Site Check: Burton 15/16


Burton Snowboards. Lifts haven’t even started turning and we’ve already given them a seasons-full of our attention. But let’s give them just a little bit more.

durable goods

The “Durable Goods” thing has caught some flack for being a sign Burton has lost it, but I don’t really agree. Is the name pretentious bullshit, and exactly what you’d expect from a brand that is carried at The Pottery Barn? Yes. But swallow your bile for a minute it isn’t that different from a lot of companies (snowboarding and otherwise) hopping on the post-ironic wave of semi-sincerity. They want you to think of this not as just fashion, but fashion that makes it look like you don’t care about fashion. The same way denim jackets and Birkenstocks are suddenly trendy. It may be a stupid trend we’ll all be over in a few years, but so is almost everything else in snowboarding. It doesn’t make sense to pick on just Burton for that.


And whatever you think about a partnership with Disney (Frozen for girls, old-school Marvel Comics for boys), you have to respect Burton’s kid’s program. Making stuff that little ankle biters will get excited about, and therefore making them excited about snowboarding, is God’s work. Getting someone else to start snowboarding is a big ask, but making it so little groms don’t have to ride shit from WalMart makes it a whole lot more likely they’ll enjoy themselves and keep with it as they grow up.

Sga5geh - Imgur
But that doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and roses. First off- Burton has to be the laziest company in snowboarding when it comes to naming. If someone says they are picking up a “Burton Custom,” they could be talking about any one of eight different snowboards. And a binding! On one hand it is one of the more venerable names in snowboarding, on the other hand if it’s worth making as a different board shouldn’t it be worth giving it a different name? I’ll give them a pass on the Smalls and Split, but if they really are all that similar, what is the point of paying an extra stack for the Custom Mystery? Not to get too philosophical here, but is the Custom Flying V really the same board if the benditure is different?


Ahhh The Kit. Recently described by Donna Carpenter herself as “drug paraphernalia,” someone’s dad is always getting mad when they find out about this. But it’s kind of a symptom of the problem a lot of people have with Burton. It’s cool and all that they aren’t trying to take the “traditional family values” path and watering down their image just to get Disney to work with them, but is this really doing anything for snowboarding? On one hand we don’t need help convincing everyone we’re all a bunch of lazy stoners, and on the other hand I’m not sure the lazy stoners are looking to spend $25 (+S&H) on an Altoids tin.


The line between Analog and Burton is getting even more blurred. They appear in the primary listings on Burton’s website, and just forwards you to a sub-page on Which begs the question- why did they keep Analog around? There is very little setting them apart from Burton stylistically anymore, and if it’s all on one website you can’t even pretend it extends your reach anywhere.

outixxs - Imgur (1)

Now this is exactly the kind of collaboration that I hate. After just getting on board with the clickity-clack of Boa last year, Burton has decided to ditch the braided steel lines that the entire rest of the industry uses, and go with the collaboration no one was waiting for – New England Ropes. I haven’t had these on my feet personally, but I just don’t see what the desired effect is here? I don’t imagine performance will be significantly affected, and if there are any weight savings they’re likely so small it doesn’t really matter. So why do this? New England Rope is a fine and respected company, but their connection to snowboarding, or even footwear, is not exactly apparent.

Burton is a big deal, the contributions Jake made are a major part of why snowboarding is where it is today. The company positions itself as a leader and for better or for worse they are the face of snowboarding to a lot of people on the outside looking in. But part of being a leader is being in front of everyone else, maybe not literally, but at least in ideas. And it doesn’t seem like Burton has ideas anymore; the collaborations are little more than brand-synergy exercises, the technology is more often than not about market share rather than product improvement, and the team has nearly as many “image” riders as it does people who are actually still progressing the sport. And the site reflects this slouch to mediocrity, here is nothing new, nothing interesting, nothing to make me really stand up and take notice. An average site gets an average score so Burton goes on the board with 50 points, our current lowest score.

