Return of the People’s Court – The Inaugural 2017/18 Competition

Welcome to the NEW INTERNET WORLD, where there are SOO MANY DAMN WAYS to share your content that it makes them all feel worthless (sadface). But YOU’RE NOT WORTHLESS! You, dear Yobeat reader, are a valuable member of snowboard society and damn it, we think YOU’RE SPECIAL. So, in hopes of filtering through the madness, we’re bringing back the People’s Court and here’s how it’s gonna work! You EMAIL us THE LINK to your edit for a chance to be featured. Jerm watches them and says “yes” or “no.” Our mysterious posting kitty does not actually watch them and puts five edits together in one post. You guys comment, share and bicker. And whoever we deem most worthy, based largely on our gut instincts (which are easily swayed by the polls and comments below) will get a FULL ON Yobeat feature post, including an INTERVIEW. 

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The Downfall of Professional Snowboarding

Tessa, (addressed to our intern, who although she is still our intern, hasn’t actually done anything since i moved away from Burlington, three years ago)

I represent the interests of 8 year-old snowboarding phenom (I know that when I was 8 I needed someone to represent my interests, like Barbies and My Little Pony) Alexis “Lexi” Roland from Minneapolis, Minnesota (the epicenter of snowboarding). Lexi is (I’m sure very nice and in no way responsible for this solicitation) an up and coming star destined for greatness in this sport. She’s been called the next Michelle Wie (wait, isn’t that a golfer?) and drawn comparisons to fellow snowboarder Shaun White (No way, even Shaun’s mom wasn’t this overboard). She has been a guest on the Today Show, appeared in four snowboarding movies and has been featured in Sports Illustrated for Kids. (big time)

By age 6, she was a member of the Burton Pro Team (Burton Smalls, not pro, honey). She is on track to become the youngest competitor ever in the history of the X-Games (Actually, you have to be a certain age, so it really depends on when he birthday is, not her ability). The future only holds bigger and better things for this multi-talented, charismatic and highly marketable youngster (wow).

Listed at the bottom, you will find links to various media footage and DVD trailers that has Lexi has appeared in. All experts are agreed (I want to meet the official panel of snowboard experts, and why am i not on it!); Lexi is poised to be the one of the greatest snowboarders this industry has ever seen (come on now, she’s a girl). Please let me know if would be interested in a feature story with Lexi (ha, people still think we are a real magazine).


Brian P. Woods
W Sports Marketing
260 Newport Center Dr. Suite #100
Newport Beach, CA 92660
P: 949.334.3031
[email protected]
Media Video Links

Media Appearances

March 2007: NBC Today Show – Guest and Snowboard Demonstration with Anchor
New York City, NY
Link to Video

February 2007: WCCO TV – Out and About Segment Spotlight and Snowboard Demonstration,
Minneapolis, MN
Link to Video

January 2007: WCCO TV – News Spotlight and Snowboard Demonstration
Minneapolis, MN
Link to Video

February 2006: KARE 11 TV – Olympic Preview Highlight and Snowboard Demonstration
Minneapolis, MN
Link to Video

DVD Trailers

First Track Productions: Frozen Assets (2006), Hello, My Name Is (2007)
Link to Video
Link to Video

Mischief Films: Ro Sham Bo (2006)
Link to Video

B Film Media: Get Loose (2007)
Link to Video

– Brooke Geery