Day Wild

Airblaster and Warp Wave join forces for this one Featuring: Tim Eddy, Tucker Andrews, Jesse Gouveia, Jackson Fowler, Hannah Eddy, Max Tokunaga and Madison Blackley

Critterflage: Airblaster x Lucas Beaufort


We grabbed two freestylers, took away their comfy soft boots and playful bindings angles- replacing them with neon plastic race boots and aggressive double positive stances. We drove them up to the hill, threw them on the chairlift and told them to turn on their inner Damian Sanders.

Watch Tucker Andrews and Felix Mobarg lay down the law, while unleashing the beast in “HARD BOOT’N SONS A’ GUNS”

Filmed and Edited By: Sam Tuor

Airblaster’s Board Games 2016 – The Video

If you missed the story and photos, you can check that out here.

Video/Edit: Cam Weeg
Artist: Surfaris Song: Wipeout
Artist: Allah Las Song: No Werewolf

Airblaster Board Games 2016


Text by Brooke Geery, Photos by Jared Souney

Suggested Ages: Grom- Office Jockey

Official Rules:

-Have Fun

-Get Creative

-Ride until the music stops


Strap on your snowboard, point it towards the bottom. Navigate the obstacles in order to perform stunts and tricks. Repeat.

On April 16th, 2016, Timberline fired up the Bruno chair for one last gasp of slushy mayhem that is Airblaster’s annual Board Games. The mini park was primed with rails, berms, a quarterpipe, a rhythm section, and chaos mountain- a choose your own adventure mound of loosely groomed snow.

More game than contest, there were awards but not winners and losers and creativity was the name of the game as medium airs and tweaks ruled the roost. The locals were out in force as well as Airblaster heavies such as Nick Dirks and Jesse Gouviea and the entire office staff. Brew Dr. Kombucha was on tap and cold PBRs were available for those scared of fungi. The surf-inspired soundtrack accordingly inspired lots of surf references from MC Ricky Hower who was simultaneously periscoping the entire event.

With temps topping 60 degrees, the course was soft and the possibilities were endless. No major injuries were incurred as riders threw themselves every which way, and yes, you guessed it, a good time was had by all.

1st men’s – Connor Turnie
1st Women’s – Shea Verbinac
Most Medium Air – Jason Cardarella
Best Trick – Michael Foshee
Most Laps Men’s – Logan Beaulieu
Most Laps Women’s – Julie Loper
Best Crash – CJ Hillard
Best Grab – Jacob Nelson
Dead Last – Ryan Irvin














Airblaster’s Side Hit Social at Boreal

No contest, no podium, just a free flowing, fun loving, expression session with the local community and the Airblaster team.

Filmed and edited by Sam Tuor

Airblaster Returns to Nacho Mountain

In 2013 Airblaster challenged the world of snowboarding to conquer the legendary Nacho Mountain. The prize… a $500 package of Airblaster outerwear and apparel (in your size) for your future nacho shredding endeavors. Many teams tried, but all were never seen or heard from again… leaving the $500 Nacho bounty unclaimed to this day. This is your chance to conquer Nacho Mountain, claim the prize and claim the glory.

Submit video evidence via Instagram of your quest to Nacho Mountain for your chance to win. What sort of evidence? Well that’s open to interpretation. Amuse us, shock us, make us believe in the power of nachos. We’re leaving it up to you, but the video must involve nachos.

The contest starts now.
– Follow @yobeat and @airblaster
– Submit videos by April 11th, 2016
– #airblasternachomountain to win.
– Winner will be announced April 12th, 2016

Warp Wave’s “Aurora Boardealis” Trailer

From big mountains and deep powder to spring slush and tree riding, this universe is full of opportunity to explore the mountainous sanctuaries that surround us. Just as mysterious, colorful lights ebb and flow through the sky, the Warp Wave posse has set out to drift and weave throughout the mountains with the mentality that just beyond the next peak, a blissful paradise awaits.

Eric Messier, Gray Thompson, Tucker Andrews, Nick Russel, Taylor Carlton, Felix Mobarg, Curtis Woodman, Johnny Brady and more, are currently out in search of their own mountainous paradise. Once the high peaks lose their blanket of white, and the leaves begin to turn red, your screen will light up and “Aurora Boardealis” will paint you a picture of the snowboard paradise we’ve found.

