sense.”



This year we’re bringing the demo to Laax, Switzerland! Our European team will be there having a good time in a refreshing non-competitive environment on both April 7th and 8th at 11am!

Come join Toni Kerkela, Benny Urban, Kas Lemmens, Dominik Wagner, Bob Van Unnik, Ovind Fyske, Jessi Alfredo, Simon Pircher, Basi Rittig, and Cees Wille for some on-hill fun!

Always the best time of the year.


A very special Christmas special especially for you! Starring Joey Sexton, Nima Jalali, Darrell Mathes, Johnny Miller, and Ransacker!

Ashbury: -2 Skip-

Jake Durham and Danimals put together an artsy fartsy ode to the classic snowboarding superstition of “take two skip the last.”

The 6th Annual Ashbury Demo at Seymour


Come one, come all! It’s the 6th Annual Ashbury Demo and this year we’re taking it up north to Mt. Seymour, BC, Canada! Extremely close to Vancouver it’s going to be one of the most fun demos yet. If you’ve ever been to one of these, you know this is something you have to make it to.

Mt. Seymour
1700 Mt. Seymour  Rd.
North Vancouver, BC
V7G 1L3, Canada

Saturday, April 5th at 2PM
The Pit Park

Ashbury Welcomes Danimals

Congrats Danimals.

Ashbury Welcomes Benny Urban

From the desk of Lance Hakker:

We’re proud to welcome Benny’s polished style to Ashbury! We’ve been eyeing him for a while and Jon Kooley finally connected the dots for us and here he is!

Inside LNP’s Skateshop

While in Quebec City over the Fall, Lance visited Laurent’s skateshop he recently gained part ownership of and talked shop as well as caught up with him about his new skateboard brand Crapsack!

Return of the Ashbury Elph Edits

Just in time for Chirstmas, Lance is bringing back the Ashbury Elph Videos because real cameras are heavy and boring sometimes. Shredding Bear with Jake Kuzyk, Mike Hakker, Darrell Mathes, Luke MacMaster, Adam Morales, Sean Black, and Ryan Townley!

Hump Day Goes South with Austin Leonard

photo: Erik Hoffman

Austin Leonard is the snowboard king of the south. With smooth style, and the whole dark and handsome thing going on, I expect this kid will see big things. From his little hill in North Carolina, to working at Windell’s in the summer, Austin Leonard actively lives the dream with a gigantic smile on his face.

Where are you from and when did you start riding?

I am from North Carolina in the Appalachian Mountains and I moved here like 13 years ago. I’ve been snowboarding for six or seven years. I started skateboarding and then got into snowboarding by poaching on the hill. I didn’t have tickets or anything and I ended up getting a job at the local skate shop so I got a free pass. I kind of finagled my way in there in that way.

What’s your home mountain?

Appalachian Mountain. It’s just a little hill. Probably 400 foot vertical or something. Straight 30 second runs and a five minute lift ride so, it’s a little bit of hassle but you’ve got to grow up with what you’ve got. I made the best of it for sure and I grew up riding with guys like Cam Pierce and they definitely helped me get better at snowboarding in my area cus there are not any boarders here. Period. It’s not a place like Minnesota or California with a scene. It’s just a small town.


Austin Leonard’s neighbors had a hard time understanding why this was necessary. Photo: Darcy Bacha

Are you a super-hero in North Carolina?

Ya, It’s pretty easy to recognize me just because I look… different. Way different. When I moved up here I was basically the only black kid in my school and one of the few black kids in the town even so that was kind funny. I’ve got big curly hair and I’m black so I’m super easy to recognize. I just try and make friends with everyone so, I think everyone knows me here. I think it’s funny because I am just a nobody just like everybody else.

Are you traveling this winter or chilling in North Carolina?

I just graduated college in December. I got my degree in graphic design but…that was what made it hard to get a film crew. Everyone gets their crew together in October/November, and I was set to finnish school in December. Had to get that done and out of the way. As soon as I graduated I headed straight to Bachelor for a little bit to get some real Mountain riding in. After that I went down to Bear to film Sundays at the park and I was super stoked on that. That was my first time doing that and it was my first time really entering the “edit” scene because it’s a late time to be getting in with crews. In reality I don’t plan on hanging out here too much longer.


Austin deals with pressing matters at work.

So you just finished college. Which lifestyle will you choose? boarder or job-seeking-college grad?

Well I just got out of a a five year relationship so lately I have been experiencing the ultimate freedom. Playing life by ear has been going well so far so with all this freedom I’ve been able to jump on the thirty-two spot check tour, which has probably been the best experience I’ve had in a while. Getting to meet people like Chris Bradshaw and Beresford and Kuzyk. It’s one thing to ride with them but to actually live with them for a couple weeks and stay in hotels and get to really know people…It’s cool. Bradshaw was huge influence. He said a lot of stuff that made me feel like sticking with filming things. He sort of just speaks to playing things by ear and letting things come about. So ya, right now I am just playing things by ear and everything seems to be going well and falling into place.