Check the site for yourself –

The standings so far-

Rank Brand Score
1. Lobster Snowboards 87
2. Bataleon 86
3. Endeavor 74
4. Rome SDS 72
5. Arbor Collective 71
6. Holden 62
7. Gnu Snowboards 57
8. Burton 50


anon. Launches Winter 2015 Gear and Website


BURLINGTON, VT (August 19, 2014) Today anon. is proud to launch the brand’s most sophisticated product offering for winter 2015, including a progressive line of goggles and helmets, such as the M2, Mig and Nelson.  anon. has also expanded their collection of stylish, high-performance gear specifically designed for women, and is excited to introduce the inaugural WM1 goggle and Keira helmet. Also new for 2015, anon.’s completely redesigned website and iPhone app feature effortless navigation and custom digital tools for riders to experience the collection and define their own style statement

For goggles, anon.’s winter 2015 collection delivers progressive design concepts inspired by the most elite riders in the world. With bright colors guaranteed to stand out on the mountain, the fresh line of men’s M2 and M1 goggles feature Magna-Tech™, the benchmark for quick and accurate lens change-outs. New for 2015, the fastest lens swapping solution in winter sports evolves to include the WM1, a women’s-specific design featuring the same effortless self-aligning lens for the pinnacle in high-speed change-outs and style. Top style choices for ladies include the Australis Frame with Blue Cobalt Lens and the Royal Frame with Gold Chrome Lens.


As the industry leader in the quick lens change game, anon. also introduces MFI (Magnetic Facemask Integration), the future of integrated full-face protection. The Mig featuring MFI is the perfect solution for protecting your face and simplifying your headwear kit. It has four magnetic connection points that make sealing the facemask to your goggle a snap, and the reinforced perforated O2 vents keep riders fully covered and fog-free in any conditions.


anon.’s 2015 helmet line combines cutting-edge technology with versatility, style and comfort. The men’s Nelson helmet features the 360 BOA® fit system, delivering the best in customizable comfort without adding any bulk to your kit.  For 2015, anon. has also partnered with Fidlock® to include ultra-fast and secure magnetic SNAP buckles that make it even easier to get your helmet on and off – even if you’re wearing gloves. Look for it on the new women’s Kiera helmet in Razo, an ultra-lightweight, true women’s-specific design that boasts essential style and elite performance. Finally, as the culmination of the industry’s most elite goggles and helmets, anon.’s 2015 A2 Collection takes integration to an all-new level by pairing together optimal style, fit and airflow, such as the High Cascade Relapse goggle and the Raider helmet.


The complete winter collection can be found at the entirely revamped With a new menu for easy navigation, the fully responsive website looks great on any device. This year, the updated Style Dial app allows viewers to mix and match over 4,000 helmet and goggle colorway combinations. Also new for 2015, anon.’s redesigned iPhone app allows you to point your phone in any direction to see how conditions would look through different anon. lenses. The app also allows riders to upload photos to customize their home screen, keep tabs on favorite anon. team riders with the Live Team Journal feed, track days on-snow and share it with friends on Instagram or Facebook.

To shop the 2015 gear, keep up with the team and download the new anon. iPhone app, head to  To stay up on all the latest news from anon., follow,, and anon_optics on Instagram.

ISPO 2014: The Final Gallery

ISPO is officially over. My legs hurt, my back hurts and my brain hurts, but the final verdict is the show wins in the battle against SIA. It’s overall mellower, more welcoming, and ya know, in Europe. While the rest of the Yobeat crew is officially in Denver and will be reporting extensively on the legal weed and new products over the next couple day, I offer you more moments captured from the last two days of the show.

Win: A Pair of Anon M2 Goggles


Since we heard you guys like winning stuff, we’ve team up with Anon this week to giveaway a pair of M2 Goggles, as well as a couple spare lenses and a beanie. Since the last few contests have been somewhat difficult, this one’s easy. Simple share this photo of Mark Lanvik taken by Ashley Baker (the one at the end of this link) on Facebook. Boom, you’re entered. Remember, you have to share this version so we can see your share!



SIA 2013: Day 2

Day 2 marked the end of myself and the triple J threat’s SIA appearance, but don’t think this is the last you’ll hear about SIA from us. Rumorator will be manning the floor for one more day, and there’s still a party story in the works from Stan (we think even Lipton will be proud.)  While you get super hyped for those, read some more bullet points about my version of SIA. If you’re gonna be a pussy and get offended, or you just want to look at photos of sweet new gear, click through Jared’s gallery above.


-The day started with a big disappointment. Stan rolled up to his tattoo appointment at the Arnette booth only to say he hadn’t settled on what to get and was opting out. After some attempted strong arming from myself, Stan wasn’t budging, so tat-master Brent ended up giving his slot to our friend Cody. He got a sailboat on his thigh, but refused to name it the S.S. Yobeat. We still like him anyway.

-Some scoundrel from Bern spent his first two days putting Bern stickers on the Anon booth across the hall (before flying to Germany.) Don’t worry, a hungover, yet still awesome Randy Torcom took care of those fucks.