Cinematography By: Sam Tuor and Gray Thompson
Additional Cinematography: Kyle Schwartz

Warp Wave is supported by:
K2 Snowboarding
Arcade Belts
United Shapes
Jones Snowboards

Visit warp for more

Stay up to date on the adventures on instagram- @warpwave

Safety First: Hump Day Reconnects with Travis Parker


Words & Photos / Cody Liska

It’s impossible not to acknowledge the cultural impact of the Robot Food videos – Afterbang, Lame, and Afterlame. They were the videos you played while you put your gear on and got ready for the mountain; they featured the songs you would later download and ride to. The precedence they set changed the way snowboarders viewed snowboarding – what constituted as snowboarding and what didn’t. In effect, Travis Parker and the rest of the Robot Film crew created a new lane, an antithesis to something like Mack Dawg Productions – rather than displaying snowboarding as an exhibition, something intimidating and distant, they made snowboarding look fun and accessible.

Afterlame, the last Robot Food video, came out 11 years ago and Travis Parker left professional snowboarding 10 years ago. Today, he lives in Anchorage, Alaska, holds down two jobs – one at a local brewery, another at a local snow and skate shop – he cuts his own hair, meditates, and occasionally wears a necklace with a safety pin attached to it as a reminder to be safe. “I know it sounds cheesy, but I’m into safety,” he tells me. “It’s a reminder, a mindset, and an attitude. The fact that I could walk after being a pro snowboarder was by the grace of God. And it made me think that a higher power was probably watching over me. The fact that I’m still walking and able… I’m grateful. My Naturopath, by the way, said that traumatic head injury was a big part of my weirdness. I’ve hit my head probably 7 times while snowboarding. That’s too many times, dude.”

There is no pretense with Travis; he’s exactly who he says he is. He’s self-conscious, self-deprecating, and a constant scrutinizer, always, it seems, trying to regain a misstep. If you want to know something about him, just ask. “I’m being medicated with a mood stabilizer and it works good,” he tells me. “Sometimes I don’t want to be on them, but hell, they work. So, why not? The only thing is, sometimes they make me slur my speech. They gave me a large dose at first and I was almost drooling.”

With the air and humility of a good student, Travis is always learning and evaluating. He even writes down words that I say. “This could be your magnum opus,” I tell him as we talk about the potential for another Robot Film video. “That’s a good word. I gotta start writing some of these down,” he says. It’s hard to tell whether he’s being sarcastic or serious. The more we hang out, however, the more I can tell the difference. “Owe! I just got stung on the face…some bee stuck his tail in me,” Travis says one day while we’re out hiking. He continues: “A few years ago, 6 or 7 hornets came out of the ground and stung me. [The doctors] told me, ‘you gotta take an EpiPen everywhere you go.’” “Oh, shit. Do I need to stab you,” I ask. “No, I’m good,” he responds. “Ana-phyl-actic,” Travis carefully annunciates, looking at me as if to reassure him his pronunciation is correct. “Yea, anaphylactic.” I nod my head yes. He smirks.

There’s a distinct difference between Travis Parker the Employee and Travis Parker the Snowboarder. While he works retail at the brewery, Travis the Employee wears khakis and a button-down. When he’s snowboarding, he wears outerwear; it’s his uniform, much like Iron Man’s suit is his. As someone who grew up admiring his snowboarding, that’s how I see it. And with that uniform, he becomes something only years of experience can afford: a professional. Not a professional in the everyday corporate sense of the word, but a professional snowboarder. He becomes that guy hitting handrails in a football costume again, that guy who did a backside rodeo 1080 in Lame, that guy who was doing fast-plants off cliffs in 2002. With that outerwear, he’s right back in the saddle of talent that afforded him the accolades that brought out the Dave Chappelle in him 10 years ago.

Why did you quit snowboarding professionally?

