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01.18.07 "No one wants to know if Danny Kass parties without panties," Jared Souney on the content of the "Star Magazine" of action sports.

01.3.07 "You know that kid that was just in here? I used to see him rollerblading at Cutting Edge." Cole the Kid after Colin Langlois left the Grenade office.

05.29.06 "It could be possible that they'd be 'over it' and not come out of the womb." Tim Zimmerman explaining what may happen if me and a dude I described as being "a male version of me" had babies.

05.29.06 "He looks like Fabio's ugly cousin." Rob Campbell watching Giacommo Kratter take off his hat and goggles at the US Open.

04.17.06 "Jim drank like he was going to prom!," Pat Bridges on Jim Kelly's selection of alcohol ranging from white russians to purple passions on the latest Rutland bar tour.

11.14.05 "It's the best idea ever, Menthol pot! Black people would be banging down my door," quote I thought was funny enough to write down even though it is totally un-PC and slightly offensive. I have no idea who said it.

9.21.05 "It sucks trying to hit on a girl through her son, cause he's gotta translate," Ladies man Eric Castro after attemping to get some from a girl who didn't speak English.

8.18.05 "Shit's like a fucking part time job," New myspace addict Thomas Horrell on why he wants to delete his account.

8.04.05 "I like, believe in God, I just don't like the music they play," Jason Gregory on why he doesn't go to church.

7.27.05 "At least we're not as racist as those damn Belgians," Irishmen Eamon Brandon defending his fellow country men.

2.18.05 "Out here a fashion conscious snowboarder would never wear Bolle goggles, much like you'd never wear Lei jeans in Boston," Chris Ryan, explaining snowboard fashion to Sarah Morrison, trying to making a fateful reentry into snowboarding.

1.7.04 "I'm not mean, I'm a dream crusher," Burton team manager Chaka, on ever kid who wants to go pro.

12.31.04 "If all snowboarders were like Liam (Barrett), snowboarding would totally be wakeboarding," Ben Fee, totally jealous of the hot bodies in wakeboarding.

12.18.04 "Snowboarding is way gayer than me having sex with Morrisey," Tough guy Tony Slater.

10.11.04 "Boys like to screw," Casey Nelson agreeing to set up a snowboard.

1.5.04 ""I can only wear the spring suit on casual Fridays, the rest of the week I have to wear a full suit," Pat Bridges after receiving a new wetsuit at his 9 to 5.

7.04.03 "I have to stay strong in these times of terror, you never know when Osama is going to come and put you in a headlock," Mark McGarry on his intensive workout regiment.

5.14.03 "To make myself more marketable and stick out in the snowboard industry, I'm going to start wearing snowboard clothes." Preston Strout on riding with a bunch of kids that think wearing leather and denim snowboarding is cool.

4.02.03 "I fit in really well at school with brand new skate shoes. I'm afraid I might alienate myself by scratching them up" My friend Tim very conflicted over whether he should skate in new shoes.

2.24.03 "No matter how good at geometry girls are, they'll never be good at rails," Preston Strout making of my inability to tell the difference  between perpendicular and parallel.

1.03.03 "We realized we didn't have jobs, or really anything going for us," Scotty Whitlake On why he decided to rent a car and drive to Alaska.

12.19.02 "Extreme athletes are the gladiators of the new millennium," Random rock climber dude explaining to Pat McCarthy why they should be friends.

11.05.02 "Dude this sucks. The Zima won't come out," Brian Barb throwing up after being forced to drink a six pack of Zima as part of a twisted game. Actually, he only drank two and a half...

10.23.02 "I totally want to, but Siberia is in the way," Mike Parziale after finding out that driving to Europe isn't possible.

09.22.02 "I landed a backflip before he did," Tim Karpinski explaining why he's better at snowboarding than Danny Kass.

7.23.02 "You can't eat a rodeo flip," Orion Stewart on why fishing is better than snowboarding.

5.17.02 "Those are the best hookers -- the ones with no teeth," Brian Patch driving through the ghetto of Vancouver.

5.06.02 "I'm the most purple teethed dickhead in the whole north coast," Ex Piebald drummer Jon Sullivan after visiting one of the Northwest's finest vineyards.

4.17.02 "Better make it one, I'm trying to make the Olympics," Unsuccessful Olympic hopeful Kyle Clancy trying to decide between one forty or two the night before the Grand Prix finals.