-An unnamed C3 photographer let me know nothing makes Sean Tedore more uncomfortable than homo-eroticism. Soon after I tried to get Lance Hakker to caress Tedore’s thigh, but despite what I’d heard, he seemed to like it.

photo copy

-Hondo was wearing an N.W.O. shirt.

-L1 was giving out hachets. Giving sharp objects to people who are also drinking beer might be a bad idea, but whatever. Haven’t heard of any lost limbs yet!

-The highlight of my day personally was walking up to the Rome booth, and saying, “Hey fuckers, I’ve got a meeting at Burton, give me a beer.” Enzo was manning the megaphone and gave me a hearty,”fuck off.” Then they handed me a beer and I made my way to Burton. Due to Steve Jobs’ disinterest in making my life easier, it turned out we were all an hour late anyway. Whoops.

-About Burton. If you’ve still got a stick up your ass about the brand, you should go do shot ski’s with Evan Rose and Upstate Mike.


-I interrupted Mark Carter trying to teach Jesse Burtner how to use a toothpick. It wasn’t go as well as one might have thought. Later, we treated Jesse and the the lovely ladies of the Mervin Marketing crew to the real Yobeat experience, which involved my talking fast while the triple J threat just shook their heads disapprovingly.

-Tech Nine gave out 40s at “trade show happy hour.” I only know about it because some girl an exceptionally long hoodie handed me a flyer and said, “Yo, you like 40s?” (For the record the answer is yes, yes I do and that’s brilliant marketing.)

-I apologize to Dingo for ruining whatever Grenade-promo video he was filming when I walked by and punched him. That was the 4th beer thinking for me.

-Arcade belts are amazing. A little bit of elastic and it’s like you’re wearing sweatpants all the time!


Apparently in the 90s I said some really mean stuff about Max Jenke and his friends. After a trip to the Endeavor/Airhole booth, where he hooked me up with the sweetest Airhole facemask that looks like a feline of some sort, pretty sure we’re past that, and let me tell ya, growing up isn’t so bad after all. Thanks Max!


-The #shutupbrooke hashtag was far more successful than #tradeshowhell.

-Jared and I accidentally crashed the Rockies Volcom/Electric/ThirtyTwo retailer dinner. All this time, I thought being the media was the best gig in snowboarding, but after two incredible dinners in a row, I’m pretty sure being a successful shop owner/buyer is the move. Keyword: successful.

 My final report: Like most things in life, if you don’t take SIA seriously, it’s a blast. Until next year Denver…

Premature Evaluation: 13/14 Anon Goggles

Only two more days ’til SIA officially starts. Today we get a sneak peak at next year’s Anon goggles including the M2, which is like this year’s M1, but way, way better. Maybe.

M2 Landvik Pro

Black on black on Photoshop lens — that pops in an out with a negative amount of effort.
Comrade Merrill Pro


“Merrill Time.” I wonder if he says that before sex?

The classic shape in the sherpa blue special.

Woman’s Bridger
Though we’re all sad about the end of RED, there is a perk. It was much too complicated to let women buy helmets and goggles separately, and now they can get a sweet package deal which gives them more time to cook dinner.
M2 Legion

Another colorway in the miracle magnetic goggles of the future.

Hump Day with the Entire Anon AM Team

When you’re asked to interview an entire Am Team, you either bounce of the walls with excitement or shake your fist at God. I decided to do both and now approve of the Anon Am Team. The two dudes familiar to Yobeat were pretty used to our bullshit, but all the new guys brought smiles to our faces when they decided not to be politically correct pansies. Seems to me like Ben Ferguson could even have Brooke Geery’s job after his snowboard career fades into nothing and he learns to do research. Enjoy the snappy wit and awkward moments of ruining what could have been a great moment for these young fellas.

Click on the dude of your choice and learn away.

Johnny Brady

Brandon Hobush

Ben Ferguson

Roope Tonteri

Jordan Morse

Pat Burgener

Manuel Diaz

Anon’s iPhone App 2.0

Too stupid to know what lenses to use? There’s an app for that! Anon has fancied up its Lens Visualizer app from last year with some new features for this year, and it’s free, so go download it!

The all new 2012/2013 Look Better, See Better app is here with huge new features including an improved live Lens Visualizer, Rider Journal, plus a completely new feature called ‘Color Bomb’ that allows you to sort the anon line by your favorite color.


A Quickie with Gabi Viteri

Launching over shit seems to be Gabi’s deal, and we’re fine with that.

A standout in this year’s Peepshow flick, Gabi Viteri has proven she can ride, and ride with style. So we thought it was weird that we hadn’t gotten to know Gabi yet. To remedy that situation, Gabi and I had a nice little Quickie. Now I know Gabi well enough to consider her the best baker I’ve ever met, someone who can take a joke and possibly snowboarding’s new Ollie Queen.