I never really quit. I don’t think I ever started to be a professional snowboarder either though. I guess one day I decided that I was one, when it was all that I did and it put money in my pocket. I’m still a professional snowboarder, with unprofessional human tantrums maybe. I stopped accepting money from companies because when they gave me money they would, in return, tell me how to snowboard or talk. This is marketing and sales. It happens in retail too. Marketing people, [some of which] were also friends, would get mad if I wasn’t snowboarding how they wanted me to, even if I was in the frame, draped in and strapped into and on their products. It was a lot of work to say what others wanted me to say and do what others wanted me to do. [All we were trying to do] was market fun. We worked really hard at fun. We worked so hard at fun that it wasn’t fun anymore.

I also made bad decisions as an adult – you can’t be a sports athlete and abuse alcohol. That was me. I used too much substance and it threw me way off track. If you compare a sports athlete to a car, it’s like taking a racecar to the grocery store instead of a station wagon. It just didn’t make sense. So, if you’re going to be a sports athlete, you gotta drink water, not alcohol. You gotta be practical – you gotta drive the station wagon instead of the racecar to the grocery store.

In my experience – and you can agree or disagree – it seems like for a while alcoholism was a big problem in the industry. That’s what all the pro snowboarders did – they got drunk the night before and then competed or filmed the following morning.

Yea, well, it was accepted. It was the thing to do. People loved it because [snowboarding] was a rebel sport. It was normal to be social in the drinking environment and to thrive as a professional snowboarder. It was like being a rock star. It’s fun, but it’s hard. And I don’t think it’s realistic because obviously there’s no longevity in it.

I was very competitive as a sober professional snowboarder and then I decided, “I’ll start with some microbrews and everything will be okay.” It is okay with certain people, but with me it wasn’t. Here’s the perspective that I come from: it’s not alcohol, alcohol is not bad. Dehydration is bad. The fogginess from it is bad. That’s where I struggle. I can’t blame alcohol. All I can do is say, “hey, I’m responsible for my actions.” I loved having a good time and I just had to learn how to say, “enough good times for now. Go home, rest, be competitive.” That way I could keep my job and my sanity.

What do you think was the straw that broke the camel’s back?

Oh, gosh. I recall a day where I owed a lot in taxes. I was actually up here in Alaska – I was heli skiing in Haines – and I had to go back home to pay taxes.

I have a mental illness as well. Adjustment Disorder with Mixed Anxiety and Depressed Mood is what I’ve been diagnosed with. I take pills because I’ve been psychotic, I’ve been depressed, I’ve been manic. I’ve been in extreme mental states that have not been fun at all. So, I had to take medication to chill me out. And I’m so thankful for my doctors. If any of my doctors read this, I just want to thank them.


So, the medication works?

Yea, it works. Some didn’t, some did. Most of them did. Talk therapy was awesome. All my friends are awesome for putting up with my bullshit.

Are you still in contact with anybody in snowboarding?

Yea. I just chilled out with it for a while. But I’m still in contact with some. I just had to take a big breather and take a step back and evaluate everything. I missed out on a lot of growth. I was just given all this money and power with my words. If I wanted something, I could have it. It didn’t take work, other than flips and spins.

And you don’t see that as work – being a professional snowboarder?

It was work. It was really hard work. But it was something that caused jealousy among people that wanted my position and it made me stress out that that position would be gone if I relaxed for one day. It was stressful… I don’t miss that. I miss the snowboarding, a lot. Snowboarding with my buddies, snowboarding with new people of all different skill levels and really amazing skill levels. Going on missions and telling stories… I loved all of it.

Have you ever thought about making another snowboard video?

Yea, I’ve thought about it. I think about the crew. I think about the cast. I always want it to be what it was. I don’t ever want it to change, you know. But, yea, I think about it. I’d love to do another one.

Who would be in your dream crew?

I’d have to say ladies first. So, all my dude friends would have to wait (laughs). Morgan LaFonte, Cara-Beth Burnside, Annie Boulanger, Leanne Pelosi, Barrett Christy, Megan Pischke, Tara Dakides.


What about guys?

