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The Photo Issue

*****************Editor's Note******************

Seeing as we are quite the upscale production, (all of your pure-bred, show-quality canines eagerly fetch every issue and bring it to your Colonel Mustard, fuzzy slipper, smoke jacket wearing selves in the study) we were able to carelessly throw around the benjamins and go all out in the put-together of this, the glossy photo edition of YO BEAT. Eh, actually we sprained our mouse clicking fingers and, therefore, couldn't steal pictures from other people's pages, as is usual practice around here, so we were forced to call upon the talent of our extensive photography staff to supply our usual 1 or 2 weak snapshots. He (pretend that says they) did a truly excellent job though, leading us to christen this an issue mostly dedicated to the image. We unveil, here and now, THE PHOTO ISSUE.
On a technical note, due to my complete lack of knowledge of the how-to's of Corel 8, once I saved the images in a web format, i was unable to reopen them to edit. Whiel proof-reading has never been the highest priority here, it's still embarassing. So basically, we know that Jeff Bushie's name has an H in it, and that Mark Reilly's name isn't spelled close to right(partially because I don't know how to spell it anyway.)
I had originally forgotten to put photo credits on all but two, so they can't be added, but that's okay because all pictures with the exception of one were taken by Tim Zimmerman (who incedentally is a very good photographer, that any magazine would be privledged to have). The one oddball photo of Josh Heminger, was taken by Katie Kramer.
So enjoy, and if you have desire to see the pictures clearly, make sure you are using a netscape-esque browser. If you use the quality one that AOL provides you better have some thick glasses.

Letters to the Editor

Jeff Brushie can still regulate???


You've just ruined yourself mister know it all! You've dug yourself a ditch that I hope you can climb out of. We will find you.

Thank you for your concern. Luckily for us the hole we've dug ourselves is too small for Brushie to fit through.

Table Of Contents:

Due to some scandal in the last issue, our gossip columnist left, however, being the industry buff that I am, I dont see it fit to do a gossip-less issue, so here's my own effort.

Movie Reviews
Big reviews of all the latest blockbusters. Titanic, Scream 2, Great Expectations and more.

You're from Vermont? And you came HERE, to Snowboard?

The first stop on the Stimilon tour was a riviting success. Read all about it.

Seems you can't open a magazine these days with out having a photo issue. Here's YO BEAT's attempt.

The Jason Borgstede Interview
Funny how Jason started winning every contest he entered after doing a YO BEAT interview. Coincidence? I think not.

P-Town Throwdown
Pico is the raddest mountain in the world. YO BEAT visits and gives you all the dirt. But don't go there on a powder day, because it sucks.

Movie Reviews

Fave Three:
Great Expectations...

