Site Check: Burton 15/16


Burton Snowboards. Lifts haven’t even started turning and we’ve already given them a seasons-full of our attention. But let’s give them just a little bit more.

durable goods

The “Durable Goods” thing has caught some flack for being a sign Burton has lost it, but I don’t really agree. Is the name pretentious bullshit, and exactly what you’d expect from a brand that is carried at The Pottery Barn? Yes. But swallow your bile for a minute it isn’t that different from a lot of companies (snowboarding and otherwise) hopping on the post-ironic wave of semi-sincerity. They want you to think of this not as just fashion, but fashion that makes it look like you don’t care about fashion. The same way denim jackets and Birkenstocks are suddenly trendy. It may be a stupid trend we’ll all be over in a few years, but so is almost everything else in snowboarding. It doesn’t make sense to pick on just Burton for that.


And whatever you think about a partnership with Disney (Frozen for girls, old-school Marvel Comics for boys), you have to respect Burton’s kid’s program. Making stuff that little ankle biters will get excited about, and therefore making them excited about snowboarding, is God’s work. Getting someone else to start snowboarding is a big ask, but making it so little groms don’t have to ride shit from WalMart makes it a whole lot more likely they’ll enjoy themselves and keep with it as they grow up.

Sga5geh - Imgur
But that doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and roses. First off- Burton has to be the laziest company in snowboarding when it comes to naming. If someone says they are picking up a “Burton Custom,” they could be talking about any one of eight different snowboards. And a binding! On one hand it is one of the more venerable names in snowboarding, on the other hand if it’s worth making as a different board shouldn’t it be worth giving it a different name? I’ll give them a pass on the Smalls and Split, but if they really are all that similar, what is the point of paying an extra stack for the Custom Mystery? Not to get too philosophical here, but is the Custom Flying V really the same board if the benditure is different?


Ahhh The Kit. Recently described by Donna Carpenter herself as “drug paraphernalia,” someone’s dad is always getting mad when they find out about this. But it’s kind of a symptom of the problem a lot of people have with Burton. It’s cool and all that they aren’t trying to take the “traditional family values” path and watering down their image just to get Disney to work with them, but is this really doing anything for snowboarding? On one hand we don’t need help convincing everyone we’re all a bunch of lazy stoners, and on the other hand I’m not sure the lazy stoners are looking to spend $25 (+S&H) on an Altoids tin.


The line between Analog and Burton is getting even more blurred. They appear in the primary listings on Burton’s website, and just forwards you to a sub-page on Which begs the question- why did they keep Analog around? There is very little setting them apart from Burton stylistically anymore, and if it’s all on one website you can’t even pretend it extends your reach anywhere.

outixxs - Imgur (1)

Now this is exactly the kind of collaboration that I hate. After just getting on board with the clickity-clack of Boa last year, Burton has decided to ditch the braided steel lines that the entire rest of the industry uses, and go with the collaboration no one was waiting for – New England Ropes. I haven’t had these on my feet personally, but I just don’t see what the desired effect is here? I don’t imagine performance will be significantly affected, and if there are any weight savings they’re likely so small it doesn’t really matter. So why do this? New England Rope is a fine and respected company, but their connection to snowboarding, or even footwear, is not exactly apparent.

Burton is a big deal, the contributions Jake made are a major part of why snowboarding is where it is today. The company positions itself as a leader and for better or for worse they are the face of snowboarding to a lot of people on the outside looking in. But part of being a leader is being in front of everyone else, maybe not literally, but at least in ideas. And it doesn’t seem like Burton has ideas anymore; the collaborations are little more than brand-synergy exercises, the technology is more often than not about market share rather than product improvement, and the team has nearly as many “image” riders as it does people who are actually still progressing the sport. And the site reflects this slouch to mediocrity, here is nothing new, nothing interesting, nothing to make me really stand up and take notice. An average site gets an average score so Burton goes on the board with 50 points, our current lowest score.