The most righteous dudes that were my friends: Bobby Meeks, we’re in Alaska so [Jason] Borgstede is awesome – he’s definitely been one of those guys whose talent was above most, but couldn’t quite get out there, for whatever reason. He did really well, he just didn’t get to where he wanted to be, that’s what it was. Who else would I like to snowboard with? Louie Fountain, Chris Englesman Andrew Crawford.

[Those guys are] just awesome, righteous dudes. They’re like brothers. There were moments where we were like, “okay, guys, we gotta get our shit together and do this right.” And then everyone’s like, “yea!” And everyone has that moment where we’re not following some other bullshit and we’re in complete control of our lives. That’s Meeks, he’s the leader, the bad ass. And Crawford’s always like, “I can do this! I got this!” My perspective is like, “yea, you’re right, you can do it. I can do it too. I can strap into my board and be the best I can be too.” I don’t know where else to go with it besides those guys are leaders, you know? And I’m grateful to have them as friends.

So, yea, those are my people. There aren’t many. And I don’t mean to be like that…

…Uprooting your life and moving to a place like Alaska, that’s so far removed from everything else, I think gives you some perspective. Like, “who do I really want to see now that I’m so far removed from that situation?”

I think there are a lot of good snowboarders, snowboarders I have no idea about, who would be the raddest dudes to snowboard with. But, for me today, the people that I’d like to snowboard with again are my friends Bobby, Louie, and Crawford. I could go on and on with names, but that’s just kind of what I have right now.

You think you’ll stay here [in Alaska]? Or is this just a pit stop?

I’ve been struggling with what I’m going to do with my life. And I’ve been questioning what the heck I should do. I haven’t quite found a job that I’m completely happy with. I gotta be fine with just getting a job, you know? But I just want to work for myself.

Like snowboarding.


It’s hard going from that to a 9 to 5.

Yea, but it’s reality. So, I’m trying to live with reality. I struggle with reality.

I think everybody does.

I like being in social environments. I like being social, it just depends on the group. And it depends on if they can have a decent conversation. I guess it just comes down to the fact that I don’t drink that much. So, when I’m around a lot of drinking, I can’t relate. That’s all.

Have you thought about working in the snowboard industry?

I have. I just haven’t applied myself.

Because you could probably be the Team Manager or something for Airblaster (laughs).

They’re pretty tough to get a job with.

You don’t think that you might be a shoe-in?

I’d have to go through the system and there’s a lot of competition. There are some people that are probably really really qualified for that job. And I’m not saying that I’m not [qualified], I’m just saying I’d have to go through the system and I haven’t applied myself.


Do you still have ties with Airblaster?

Yea, I do. A partnership is what it is. I worked on a short film this year that’s going to be coming out. Did some really fun stuff up in New Hampshire. Beyond that, what did we get to do? I think it was mainly the East Coast trip we did and that was great. It was really cool to get together with some of these younger guys and just try to be in that environment again. To think about it and realize, “oh, man, it’s completely theirs now.”

What do you mean “it’s completely theirs now?”

The sport, snowboarding. It’s their lives now, being completely immersed in that activity and the lifestyle of snowboarding.

Does that imply that it was yours at one point – you and your peer group?

I feel like we had ownership of a slice of it, you know? And, yes, to me, I was like, “this is our time. Let’s take advantage of this moment.” These times that we have, we have to use them to the best of our ability and enjoy life to the very best. We gave it our all, you know? Beyond that, I think that’s what it is: we’re all given a time to shine and we need to embrace it.

Your 15 minutes…


And you’re comfortable with all that?

Yea, I think so. For me, it was a sport, man. I had this opportunity and I was going for it and I loved it. Am I comfortable with the legacy I left for the young people? I probably had too much to drink. And I probably had too many failed relationships with women who I just don’t even know where they are anymore. And that’s not a good example to set for young people.

I didn’t know any of that. My only frame of reference are your snowboard parts which, I think, you guys were trying to make snowboarding look fun, trying to embody that idea in a progressive kind of way. You guys were out there messing around while, at the same time, doing legitimate tricks.

It was really fun. There were years where we’d put it all on the line and we paid. We slammed, hard. But we still had to keep figuring our way to progress and do it in a way that wasn’t so hard on our bodies because we started to be more aware of our mortality. We’re human.