Have you ever had a quickie before?
I would be kinda concerned if I haven’t, I’m 23 and not Mormon.

Who’s your boyfriend?
Zak Hale, maybe you’ve heard of him, he sucks at snowboarding.

Isn’t he like 19? Is it weird when you get torn up at the bar or is he just the best DD ever?
Exactly! It works out just great. I will be the first to say age ain’t shit but a number.

Does Burton pay you more to date a Burton guy?
You should be a agent, they should, tell ‘em.

Ok, enough about some dude that isn’t you. What’s your deal, why is everyone making a stink about you?
Thanks. Um, I really don’t know, that’s a good questions, ask them.

I saw you in both Peep Show and Snow Porn. I noticed you had style and did actual tricks. Is that a theme in girls snowboarding now? Actually being able to do it?
I sure hope so, I think it’s always been there but girls are really starting to step up more now which is awesome to see.

This is only a small taste of what Gabi can do.

Is there anything you hope to get on film, to prove you’re a badass or whatever?
Anything but double flipping, I’m not made for that.

Could you do a double flip in bed?
Oh my god yes! Like Ray J and KIm K.

Where all have you gotten to travel because of snowboarding?
Crazy places like Africa, North Carolina, Europe, Canada, Hawaii, and I think Iran this year.

Are Americans even allowed in Iran? Do you have to wear a headscarf?
I think were going in February, and we sure do.

If you don’t get burned or stoned to death that will be a great trip!
It’s all apart of the journey and experience. But yes I hope it goes well, knock on wood.

We weren’t sure if Gabi could ride Pipe before this interview.
Your answers both make sense and are grammatically correct, did you go to college or something?
Yes, I actually am in college, mellow style but it’s good to exercise my brain.

How do you balance school and a full-time, successful snowboard career?
Well getting injured a lot in the last two years helped with time off, that’s when school comes into play. And when I am hurt I have A.D.D and feel worthless so it helps keep me sane.

What are you studying?
Business, so I can be a Boss one day.

What kind of boss do you want to be?
I wanna be the boss of my own business. I’m thinking a baking company, that’s my other passion. Business is really boring but I can’t snowboard forever, I realized this last year when I grew up a little bit.

What kind of baking are you into? Have you ever eating your pain away? Fat girl style. Eating and crying but just forcing the food into your mouth because it’s the only thing that makes the pain go away?
Everything and anything that tastes good from cookies to cakes. Ha! That’s exactly what I do, then I go anorexic for the few weeks so I can keep snowboarding.

Did you get into baking to lose weight? Like, by making food you somehow controlled it, letting you eat less and less?
You know me so well. No honestly I started baking my own stuff ‘cause it doesn’t have all that preservative shit in it, its delicious. I like making my own, creating things, like cookie dough brownie, so good.

Gabi made this for her niece. It blew the entire Yobeat staff away. You should be impressed.

Gabi’s riding would probably make Matty Ryan proud.

How often do you get injured? How badly? Do you cry?
Honestly not to much before the last two years. I think it snowballed from one injury to the next cause I wasn’t patient and kept going back to early and pushing myself to hard. Everything from dislocating my hip, separating my shoulder, to ACL surgery. I cried for my hip outta’ pain, the rest out of being pissed off.

Is it ok for boys to cry? Does it piss you off that girls cry so much?
Of course. It’s refreshing to see a man cry, I mean were all human right? I don’t think it pisses me off that girls cry so much, not my deal.

When is it ok for a guy to cry?
Um, when I turn him down.

Do you have any girly friends? What do they think when they see you slam into the ground or explode on impact?
Some of them think i’m crazy for doing it. Most of my girly friends snowboard too though. Gosh, you don’t think we’re all tom boys do you?

Are you going to impress us in the future or burn out and let us all down?
Impress, never burn out.

For more pictures of Gabi in her underwear click here!

Gabi rides for Burton, Anon, Sweet Cheeks, The House and Mimi’s Cookie Bar. We support Sweet Cheeks and so should you, click here to learn more about panties with a purpose. For more on Gabi check out her personal site or read her blog on

Win the Anon Goggles of Your Choice

So you may have noticed, Anon has taken over… We actually don’t have a clever name for this week, but we do have goggles to giveaway! We’ll be giving multiple pairs away for the next week, so up first, we have an easy one. Go check out the new Color Bomb feature on the anon site and pick your favorite color and frame. Then email [email protected] with your choice and mailing address.