Fishy business.

What’s the hardest thing you have dealt with this winter in terms of traveling and filming?

For me, I honestly haven’t been snowboarding as a lot of others because I got into it a little late but I think the timing of different things has been the hardest. I haven’t been able to film a full street part and I’ve mostly been filming edits. I sometimes feel like I am waiting for things to fall into place. I try and keep a good mind set about everything, you know. Push the hard things to the side and let ’em be and but if they do get in, then I feel like hard experiences are learning experiences, ya know? you have to go through those hardships and learn what you need to.

How do you support your life of traveling and snowboarding?

{laughing} I work at Windells in the summer and I stack mad racks off the staff sale. In the winter I help out at recess, my local shop in town.


Watch out ladies, this guy has quick hands. Photo: Oli Gagnon

What are five things that Austin Leonard needs to survive?

Umm spliffs, friends, money…Is that three?


Ok [laughing] Water and inspiration.

Where am I talking to you from now?

I just drove back from the spot check tour in New York. I’ll be chillin for about two weeks and the other homies are in California. I am going to be heading out west soon for the Asbury demo in Cali and then I will get some much needed Oregon time.

Many of us saw the riffraff video. That shit was hot. Do you rap in real life?

Well…I do get drunk sometimes and freestyle. Me and my homie have been getting more into it so you may some stuff coming in the future. As for the Riff Raff track, that is my homie Viktor Simco’s brother and I just thought to myself “well if I do come out with some hot shit, and Riff Raff is on it, that’s what s good you know? Get that, catch me on tour if he really likes me {laugher}. My main goal is getting super icey to the top ricey, you know? On the real I just like to entertain people, you know? Everyone makes snowboard edits to cool songs and does tight tricks and I was like “well I probably am not going to do anything insane all by myself. That’s how it is riding here, I ride all by myself so, I got my homie to film it but it was just me riding so I had to think about what would make int entertaining and what would make people laugh. That is my overall goal in life really, to make people happy.

I’m tryna make rap videos this summer? You in? I’m tryna piece this thing together.

well shit, I’m recording right now with slush. Beatman is over and we are producing right now. I drank a little moonshine but I figured that would spice things up. Anyway send me your sound cloud and we can figure that out.

Tight. You working at Windell’s again this summer?

yup. What do you do there? This will be my fifth year being a digger.

Have you gotten sick of it yet?

[Laughs] I think everyone gets sick of it but it’s a bitter sweet thing. It’s one of the best experiences that I have every year, no doubt about it. The diggers create a brotherhood and we share that extra bond so if we go camping and get triply and weird…can’t beat that. It gets old in the last couple weeks because you are ready to get home but right now i’m ready to get there so it does’t get old.

Do you have your eye on your next location?

I am thinking about Bend, Oregon. It is super easy to get to other places from there and I have a spot I can live at already. It’s a really cool town. super peaceful and nice. Jonah and Spencer both get mad shots there so, I’m down with that place. That’s my number one right now.


Channel gap or chanel gap? Both work for Austin.

Who you going to film with for the season?

In October I went on trip To West Virginia with the Keep the Change dudes. West Virginia is a pretty shitty place though and they don’t have options so that was just a fun trip with the homies. Other than that I was in school and everyone got pretty crewed up. I am not trying to be an intruder though and even though I want to get my thing going, I think something will fall into place. And once that happens I am down to move wherever.

Shout outs and Sponsors?

32, Ashbury, Salomon, Bonfire, Crooks and Castles, RAW ROLLING, Airhole face mask, Recess ride shop, and Stance Socks. My shout outs? Shout out to all the diggers, My mom, my family, all my friends, much love to everyone, much love to the haters. Shout out to you guys for keeping it the realest on the internet.Much love. Starting at the bottom, now the top. I see y’all.

The Vantasy: Santasy

Santa is hammered.  And ripping!



Remember Curtis Woodman? He was going to be the revolution of NeoProto, the next superstar of snowboarding, until he disappeared. Well, he’s back, and he’s got goggles. Ashbury Goggles.

Ski Jump

Some audio/visual splendor of Ashbury bros shredding in the snowy southern regions of California that BEEF put together.
Featuring Jordan Small, Erik Leon, Chad Tarbell, Brandon Hobush, Justin Fronius, Brett Wilkinson, Ian Dodds, Richie Conklin, Jeremy Estorga, with cameos from CASTRO, Robert Toste, Deadlung, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Louif Paradis, Harrison Gordon, Mike Hakker, Lance Hakker, Chris Brewster, Johnny Miller, Jake OE, Cole Linzmeyer, Joe Sexton, Jake Kuzyk, Durrel Williams, and Oliver Dixon.