This updating of the Dickens' novel by screenwriter Mitch ("Three of Hearts") Glazer and Mexican director Alfonso ("A Little Princess") Cuaron, is a worthwhile go see. The plot is simple. Estella (Gwenyth Paltrow) once danced with a then young Finn (Ethan Hawk). She goes away without sending him word for years and years, and then returns. Finn, a talented painter, goes into New York City to display some of his art. Estella has since moved there and is planning on marrying her wealthy boyfriend. The deal..they have a little romance- romance, and i cant tell you the rest. I would say GO SEE IT. It is an excellent film, and a love story for that matter.
I doubt i need say much about Titanic. I believe most of you have all ready seen it, and if you have not, I doubt you will as I am sure there is a reason you did not go. Excellent film. It is based on the real life sinking of the ship Titanic. It involves Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) in a brief love affair, right before the sinking of the ship. Rose comes from a wealthy family with a pretentious mother who solely cares about inheriting wealth, and Jack is a nomadic gambler with no financial background at all. The two meet and fall in love... the acting is wonderful. Although the plot is not an actual occurence, then historical events are accurate. By all means go and see this film.
This is another good one. The deal on this one.....a serial killer is taken to jail, given the death penalty, and right before his death, he claims "evil never dies..' there's your clue. So, he is given the old chair, yet, the murders still continue. The same kind of murder is committed by different people, who have nothing in common except the trademark mannerism of eating corn flakes after the crime and the fact that they have crossed paths. I need not say much more, but we have Denzel Washington in this one, who i would give a thumbs up to, and the idea of the movie possesses originality..which is lacking in Hollywood.
But you can also check out...
DESPERATE MEASURES. Criminal has an organ that the cops son needs in order to live. Criminal escapes before surgery....good plot. My only complaint with this one is that you don't learn to hate Keatons character enough.
GOOD WILL HUNTING. It really isn't my thing, but everyone else raved about it, i can see how it could be enjoyed, so give it a try.
AS GOOD AS IT GETS. The cast says it all...Helen Hunt...Jack Nicholson. You don't need to know much more.
JACKIE BROWN. Love Tarantino. he has had some better work out, but the man is a genius.
Alright, ..save your cash....some films i would avoid are as follows:
SPICE WORLD. Please, do NOT go see this film. I actually was tempted to go see this film just to see how bad it was, but then i realized i would be bringing in more money to the uh ho untalented five-some, and i wanted no part in that.
DEEP RISING. Talk about boring. Tacky i think.
FLUBBER. The name says it all.
BOOGIE NIGHTS. It isn't real, folks. Men can get implants as well.
SCREAM 2. Yeah, go see it....if you like comedy.
MOUSEHUNT. Yeah, go see it, if you have 5 year old kids.
Controversy of the month:
Spike Lee, an African American director, does not approve of director Quentin Tarantino using the term "Nigger" in his recent film Jackie Brown. My view: Film is a type of art...and it needs to be accomadated so that it portrays what the message it is sending off. The term is used in order, and shows the reality of how it is used every day. Maybe Spike Lee should start public speaking instead of bashing a director who is going very well...since Lee's last two films absolutely sucked! I think it is a problem of jealousy, not a matter or political correctness.
Indie Flick Pick:
Please rent Basquiat. This is excellent! 80's African American painter breaks into the mainstream American artwork scene and deals with everything that comes along with fame during the time: discrimination, drugs, and deceit. Andy Warhol takes him under his wing, and Jean-Michel Basquiat abandons his girlfriend to live in the fast lane. He soon becomes addicted to drugs and loses much of what he earned......the rest you will have to watch.

You're From Vermont? And you came here, to Snowboard?
Kodak Air and Style Challenge
Wachusett Mass. January 17th 1998

pbridges.jpg (14481 bytes)

Stimilon is no limits spelled backwards. Pat Bridges, 360 method.

The first stop on the Stimilon east coast tour came to a small mountain about an hour outside of Boston called Wachusett. I had to wonder what I was doing getting up ass-crack early in the morning to go snowboarding in Massacusetts, but with Stimilon being the only organization that understands how to run a snowboard contest, I figured it was worth the effort.
At first glance, one would have trouble determining which was the mountain, and which was the jump, with there being more snow making up the jump then covering the rest of the hill. Even so, the jump was noticably smaller than last year's Stimilon series, but was still by far the biggest (and best) jump that Wachusett had ever seen. Right now is a good time to give huge shout outs to Stimilon for building the sickest jumps around.
Stand outs included Pat Bridges qualiflying runs, and Ali Bernsten doing one of the smoothest frontside 3 indy's I've ever seen a girl do. There was also a whole bunch of local Massachusetts talent showing up all the pros. In the end it was Adam Moran taking top honors for the men and Anna Bock taking it home for the ladies. For complete results you can check out the Stimilon page where they are listed.
Overall, the contest ran smoothly, until the awards ceremony which had been designated to an outdoor location, and with the warm daytime termperatures plunging, it was less than a pleasant exerience. Besides that, the raffle prizes were dope, with several shops throwing down loot, and Kodak, earning their place in the series title. Just for registering (and getting there early) you got a disposable camera. Other highlights included Flex Records from Burlington spinning super dope (not alternative) music and an announcer that actually knew his shit.
I'd like to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about Wachusett. It's hard not to be cynical of a mountain in the "Masshole" state, but for what it was, it was one of the most impressive establishments I've ever been too. The entire mountain is lit for night skiing, which is a good thing, because the half of Boston that doesn't come to Vermont each weekend goes there instead. They rent this years Rossignol equiptment, and if you can handle waiting in line for an hour or two it's infinatly better than what Killington will give you. The best part about Wachusett though, was that they were stoked to have the contest there, which made it a good experience for everyone. It is becasue of this I will overlook them not letting me bring my board in the lodge.