Check the site for yourself –

The standings so far-

Rank Brand Score
1. Lobster Snowboards 87
2. Bataleon 86
3. Endeavor 74
4. Rome SDS 72
5. Arbor Collective 71
6. Holden 62
7. Gnu Snowboards 57
8. Burton 50


Last Call 2015 RAW

Well, it took us a while to remember that we were the ones whining about the lack of Last Call edits this year, but the moment we forgot we were waiting for has arrived! Apparently they Paul Osbourne shot this film on actual film – Analog baby! Shit takes time.  Good things come to those who wait, though. No bells or whistles, but the closest you’ll ever come to experiencing the magic that is Eastern Boarder’s Last Call at Loon Mountain if you can’t go yourself.

ISPO 2014: The Final Gallery

ISPO is officially over. My legs hurt, my back hurts and my brain hurts, but the final verdict is the show wins in the battle against SIA. It’s overall mellower, more welcoming, and ya know, in Europe. While the rest of the Yobeat crew is officially in Denver and will be reporting extensively on the legal weed and new products over the next couple day, I offer you more moments captured from the last two days of the show.

Analog “Go Huck Yourself” Rail Jam


Win: An Analog Goretex Zenith Jacket


Hey did you read the Mikkel Bang hump day? Well good, then this is going to be really easy. Because we’re doing a little Mikkel Bang trivia to give away the same Analog Goretex Zenith Jacket that Mikkel wears. So, answer the following question.

How did Mikkel break his ankle?

Got it? Well good, email your answer to [email protected] with your size and mailing address. One winner wil be randomly selected from all correct received entries.

Analog’s Go Huck Yourself Rail Jam

Hump Day Gets in Jesse Paul’s Pants

It’s not just the pants the ladies love! Photo: Eric Hoffman

They say the clothes make the man, and in Jesse Paul’s case, a bold choice in snowboard pants has certainly made him a household name (among web video viewers.) Little do most people know, Jesse has been holding it down for years back in Minnesota — winning rail jams, stacking tricks with You Know My Function and The Rental shop, and otherwise doing some seriously fucked up snowboard maneuvers. So while the pants may have become a running joke, Jesse Paul is certainly to be taken seriously.

What’s up with those pants?

Well I just kinda felt like being crazy this year with my pants. I never really had crazy pants like that before, so I just kinda figured I’d do it. That’s pretty much it.

That’s boring. What kind of pants are they, so people can go out and buy them, since all the kids are obviously gonna want to be as cool as you?

They are Analog Thievery Pants for 2013. I was flipping through the catalog, just kinda bored of the same old black pants that everybody wears. So I just got em. I had to.

See, he has other pants! Photo: Jared Levine

Are you related to Ryan Paul?


How are you not related? You’re from Minnesota, your last name’s Paul, you both do fucked up tricks…

It’s totally weird that we’re not related. Everyone just assumes that we are brothers, I actually get it all the time. People even come up to me all, “saw your brother last week,” and I’m like, “no ya didn’t.” My brother’s two years younger than me and has never snowboarded in his life. Anyways, people say we do some of the same tricks and we actually both ride for the same board shop in Minnesota. He’s like two years older than me. I mean, we’re homies but we’re not related at all. We even have checked our ancestry. It’s weird.

How did you get into snowboarding?

I used to snowskate and one of my friends snowboarded. His name was Tyler Crandall and he was just like snowskating is lame, you should try snowboarding. And I always thought snowboarding was lame. I had skated a lot before that, I’ve been skating a lot longer than snowboarding. Basically he just told me to try it out, and I did in his backyard. He had like a little jump and I was just doing some methods and pretty much fell in love with it right there. I got a 128 Lamar snowboard as my first board. Rode that for a whole season. One of my other friends convinced me to get a seasons pass at this little mountain called Elm Creek, which doesn’t have any lifts, doesn’t have any big hills at all. There’s no mountains in Minnesota. It’s just two high speed ropes with like 30 rails and that’s why I pretty much only do rails. I went every single day after school and just have gotten a season pass ever since. When I started I didn’t think of it as something I would do as a motive for my life. Most of my life revolves around snowboarding now, but before I just kinda did it, and it slowly just took over my life. I just fell in love with it.

If snowboarding is your life, why not move away from Minnesota?

Because I love everything about riding in Minnesota. The tow ropes, how close every hill is, the street spots, the fact that I can go to any hill in Minnesota on any day and run into a bunch of friends. Everybody is friends with everybody in the Minnesota snowboard scene, it’s awesome. There is nothing I would rather do than lap a rope with a bunch of friends all day.