Nathan Beers of North Hampton, PA, Rebecca Mondre of New York, NY, Chili Graves of Walkersville MD and Erica Ogami of Salem, Or.

New giveaways will start all next week, so stay tuned for your chance to win!

All New Anon Site and Stuff for 2012

Despite the impending end of the world, Anon just launched its new site with a bunch of fancy new things to spend your time clicking around on. One of them is the Color Bomb, and we hope you’re not colorblind, because it will make it a lot less fun. Anyway, check the ad, release and head over to

BURLINGTON, VT (October 6, 2011) For over ten years, anon optics has created progressive goggle styles that give snowboarders a clear perspective of the mountain. Now for winter 2012, anon is pleased to expand its collection to include two brand new goggle sizes/styles: the large-framed Comrade and the youth-specific Tracker.

First up is the Comrade, which features the largest profile frame in the line. With a frame height of 101 mm, the Comrade provides a huge viewing area, making it easier to see it all and send it into orbit. In addition to its large size, the Comrade’s Spherical Lens mimics the curvature of the human eye for superior optics in all directions. Available in 23 different frame color and lens tint styles, the Comrade is the top choice of anon pro riders like Bode Merrill, Johnnie Paxson and Nic Sauve.

While the new Comrade is the largest frame in the anon line, the all new youth-specific Tracker goggle is the smallest. With a frame height of 83 mm, the Tracker is an ideal goggle style for kids. Lightweight and durable, the Tracker also features full perimeter channel venting for clear, fog-free vision in every condition. Kid-friendly colorways like ‘Rasta’, ‘Guts N Glory’, ‘Cupcake’ and ‘Wild Rumpus’ give groms plenty of options when it comes to choosing their favorite Tracker style.

To showcase the entire 2012 anon goggle line, the brand created two new digital tools: the re-designed also offers an exciting new feature called ‘Color Bomb’, which lets users sort goggle styles by color. The new Color Bomb feature will also be available on anon’s updated iPhone app called ‘Look Better, See Better’, which was announced this week and will be available later this fall.

Also updated on the re-designed website is anon’s exclusive Lens Visualizer tool, which now features new video content so riders can watch point-of-view footage of someone riding powder, pipe or park through different anon goggle lens tints. This first-of-its-kind interactive tool is only available from anon and allows users to virtually experience what the mountain looks like through different goggle lenses.

To check out the entire 2012 anon line, head to where users can get to know the product, the team, and download the current anon app for iPhone and iPad users.

SIA 2011 DAY 2: Back for More

Unlike miniramps at skate tradeshows, it’s easy to drop in on the session at the Salomon booth. All the snowboarders are busy taking photos with their phones.

Day two of SIA 2011 happened and it was a lot like day one. New products, familiar faces, etc, but there were a few key differences:

-All hangovers were provided by the Burton stripper party. We’d post lots of awesome pictures but they don’t let you take pictures at strip clubs, duh.
-There was a Videograss teaser premiere at Salomon.
-Terry Kidwell was there.

Connor from MNMNT totally met Terry Kidwell. We didn’t but we took a picture of him once, so pretend we did.

That about sums it up. Two more days to go, and we’ve still got booths to check out, elbows to rub. If you’re not here, you’re probably thinking, man, I would love to go to SIA, quit bitching. But if you are here, you understand and I’d like to provide a few pointers for surviving the next two days of the show.

– Your lips are probably chapped. Ski accessory companies love to give out free chapstick. Head over into the annals of the convention center and pick yours up.
– You know how your back and neck are killing you? It’s because you’re standing all day, but also because of your badge that is quickly filling with business cards and weighing you down. Even though the old ladies at the door insist you MUST have it around your neck, wearing it as a dangler from your belt loop will make all the difference.
-Start asking different questions. At this point, every one has explained their season is going great, they’re really having fun riding, and the show is going really well 150-plus times. Get a little more creative. For example, ask if they’ve boned any hot Denver sluts yet.
-Trade show security is really cracking down on beer and booths serving beer illegally. You can avoid getting anyone in trouble by finding one of the few booths who paid $800 for an official keg and getting a beer there. Then save your cup and use it for all beers after that. If you’re drinking from the official ski-brand sponsored cup, no one can say anything!
-Remember, at least you’re not at the X Games.

The future is now at Academy. Seriously, the boards are from 2012!

No but seriously, we checked out a bunch more products you can start getting excited to buy. Here are lots of pictures of the stuff we checked out today. If you are not into product shots however, we recommend you read about Shaun White’s new costume.