Firing Squad: January Champions Battle

After a month of inconsequential battles, this one actually matters.

Firing Squad: Abe Blair vs Abe Blair

The Blindman is finally gonna win one!

Firing Squad: Ben Girardi vs. Abe Blair

Two pow shots to help whet your appetite for winter, and for voting.

Behind the Shot: Abe Blair

Abe Blair and the Firing Squad do not have the best relationship, this being his upteenth or so loss. Luckily, unlike a real Firing Squad, if you lose you don't die and get to try again. Against another challenger, this photo may have sailed…

In the Wake of a Champ

15 minutes for everyone who lost this round

Abe Blair and Nick Visconti: Behind the Photo

Last week we added the option "they both suck" to the Firing Squad. It was probably suggested as a joke, but you shouldn't tempt us with things like that. We like to keep people on their toes. When the option was first added it quickly got…

Abe Blair Pretzel's Out

One week still makes you a winner!