You are about the enter the realm of east coast pipe shots. Please adjust your browser, and don't use AOL's shitty browser because you wont be able to read any of our snide comments if you do.


clentz2.jpg (17962 bytes)                           gwilson1.jpg (11830 bytes)

Left: Colin Lentz never sold out from the east coast. Here with a big E.C. Represent. Killington VT. Right: Greg Wlison in an art shot. Okemo VT.

jkahn5.jpg (14107 bytes) Left: When asked to comment on the conditions of the Sugarloaf Grand Prix, Todd Richards said, "I love riding in the dark and freezing cold." Jamil Kahn didn't seem to have too much of a problem with it, as seen here on the LAST hit of his contest run.
Below: It was once asked why all Nitro riders are so good. Maybe it's becasue Nitro picks good riders. Mark Rilley does his best to prove that theory. Rather large backflip. Killington VT

mriley3.jpg (13793 bytes)

lwynen8.jpg (9336 bytes)

Below: Shawn Durst shows his WUTANG Style with this method in the Killington back country.
Left: Luke Wynen knows how to get what he wants. Oops, wrong picture. Spring Loaded Killington, VT.
Below: Luke Wynen Knows how to get what he wants. Here he demonstrates the best way to get free product.

lukeandchad9.jpg (12611 bytes)

sdurst6.jpg (25274 bytes)

jbrushie11.jpg (12263 bytes)

Left: Don't beleive everything you read in trashy publications. Jeff Brushie does still ride, and in this picture, he's even clearing the lip. Mt. Snow VT. Below: You'd think East Coast legend photographer Gary Land would know you don't have to lay down to make John Kramer look like he's going big. Killington VT.

jsommers14.jpg (6186 bytes)

Above: Contrary to popular beleif, John Sommers really can do strait airs. Shown here in the method position. Killington VT. Left: Fro. And no, this was not taken on the east coast. Crested Butte, CO.

jkramer13.jpg (7381 bytes)

fro7.jpg (32452 bytes)

It's a bird, It's a plane, it's Rob Dow. No Wait, it's just a Rob Dow method. JOsh Heminger. Sugarbowl, CA. jheminger.jpg (23364 bytes)

jeff10.jpg (11571 bytes)

Above: Jeff's last name escapes us, but he's still doing a pretty cool trick. 360 flip. DuBois, PA. Right: Seth Wescott with a little Grand Prix flava. Sugarloaf USA, ME.

swescot4.jpg (15215 bytes)

tboyle.jpg (27977 bytes) Left: Tom Boyle, Backside Indy. Warped Tour, Phildelphia, PA. Below:They weren't kidding when they said I saw Terje go Fuckin Huge at the Open. Stratton, VT.
thaak.jpg (78657 bytes)

rklampert.jpg (52436 bytes)

The Jason Borgstede Interview

jborgstede.jpg (13205 bytes)

Jason Borgstede is not a bro-brah. He's not down with the stone, and he's not in snowboarding to meet girls. He hates it when you spell his name wrong and he thinks MMMBop is a pretty cool song, but most of all he loves to let people know his opinion. He also spent a good portion of time pointing out every typographical error in all of our back issues. Basically, Jason is one of the most fluid riders I've seen lately, and he's not afraid to push his limits and do what it takes. He even rides well on the east coast.
So next time you see him, thank him for starting the long hair craze, and take a minute to watch him ride, cause you might just learn something.


hometown throw-down?
Eagle River, AK.

home mountain?

years on bored?
8 years riding

Burton, Boarderline Snowboard Shop in AK, Animal Watches, Boreal Ski Area.

Op Ivy, Minor Threat, Bad Religion, Greenday, Snuff, Good Riddance, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, The Wu, Downset, Rage Against the Machine and so much more.

why do you snowboard?
I snowboard because of a drive from within that is so strong that it can only be explained with the most general statement; It's fun.

are you a fan of wrestling, and, if so, what is your preferred organization and who is in your wrestling hall of fame?
I like the small Texas wrestling organizations that keep it real with ladder and table matches. I guess I'm fond of wrestling becasue i used to crawl into teh one pice love glove and do it in high school.

You've been up in the winning ranks lately at the open and the extreme games. What's your secret. Is it in the sauce?

No secret. I have just given the judges what they wanted to see that particular day. With the caliber of riders at these events it's anybody's contest. I just push as hard as I can.

Who rocks the admirable style, in snowboarding and out?
A lot of people can do a lot of tricks but to match that with grace and ease of flow is a feat acomplished by few. The main ones I think of are Peter Line, Jim Rippey, and Jamie Lynn.

