Words and photos Brooke Geery

The Mountain

Silverton is a guided backcountry resort, with one rickety double chair, buses that may or may not have been purchased from a local penitentiary and a brand new helicopter. Removed from such modern conveniences of cell service and running water, Silverton is a truly unique Colorado experience you will not get anywhere else.


Upon purchasing your ticket (our advice: splurge and get at least one heli drop) you are put into a group and assigned a guide, who’s job is to keep your dumb ass safe while also showing you the goods and nothing but the goods. Because you are not permitted to just run amok at Silverton (there are non-guided options on certain dates) the staff is able to farm snow expertly, so even if you aren’t lucky enough to visit during one of the legendary storm cycles, you’ve got a decent chance of some untouched slashes at some point in your day.

The terrain is not to be fucked with – chutes, cliffs, and steeps abound, as well as the classic Colorado avy danger, so you’ll probably be glad you have someone telling you how not to kill yourself. Also, bring your man pants – it’s no secret that many of the guides will attempt to scare away the sissies with the first run, but if you can hang, the rewards are great.



Next question.



The town of Silverton is straight out of a postcard, but in the winter the frigid temps and general brokeness and exhaustion of the ski bums who call it home make for a sleepy scene. If you’re really looking to rage, buddy up with your guide and try to get in on the employee keg in the base tent – you’ll be amazed just how drunk one watery beer gets you at 11,000 feet!


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