Try and concentrate on the press, ok? Photo: Erik Hoffman

You had a part in You Know My Function, so can we expect a part in Working for the City 2, if it ever comes out?

I had a small half part in You Know My Function and I actually didn’t meet Jon Stark until last summer, but yes. Working for the City 2 I’m really hyped about because I filmed the best stuff I’ve ever filmed in my life. Really stoked for it to come out. It was such a good crew, great times. Even though it was a bad snow year we made it happen. As for a teaser, I don’t think there’s going to be one, I don’t know why, they have some weird thing about not building hype because they want the video to kind of speak for itself, which is pretty cool, I guess. I wish there was a teaser because I feel like there’s so many people that don’t know about it or what to expect. But it’ll for sure come out and I think it’ll be all online eventually, but not at first. We’ll see I guess.

Who would win in a fight, Jon Stark or Brett Spurr?

Brett Spurr. Just cause he’s bigger.

Jon Stark or Marc Frank Montoya?

Probably MFM. I don’t know if Stark would be very good in a fight, to be honest.

Ok, one more, Jon Stark or Nick Lipton?

I don’t really know him.

He’s scrappy, like Jon.

Alright, I’ll give that one to Jon Stark, gotta give him some credit.

At least he’s easy to identify in pictures. Photo: Erik Hoffman

Minnesota obviously breeds snowboarders. Who do you think is the best snowboarder to come from there, of all time? No pressure.

Oh man that is a hard one. There’s just so many awesome riders. the thing about Minnesota is that everyone has a different set of tricks, different style. My favorite always changes. I guess I’d say Zac Marben or Fronius, maybe. But I’m really influenced by every rider in Minnesota.

What’s the best resort in Minnesota?

Top 3, Mont du Lac, Elm Creek and Trollhaugen.

Isn’t Trollhaugen in Wisconsin?

Yeah, Trollhaugen is technically Wisconsin, Mont du Lac I think is in Wisconsin also. So Elm Creek, my favorite place in MN. It’s where I grew up. It’s where all my homies grew up. Had some of the best times of my life in High School there. I’d always sit in class thinking about when I could get out and snowboard. I’d just think about all day and what tricks I wanted to try. I just couldn’t wait, it’s such a blast. One of the reasons that Elm is so great is just not that many people know about it yet. It’s definitely getting more popular but it’s not as blown out as Hyland is. I like Hyland a lot, don’t get me wrong, but you have to go at certain times. A lot of times it gets super rutted out. It’s always super fun, but you gotta pretty much work your way around the rails and find different ways to hit stuff. Elm Creek is never really too busy. I actually worked Park crew last year and designed a couple new rails there that I was really hyped on. We got this new elbow rail and a down flat. This next year we’re gonna have some type of double side feature thing. I’m gonna keep helping them out and that’s another reason, I kinda work for them and I have for the past four years. I was an instructor, I worked at the rental shop and now I’m on the park crew, which is definitely my favorite job I’ve had there. Elm is just like home, so that’s probably why it’s my favorite. No jumps, which kinda sscks cause I’m starting to like jumps a little bit better, but the rails, so good.

Speaking of the Rental Shop, that’s your crew, right? That started actually because of Make Friends. Me and my friends at Elm Creek always looked up to those guys a lot and they made a blog and we would always check it everyday and we were like, we should make our own blog. So we did that and it’s pretty much the whole time that it’s been going it almost just a way to keep in touch between us friends. We all kinda split to different parts of the country and we all just post stuff from where we are. I feel like people don’t even really look at it, but that doesn’t bother me at all because it’s a good way to keep up with all the stuff that my friends are doing. I know there’s a little bit of a following with kids at Elm Creek but besides that it’s a good way to keep updated. I actually have a tattoo on my foot that’s TRS that I did myself one night with tattoo ink and a safety pin. It hurt really, bad but I’m still down for it.

Another quick reminder the pants are removable. Photo: Jared Levine

Who’s the most badass crew in Minnesota?

House of 1817. They’re the rawest of crews.

I saw on the internet that you won the analog unlikely features contest. What did you design?

