2013 Union Force: An Actual Review

You want technical specs? We’ll give you technical specs. Of the Union Force, while we’re holding the Cobra Dogs Union Contacts, because “real” reviews are that ridiculous.

Check out the Contacts specs for yourself HERE.

Toeside Terrors Tests: Forum Holy Moly II 155

Holy Moly! In the final installment of the 2012-13 board tests, Tech spits hot fire about the final ever model of the Forum Holy Moly II 155. All Rap Instrumentals provided by Mike Fresh. check his work here. or follow him on twitter @Mike__Fresh.

The real Deal:

-poppy and ready to ride straight out of the plastic.

-This thing was squirley. They describe this board as the best, most affordable park board. False. -It seems to me like the engineers tried to strip out as much material as possible but made a snowboard that sucks. A frankenstein experiment gone wrong, if you will. It was stiff in all the wrong spots.


Flux Celebrates 20 Years

Now we know what you’re thinking. Flux has been around for twenty years? Or maybe even, Flux makes bindings? But apparently they have and they do, and are obviously excited to present the new line:

20 years of history and perspective has allowed us to create
the best fitting and lightest weight snowboard bindings to ever hit the snow.
Flux has introduced exclusive and extreme highbacks, a renewed baseplate design,
updated straps, and several other features to make these the lightest and most form fitting design in 20 years.

Go to the Flux Bindings or

New Features

2012-2013 Flux DMCC lights

2012-2013 Flux SF45

June Bhongjan talks about the 2012-2013 GM30’s

to see all that Flux has to offer for 2012-2013.
We have released a unique product video for each model
explaining the tech and specs that make each binding the best in 20 years.