3:00 AM - Full Movie

No, not the Matchbox Twenty song... it's a new street film put together by Videograss featuring Derrek Lever, Alex Sherman, Tommy Gesme, Ben Bilodeau and Craig Cameron.

Ok to Shred

Junkyard park style in a customized set-up at Boreal with the three-striped crew, including Keegan Valaika, Louif Paradis, Tommy Gesme, Alex Sherman, and guests. You down with OPP?

Adidas and the Superstars

Kazu, Blauvelt, Valaika and Paradis with special guest the Gonz.

Midsommar Nights

Riding round the clock at Riksgransen

Welcome: Louif Paradis

"The Jibber's Jibber" SMH

Adidas Welcomes Kazu Kokubo

Style is listening to your heart.

Adidas Welcomes Keegan Valiaka

He does stuff other than snowboard, too.

The Adidas 2012/13 Snow LookBook

Now available at a selected stockist near you.