292 Crew – Trannyfinder – Full Movie

The Finnish 292 Crew completed “Trannyfinder” in honor of a fallen friend who started the project, making his dream a reality. Complete with visuals inspired by their friends memory, the crew have put together a film full of hammers from around Finland. Featuring Anton Kiiski, Rene Rinnekangas, Riko Rinnekangas, Tatu Toivanen, Aapo Enqvist, Nooa Risku, and more.


Finland has always produced good snowboarding, but where the 292 Crew really stands out is their attitudes. Here’s the story behind Ak-94:

Last winter was really good with its ups and downs. We had to travel quite a bit around Finland to stack the footage because of the lack of snow. We also got a couple of new riders in the CREW; Tatu Toivanen, Lasse Ihalainen and Joel Ahola.

Suddenly all of our sponsors dropped out because of the financial problems. That gave us the opportunity to be free and to do whatever we want without any responsibilities. Basically, we didn’t do anything else than had fun together and filmed for the new movie called ”AK-94”.

It’s like they say, no money, no problems. Or something like that.

Joel Ahola
Aapo Enqvist
Lasse Ihalainen
Anton Kiiski
Tuomas Pohjonen
Mikko Rehnberg
Rene Rinnekangas
Riko Rinnekangas
Nooa Risku
Tatu Toivanen


This not just in. Finnish kids are better than American kids at snowboarding. For the record, these guys are ages 14-19.