2.04.02 "If I could move my cock right now, I'd totally have an erection" -- Liam Barrett listening to Usher while squished in the backseat of a car with 5 people.

1.22.02 "I've withstood this long, I'm not giving in now." -- Liam Barrett, refusing to make out with me in order to complete a triangle on the make-out web.

1.07.02 "You could tell people I sleep with men and I wouldn't care." -- Preston Strout, confused by why someone would get mad over a printed quote.

12.22.01 “Jay Z drinks Crystalle, but J.C. invented it.” -- Matty Ryan trying to decide who he likes better, Jay Z or Jesus.

12.03.10 "Shane is a complete girl. I had to drink for two." John Cavan after a night of drinking with Shane Flood.

10.22.01"Making out is fun, but wrecking shit is even better." Dan Potter discussing his true priorities after living at Plymouth's newest snowboard frat for a few weeks.

10.01.01 "I want 14 year old girls to want my nuts." Mark Haggerty brainstorming ways to make money.

8.12.01 "The holes are a little small though," Luke Omand determining the problems with substituting a skateboard for a girlfriend. 

7.25.01 "I just want some gonorrhea, then I'm out." Andy Benhardt responding to Matty Ryan's claim that he is over sex in the midst of an STD discussion

7.08.01 "You know a lot of gossip about yourself. " Preston Strout to Paul Miller as they were trying to come up with interesting snowboarding gossip.  

6.11.01 "We've got useful letters." Jeff Jewett, on his shoe company while creating a Slayer sticker out of a Savier sticker.

5.17.01 "Get him off his board before he gets too good." Bob Burnquist on Mark Appleyard.

4.20.01 "I'm from the future," Danielle Marcum, explaining why she has next year's board and clothes.

4.02.01 "Dude, I've always wanted all these CDs, but I'm not going to go out and buy them," an unnamed delinquent (who happens to have a photo of himself skateboarding on this page), explaining why it was okay to steal CDs from a party.

3.21.01 "I'm going to be 23 soon. It's weird, because no one likes you when you're 23." Jesse Burtner, lamenting his upcoming birthday.

3.02.01 "They're good pants. They are just not meant for burning." Rich Prouty after an incident involving Dickies and Bacardi.

2.20.01 "You could just go to a frat party in your snowboard clothes." Brian Derosia suggesting alternate activities to attending the US Open.

1.23.01 "If every rumor I'd ever heard was true, I'd be dead, gay, and riding for Atlantis." Peter Line (pulled from the Yo Beat archives, cause we're lame and don't talk to anyone anymore.)

12.13.00 "It's taking a break," Ross Powers defending the Southern Vermont in him after passing out 2 beers in.

11.16.00 "You should never be allowed near a keyboard again. Somebody shoot me before you release anymore worthless babble on the internet" Chris Cliff, avid Yo Beat reader, on Yo Beat.

11.2.00 "You need to take that down before my parents see it." Peter Line on our story about his birthday party last year.

10.25.00 "It's not about having fun, it's about being good." Shane Flood on skateboarding.

10.16.00 "Yeah, this is my part." Gabe Taylor watching the bail section of Hi-Fi.

10.1.00 "Thanks for calling Crossrocket. Everything's fine." Rob Cambell answering his phone the day after Bluetorch crashed and burned.

9.16.00 "They don't let gays in." Andy Benhardt on why Matty Ryan won't convert to mormonism when he moves to SLC.

8.30.00 "I'm an athlete, I need to drink liquor, it's less fattening." Kyle Clancy protesting another night of drinking beer at Mt. Hood.

8.16.00 “The only thing that sucks about it is you have to drink beer through a straw.” Ross Powers on dressing up like a member of Kiss.

8.9.00 "Just think about me and (Steve) Ruff at a Britney Spears concert," Nate Bozung, on why I should give him my Britney Spears tickets.

7.20.00 "I got a DUI when I was younger, so you know which end of the stick I was on." Pat Bridges, attesting to the fact that there are only two things to do growing up in Vermont, driving drunk and having sex.

7.8.00 "I can't believe people are passing me, I'm going 70." -My father, John Geery, driving on I-95 during recent family trip.

5.26.00 "I'm not afraid to die" -Shane Flood on riding at Mt. Baker.

4.24.00 "You just have to pee on the floor first" -Jeremy Baye on showering at college without sandals.