There seems to have been a transition in snowboarding, where it’s treated like an official sport like basketball or football. Things like having an agent are commonplace now, people whose job it is to safeguard the wellbeing of the athlete, as opposed to earlier eras of snowboarding where you, as a snowboarder, would be told to go out there, hit that jump, and stop being a pussy.

Yea, yea. That’s tough. There’s something to be said about learning for yourself though. It’s nice to have a person or group of people be like, “hey, man, be careful. The floor’s wet.” But if you go somewhere else where people don’t care to warn you, is that actually harming you? Because you’re so used to someone looking out for you that you don’t even think about what’s around you. I struggle with that. I struggle with safety as a hobby because I want to be prepared for some shitty shit if I have to. I want to be able to climb a fence and a rock wall if a tsunami’s coming.

Do you ever think you’re too hard on yourself?

Well, yea, sure. I am probably too hard on myself. I know my language gets me in trouble sometimes because I have a high standard. I’m not, like, sad or down on myself. It’s like I want to be better. So, people mistake my high standards for low self-esteem sometimes.

If there’s one overarching lesson that you’ve learned, something that you could instill in the next generation of snowboarders, what would that be?

Just care about your head. Care about your brain – protect it with a helmet. Care about your health. Make good decisions and don’t party too much. Because snowboarding is fun and you may as well have fun for a long time and not mess yourself up.


11 Super Consumer Weekend Deals for Snowboarders


Another celebration of consumerist culture is upon us and since we’re so conflicted between our desire to #optoutside and #shoplocal, we’ve decided to do neither and just score some sweet ass deals on the Internet.* Because the only thing better than spending money is saving it! To aid in your mission to lighten your wallet efficiently, we’ve compiled a list of some places you can save some cash on all your very necessary snowboarding accoutrements this weekend.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 3.45.57 PM

  1. Stinky Socks is giving 30% off all crew collab socks with the promo code YOBEATFRIDAY. Suport Stinky’s commitment to crews such as Yawgoons, Gremlinz, Trash League, Ninja Squad and Strange Brew while getting a deal. Now what’s better than that?

2. While you may have missed your chance at a discounted season pass (consult with your local resort to make sure) but there are lift ticket deals a-plenty this weekend, such as 3 for 1 tickets to Timberline lodge starting Sunday night at Midnight for 24 hours.


3. Meanwhile, on you can score a free Mr. Fun with any snowboard purchase on Friday. As if snowboarding wasn’t fun enough already, this revolutionary device has fun in the name, and everything is even more fun when it’s free.

4. Want to bring Homeschool Outerwear into your home? Well, you can get it there with free shipping on everything to any home in the US!

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 3.38.43 PM

5. If you thought Banshee Bungee was out of business it’s because they were, but the brand is back with new lengths to fill all your friend-flinging need. Right now you can save $50 on 15, 20 and 25 ft packages on their site.

6. Dinosaurs Will Die is posting a deal of the day on their Facebook all weekend long featuring shops that have deep discounts going on DWD snowboards, so hit them with a follow and don’t miss out.


7. Arbor is launching the Iguchi Pro Model, which isn’t actually on sale but for sale, and is really an investment in yourself. You can pick one up online or at select retailers.

8. This super consumer weekend is also your chance to Get 20% off any Yobeat Apparel  through Monday with the promo code BLACK15, including limited Too Hard hats, DVDS and brand new hip packs.

9. And it’s Whack Friday at get 10% off everything on the site now through Tuesday, December 1st at Midnight.


10. Who doesn’t love ugly sweaters? You’ll need one of these for all your holiday engagements, and you can score 20% off with the promo code CONSUME at

11. And finally there are deals-a-plenty at  Get 40% off total order on Black Friday (Code: Black Friday) , 25% Off Total Order on Sat and Sun (Code: Save 25), and 45% off Total Order for Cyber Monday (Code: Cyber 45).

*Don’t spend all your money online, because many deals can only be found at your local shop! And shops matter! And while you’re there, make an insta edit for your chance to win a board from the Interior Plain Project. 

Tre Squad’s Big Time Rail Jumps

A super serious look behind the very intense scenes of the making of Think Thank and Airblaster’s latest projects.

