Absinthe Films AfterForever Trailer

Featuring Brendan Gerard, Brandon Cocard, Mark Sollors, Kimmy Fasani, Austen Sweetin, Ethan Deiss, slow motion smoking, and the shredding you've come to know from Absinthe.

Absinthe's Eversince Portland Premiere Recap

The Eversince North American tour is underway.

Absinthe's EVERSINCE European Tour Teaser and Premiere Dates

Like autumn leaves, Absinthe’s film Tour is a call to action for snowboarders the world over, and with Eversince’s medley of urban jibbery and big mountain lines and trickery the 2015/16 season promises to be a banger. The film tour…

Justin Hostynek and the Current State of Snowboarding

Keep it going until the wheels fall off!

Absinthe is on Tour for Dopamine

Coming to a city near you.

Movie Memories: Bode Merrill

Romain De Marchi in Vivid

Travis Rice Rider Spotlight

Travis Rice is better than you.

Absinthe's Resonance Teaser

The heavies are all here.

Absinthe's Teaser Catalog 2000-Now

Ten years is a long damn time in snowboard years. Seriously, snowboard years are like dog years x 2.5 to the tenth power. True story. Anyway, Absinthe just posted up all of its teasers from the past decade on good old Youtube and watching them…

Absinthe NowHere PDX Premiere

Friday Sept. 17. Clinton Street theater. Two showings. Be there, or be somewhere else.

NowHere Teaser

Man, you know the new Absinthe movie is gonna be good, but who knew they were so deep? Now Here? Nowhere? It's like a conundrum man. Anyway, enjoy another banging trailer.