Keegan Valaika for Eversince

Heavy original part full of everything from street to backcountry from the Absinthe crew ripper.

Absinthe Hot Laps Brighton

Sidehits with Lizard King and Bozung

Stan & Catfish Review: Heavy Mental

Will the new Absinthe flick meet their exacting standards?

Under Review: Absinthe's Resonance

You'll never expect what Absinthe has in store...

Absinthe's Flipside: Nico and Wolle in Laax

Errbody gettin' that Youtube scrilla. Go behind the scenes with Absinthe Films pro snowboarders and filmers for the new 2012 movie, Resonance. Nicolas Muller and Wolle Nyvelt score epic deep powder conditions at Laax Resort in Switzerland.…

Absinthe's Twel12ve Trailer

Plus 12 reasons you're gonna wanna see this one

Absinthe's 2011 Dicktease

Some fine acting, and a brilliant KidsKnow distribution plug in this little pre-teaser from Absinthe, but not much else. Good thing we have this and a million other teasers to tide us over until the real teaser drops, eh?

NowHere in SLC

[imagebrowser id=94] Already a few beers deep, I bombed down the 900south hill on my bicycle, to check out the Salt Lake City Premiere of Absinthe film’s new flick NOW/Here. Rolling up to the front of the Tower Theater it was clear that…

Hump Day with Bode Merrill

Travis Paradise? Louif Rice? No, no,  Bode Merrill. He's young, he's reckless, he's completely insane. Bode is the shit and he's at the top of his game each and everyday. With the ender-ender in this year's Absinthe release, Neverland,…

A Normal Hump Day with Dan Brisse

A normal dude, sitting on a normal trash can. Photo Mike Theines/Bald E Gal Productions By Jack Boyd I’ve only met Dan on one occasion and that’s when he saved my life. Ok, not really. Except the meeting him once thing, that…

DCP Says YES to Hump Day

Last winter when Burton announced it's 2010 Global Team Roster, a lot of names were conspicuously missing, among them David Carrier Porcheron. While many of the cuts came as a surprise, DCP's absence was especially shocking. It seemed like…

2009 Absinthe Tour Dates Announced

The Absinthe crew is working around the clock to bring our new film Neverland to life. This will be the tenth movie since Patrick Armbruster and Justin Hostynek began their collaboration in the winter of 1999/2000 and there are rumors flying…