Summit at Snoqualmie’s Up Jib Creek 2017 Recap Video

From the desk of Brian “Hanky” Hankerson:

Here’s a little recap of  Up Jib Creek from this year. To describe it in one word – loose, wild, or totallyouttacontrol come to mind.

Thanks Hanky, although we’d be irresponisble journalists if we didn’t note that’s actually four words, one of which is a three-word portmanteau. But we get it, and assume people will just watch the video anyway. Enjoy!

Featuring Phil Hansen, Stefan Krumm, Mitch Kirby, Aaron Cardwell, Eythan Frost, Dylan Hallowell, Petey Pierotti, Tommy Gonzales, Jackie Flanagan and more.
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Hump Day gets Kinky with Aaron Cardwell

Photo: Justin Parkhurst. All photo captions (except this one) by Nick Lipton.

On May 5th 2012 at Mt Bachelor, during a little contest called Kinko de Mayo, we agreed to give a Hump Day interview to the winner. Now this could be a risky proposition — what if some jerk won? But when Krush suggested it (over the microphone) we decided to take that risk. A few short hours later the honor was awarded to Aaron Cardwell, a tall drink of water from Woodinville, Washington who Jesse Burtner assured us was a good dude and good boarder. So after weeks of painstaking research, we’re coming through with the first Hump Day ever given out a rail jam.

What’s it like to be from nowhere, Washington?

It feels normal, I guess. I’ve been in one spot my whole life but nowhere, Washington has a lot within a reasonable distance so it hasn’t gotten old yet. I like it.

Why do you associate yourself with Seth Kitzke?

Kitzke is sick rider and a cool guy.

Who’s better, Austin Hironaka or Austin Sweetin?

Who’s counting? Both of those guys are killing it and being from the same mountain as them is rad. You can get a lot better by watching snowboarders better than yourself.

It’s either a triple cork, or a 360, we don’t have a clue. But, at least he can do more than huck down rails. Photo: Bryan Giddens

Were you afraid of the Tranny Finders growing up?

ahahaha no I think you’d have a hard time finding someone who was.

Do you know Shayboarder?

No I don’t.

What do you do for fun, besides snowboarding?

Chill, hang out with my girlfriend, fish, kiteboard or windsurf for summer fun.

I heard you also played some hockey. Do those skills translate to snowboarding?

It might have made me better at riding ice. Snoqualmie has its fair share of icy days. Something about balance and taking slams maybe too I don’t know.

What sort of snowboarding do you fancy the most?

As long as I can snowboard I’m stoked. Whatever the weather brings is really how i treat it.. powder park street slush trees it’s all sick and it’s more fun for me to mix it up anyways.

Call this one Houdini style. Just try not to die in the process. Photo: Bryan Giddens

Is it hard to get good at riding man made obstacles being from the Northwest, what with all that powder and stuff?

There’s a good park that’s been around for as long as I’ve been riding there and its gotten better each year. Plenty of jibs and jumps to get good on . So with the right mindset you can really get good at whatever you want. Having a homie to ride with all the time and push the level is how I got better at rails but the powder and terrain we have around the NW keeps it fresh. You don’t get stuck riding only the park, only the streets, etc..being diverse is cool.

How’d you end up on the Snoqualmie park crew?

I started applying when I was 16, two years before they’ll actually hire you. I think I bugged Kevin Turner enough so that when I turned 18 I got a job.

What are the perks and drawbacks of such a vocation?

The perks are riding a ton, working with homies and having some input with our park. Some drawbacks are (not too sound negative) you don’t get paid shit, you’re always shoveling in the weather and after storms you’re pulling fence until you’re pissed off. By the end of the year some of the crew is over it but for me the sunny days shreddin park on the job make it all worth it.

Are you the best rider on the park crew? If not, who’s better?

There’s a lotta talent on park crew.. I don’t know probably not. Stayin humble on this one.

Once upon a time we thought 15 stair rails with trucked in snow was a big deal, then we had RedBull. Now if you don’t build a fake town with second story balconies to jib you just ain’t shit, son. Photo: Jeff Hawe

Do you actually think you’ll go pro? Is this your big break?

I snowboard because I love it and it makes me happy but I would be lying if I said being pro isn’t a goal. Might not be my big break but you gotta start somewhere, right?

So, you won Kinko de Mayo. How kinky are you in real life?

I don’t know. I don’t know how to answer this. I’m 19.

What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

I’ll answer this literally and that’d be a quad kink.

Is your mom going to read this?

If I were to show her. I don’t think yobeat is on her favorites.

When the park looks like the beaches of Normandy it’s best to keep to the air. Photo: Chris Faronea

How will it make you feel, deep down inside, if a bunch on anonymous idiots talk shit in the comments?

It won’t make a difference to me either way. Can’t say I’ve gotten a lot of hate in the past but I could handle some anonymous comments. Hate is so ingrained in this site that it’ll probably happen anyways.

Anyone you’d like to thank?

Matt P at DC, SnoCon, DROMAS, thank you parents for your support, thanks for the hump day!

Kinko De Mayo: 2012

While many were drowning their sorrows about it being May with endless tequila shots, Bent Metal’s Kinko De Mayo took over the still snowy slopes of Mt. Bachelor for a celebration of another sort. Riders from as far away as Washington did their best to impress the panel of celebrity judges on a variety of obstacles with one thing in common: kinks!

The course included five boxes and rails, each of which earned a Mexican-inspired name over the course of the two hour jam session. The five judges were assigned the duty of determining who did the best trick and an overall winner for obstacle each. “Tub-a-lero,” a curvy kinked tube, was under the watchful eye of Lucas Willet. Sean Genovese paid attention to the “Burrito box,” where many of the days heaviest moves went down. “El Guapo” was a classic double kink and the responsibility of Sam Hulbert. Jesse Burtner judged “El Burro” as well as providing witty commentary on the mike and Jeff Keenan tried to stay entertained while judging the somewhat neglected “Tijuana tube.”

The rules were almost non-existent (just wear your helmet), and the entire contest had a super mellow vibe. Rather than traditional bibs, competitors donned big name tags, and even the awards were done on a first name basis. Warm weather and a seemingly endless supply of chips and salsa made it a very fitting celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. In the end, Aaron Cardwell was deemed to have shredded the overall hardest and scored a DWD snowboard, Poler Nap Sack, a pass to ride at Superpark and apparently a Yobeat Hump Day, which we will make happen in the near future.

If you want to see the moves that went down, watch the video above, where Connor Brown managed to capture most of them. And if you want full results, look at the photo below, this is as official as it gets.

Now enjoy some photos.

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