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Back when Yo Beat was good, we used to put out issues every 37 or so days.  We got to 14 and then became overwhelmed with laziness and the desire to watch more television, hence no more issues.  However, if you are a Yo Beat virgin, all 14 of our back issues will be new to you, so enjoy.

Issue 1

" The We're Too Cheap To Print This Out Issue"   

Our debut issue brings a multitude of tantalizing tales of snowboard action, including the Jeff Evans interview, our favorite T.V. shows, and reviews of all the illest summer concert tours.

Issue 2

See what getting scolded for smack talking does. Our second effort contains an interview with E.C. super pro Kyla Duffy, some dribble about early season, an ode to jibbing and a whole lot more.

Issue 3

"The 'What Can I Get for Ten Dollars' Issue"       

Published by everyone's favorite One Woman Party, check out what happens when we branch out to the world of BMX. Also more discussions of television, reviews of the must have records and talk of ghetto halfpipes.

Issue 4

"The Pillow Talk Issue"               

Learn why Jeff Brushie hates YO BEAT, and get to know Peter Line. More essential record reviews and a little bit of special sauce.

Issue 5

"The Photo Issue"

     Our fifth issue is our first ever Photo Issue. Catch up on your east coast pipe shots, and learn more about Jason Borgstede. Also further explore Jeff Brushie's reasons to hate us.

Issue 6

"The Ooh Baby I like It Raw Interview Issue"

Interviews with all your favorite pros including Joe Curtes, Jason Chatfield, Keir Dillon, Aurelie Sayers, J.J. Thomas and more. Resort reviews, spring events schedule, and the very first all method photo spread.

Issue 7

"The Maple Leaf Pride Issue"

Our tribute to our neighbor's to the north, in which we insult pretty much everything they stand for. US Open coverage, Jef Billo interview and Wrestlemania.

Issue 8

"The Summer Spectacular"

Our summer issue that we waited until everyone else put out theirs, and then copied what they wrote. A comprehensive guide to living in Rutland, a very passionate article on smoke, the EQX Games and Milo Aukerman interview.

Issue 9

"The Viva RutVegas Issue"

A tribute to the 25th best town in the United States. Bar Tour, Frank Black concert, Degrassi Jr. High, your comprehensive guide to getting sponsored and so much more!

Issue 10

"The Glam Rock to the Bone Issue"

Warped Tour, Deftones interview, Why Rollerskates Rule, Book Reviews, Record Reviews, drinking and a whole lot more.

Issue 11

"The Cool-Guy Issue"

This issue includes such pulitzer worthy articles such as The New Jersey All-Stars interviews, how to be cool, the snowboarder film festival, records, Judge Judy, the Misfits and some helpful hints on how to be oboxious at a grocery store.

Issue 12

"The Vintage so it Costs More Issue"

This fine specimen includes Vintage Video Reviews, The Rahm Klampert Interview, A Soul Coughing Concert, Why East Coasters are More 'Core than West Coasters, The Wu Tang of snowboarding, records reviews, Canadian Jokes and a whole lot more.>

Issue 13

"The How-To Issue"

This issue includes hints and tips on eveything that's anything involved with snowboarding.  Sticker placement, snowboard rock, interior decorating, and so much more, along with gossip, record reviews and all the other usual items you have come to know and love.

Issue 14

"The Weekend Warrior Issue"

If you are one of the 75% of snowboarders who only rides on weekends, this issue is for you.  Competitons, Jeremy Jones inteview, movies, parking lot mishaps, photos and more.