Site Check: Airblaster

4Y2CRK6 - Imgur

Airblaster. Did you know that name was designed to describe the feeling of floating through powder, launching a method, and ripping a fart, all at once? Now you do. Sound like a good time.

KEmJSuC - Imgur

Airblaster is running a “commitment to retailers” program, following the exclusive-colorways-for-select-shops path. It’s a fine idea; wearing one of these jackets is an easy way to signal to those in the know that you keep it local, and the pieces they’ve chosen to release through this program are some of the more popular and versatile items in Airblaster’s lineup. But my favorite part is the “Stores with Doors” name, because it appears as an option on their shop locator. Now you and I understand that only shows you shops taking part in this program, but out of context it makes it sound like the other stores don’t have doors. Like you’ll need to climb in a window, or maybe they have a shop guy with a multi-tool guarding an opening in the wall when they’re not open.

hHruuca - Imgur

Airblaster’s one-piece commitment runs deep; everyone knows about Ninja Suits at this point but I want to talk about outerwear for a second. There isn’t a lot of call of onesies (outside of the Northwest), but they really are unbeatable for warmth, simplicity, and keeping snow out. So the fact that Airblaster has not one but two offerings, in men’s and women’s, is pretty rad. And this one, the $400 Sassy Beast (or Beast Suit for men) is really hard to figure out. Some brands are asking $600 for a comparable jacket, and this is effectively a jacket and pant and $200 in your pocket. I’d like to be stoked out on Airblaster doing this, but more than anything I’m just pissed off that the price-hiking technique seems to be the more popular route for most businesses to take.

ohvU59J - Imgur

Huzzah! I’ll admit I don’t really dig the stand-alone hood trend that’s going on right now; not that I have anything against it I just don’t get the hype. But this one in particular seems designed specifically to make you look like a Renaissance Faire escapee.

LsoJZMQ - Imgur

This right here is what really pushes the Airblaster site over the top for me. I kind of forgot that they made this mini-game, and when I found it while researching this article I wasted far too much time reminding myself how bad I am at video games. But putting an 80’s arcade classic up just because you can is going to do good things for Airblaster’s score. If anyone wants to go toe-to-toe, my personal high score so far is 16650. You’ll probably win.

Looking at the totals, this one is pretty obvious. Awesome product, shop support, fart jokes, this site has everything. I still don’t get the whole just-a-hood thing, but I hate vests too, so maybe I just have some unresolved issues with deconstructed clothing. Even if I were taking points off for that, Airblasteroids would do more than offset that hit. So Airblaster’s 93 moves it right to the top of the leader board.

Check the site for yourself-

The standings so far-

Rank Brand Score
1. Airblaster 93
2. Lobster Snowboards 87
3. Bataleon 86
4. Endeavor 74
5. Rome SDS 72
6. Arbor Collective 71
7. DC Snowboarding 68
8. Holden 62
9. Gnu Snowboards 57
10. Burton 50
11. Technine 45

The NewShow: 10/7/15

This Week’s Episode:

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Jeff Holce – MJ

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Side Hit Society Part 2

Burton Presents: Zak Hale & Ethan Deiss

Peetu Goes Huge

Ryan Collins Street Part 2015

Ryan finally got his driver’s license this year, and like any new driver, he took it to the streets.

Airblaster’s “Side Hit Society” Teaser

Join the SIDE HIT SOCIETY today! Travis Parker, Scott E Wittlake, Temple Cummins, Brandon Cocard, Nick Dirks, Tim Eddy, Erik Leon, Jesse Gouveia, Max Warbington, Freddy Perry, Yusaku Horrii, Tucker Andrews and friends have been busy traveling the world filming for the Side Hit Society movie. Why? Because they love to strap on boards and go nuts with their buds and fellow members of the SIDEHIT SOCIETY! No duh. Featuring a variety of motion picture snowboard action including powder, jumps, rails, carving—and potentially a side hit—the SHS movie is sure to satisfy your appetite for style and good times. Get your SIDE HIT SOCIETY patch today, and stay tuned for the SHS movie dropping this fall!