Yeah, two years ago. It’s that feature that actually is in a lot of Sunday in the Park episodes, which I’ve been really stoked on. It’s almost like four boxes on top of each other, it’s like stairs on the sides and the back of a rail, so it’s like a rail but you can also slide the boxes on the side or jump up and down and stuff. I guess that’s the best I can explain it. Actually my original design was a little different, it had a pole jam in front of it and they put the pole jam in there for the contest when they flew me out, but they took it out for the regular park set up because they figured it was a little too dangerous. It’s a pretty sketchy feature because the corners of it are razor sharp. One kid got wrecked at the contest the first day they opened it and I actually fucked up my board on it, but it’s a super fun feature. I wish we could do something like that at Elm Creek but can’t really afford that type of thing.

What’s the craziest trick you’ve ever done?

Probably the front board front flip (in the Windells Session 6 edit). I didn’t even know if it was possible, I just kinda sent it. Fell on my head a couple times. That’s probably the craziest thing I’ve ever done just because I wasn’t even sure if it was gonna be possible to do.

Are you afraid of anything? Does snowboarding scare you at all?

It definitely scares me sometimes. Like filming in the streets. Half the spots I went to this year I was terrified, but I’m trying to put together a good part so I just kinda sucked it up. I got broke off a few times but not too bad at all, I was thankful for that. Stark and Brett brought me to some gnarly spots this year that I was definitely really scared of, but I’m actually happy they did cause now it makes all the rails seem not as scary.

Did anyone ever consider he just wanted to match the rails at Windells? Photo: Eric Hoffman

Someone on Yobeat called you a homosexual, I think. How does that make you feel?

Well, Yobeat comments don’t really phase me anymore. There’s so much hate and ridiculous reasoning that I just kinda laugh at everything.

So seriously, what’s up with the pants? Are you gonna keep wearing them?

I was thinking about retiring them after the summer, but I don’t know. I kinda like em. I just wish they were a little bit baggier. They’re a little skinny for me. I’ll probably wear em for a little but longer.

Sponsors, thanks?

Salomon, Analog, Common Apparel, which is actually me and a buddy’s clothing company. Working for the City 2, thanks to Jon and Brett for helping me have an awesome season. Chris Duncan and Sam Duncan too. They were really motivated, our whole crew was. I’m thankful for all my friends who snowboard with me and support me, my family, Summit Boardshop in Minnesota and also Pinewskis boardshop in Minnesota. I’m homies with all the dudes there and they’ve been helping me out a little bit.

Holden Attempts the Impossible

Holden Outerwear is proud to announce our partnership with analog instant photography savior, The Impossible Project. To celebrate 10 years of creative and cutting edge outerwear, Holden is teaming up with Impossible to create a photography collaboration that will serve as our creative backbone and the visual language for the Fall/Winter ‘12 season’s marketing platform. Holden is proud to support Impossible on their mission to bring analog instant photography back to life by offering limited edition Holden X Impossible camera kits, which will include a Holden customized and refurbished vintage SX-70 Polaroid camera, Holden X Tanner Goods leather camera case, and custom Holden X Impossible co-produced instant film and filter presented in a custom wooden box.

To activate this collaboration, Holden chose 10 well known photographers to use Impossible film to shoot and capture their vision of our independent lifestyle through instant photography. The photos will be traveling in a multinational exhibition throughout galleries worldwide and at the most prestigious art show in the Americas, Art Basel Miami Beach. Choice photos will be used to create a limited edition Holden X Impossible tee shirt collection. Additionally, there will be a consumer instant photography competition, hosted by Impossible, where one winner will have their work featured in the exhibition (details on the competition to come.)

The Holden X Impossible camera kits and shirts will be available at, selected boutiques worldwide, and Holden X Impossible exhibitions next Fall.

Ben Puess, CEO of Holden said, “If you have ever seen a holden ad or website, then you know our love of analog photography goes back to our inception. As big fans of the medium, we could not be more proud to be working with The Impossible Project to help continue to further promote and support an art form we cherish. The Impossible team are the champions of a lost art and we are happy to showcase the immense warmth and creativity in their film. Our community, our shooters together with our friends at Vice, will work through out the season to capture a vision of the Holden “life well led” means. The best thing is that not only will we end up with some great images and gallery shows but we will be able to actively encourage others to find the timeless-in-an instant moments that make life so fun by offering the film and camera.”