Do you like landing on the side of tables?
I'm following in the foot steps of the greats. Just like Daniel, terje, Peter; sometimes the judges don't understand or reward innovation and originality. (sarcasm)

If you have anything to say about the olympics, FIS/ISF, or persiflage of any other measure, insert it here. If not, we don't care.
I don't really care about the Olympics. I think the two events they chose to include are least representative of what snowbaording is and why we started. I also beleive too many events are catered towards TV and not the athletes. If you give the athletes what tehy ask for , it will be safer and the riders will put on a real show worth watching. These event organizers still don't value us as professional athletes, but rather as expendable rating points.

Do you have any particularly fond or profound memories of the 80's?

Not that I can think of.

What's on tap for you in the next few years, in snowboarding and out?
Snowboarding is my focus for the time being. For me, to do well I have to have mind and body completely focused on it. I want to do something in acting or show business, but that will come later in life when I can give it my full attention.

Did you see the movie "Pee Wee's Big Adventure", and, if so, did you enjoy it?
Sure. It was great at the time.

Any memorable/favorite snowboarding experience?
Mostly just times spent riding in Alaska during my senior year before I was sponsored.

Are you a fan of Public Enemy? Do you wish to make any comments about their immense talent?
I like them. I respect any group that uses the public forum they are given as musicians to kick knowledge, not bullshit.

There's been a lot of dribble about "selling out", "keeping it real" ,"capitalism", and the "skiing sucks" attitute lately in the wide world of snowdorking, do you have a opinion on any of this?
I would say that keeping it real is different for each person. Though it is a played out phrase, there is nothing more important than staying true to your beliefs and never swaying from your convictions no matter the pressure or the circumstances. That's keeping it real and not selling out.

How do you spend your time off the snow?
I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, or play girls, so I pretty much just sakteboard, juggle, and hang with fellows of the same beliefs.

Any words of advice or anything else you want to share with our HUGE public?
I have way too much to say about everything but I wont let it all out. Be true to yourself and don't play yourself mentally or physically becasue you are the only person who will be there for you in life, no matter what happens.

Big ups to?
My mom, family, Mandy, Bomber, Christian, Chris L, and my deuce crew from Alaska. It is because of these people and that place that I am the person I am; like me or hate me.

P-town Throwdown

Take 5 vans of mini ill figgas REPRESENTING Boston MA and bring them to Pico on a lovely Sunday to get their snow skills on. Who isn't down? Seeing as I spent most of my time in a van, rather than on the mountain, this is basically about the entertaining car ride.
Lots of kids rockin puffy jackets and bags under their eyes, getting into vans at 5:30 in the morning to go skiing and riding, Boston to Pico, over and out. JAM'N, Boston's answer to those who desire the extra special mix of biggie, puffy, and R&B favorites was bustin for 2 hours too long. Thankfully, mid-somewhere in New Hampshire, the station faded out, so the drivers resorted to the obscure tapes always left in vans, you know, the "hippie mix '90" deals. The tape decided upon was "Bad Boy '96," and thanks to the 12-year old walkman emcee wanna-be row in front of me, I couldn;t hear it, which is probably a good thing. I was being bored eating grapes when all of a sudden the tape got really loud. What followed was shout outs to NYC and the boisterous "EAST COAST MUTHAFUCKAS." It was then that the tape was shut off. The little boy in the neon green bubble coat sitting behind me didn;t appear at all phased. Next I spent half an hour laughing at the kid in front of me because he looked like "hercules" from The Nutty Professor. He was adorable, and he smiled in his sleep. Some time soon Li'L Kim came on and I got to hear hercules and the mini-wannabe Emcees know and bust all the lyrics of her skank rhymes. That was some good fun. After a more than lengthy drive, we got to Pico and drove around the parking lot for a good half an hour.

Finally we got to ride. Half of Pico is really flat but has good rollers. (Most people reading this know what snowboarding's like, so I don't feel the need to describe my less than action packed day in depth.)The park was lookin ice-rink-esque, and seeing as I'm saving myself for a show-down with the 12 year old ice princess champs next week, I just rode on by the shiny hits, opting to keep my sequined ensemble in full splendor for the games. About mid day, we discovered the blue chairlift and all of its fun (read: one weak hit and some DOPE man made power turns.) Yee haw. I won;t bore you with the details, but it was definitely a great time, and I even got called "Dude" by some guy who almost hit me after I stopped suddenly because Pete-rock fell over and almost took me out, g-n-a-r. What was even better than my own good fun, however, was to see all the kids thrilled and loving their, for the most part, first or second time on the mountain.

The ride home was all about WU and the kid who reminded me of a mini Biggie, complete with the speech impediment, sittin in the front row of the van. He didn;t notice that the music on the stereo got turned off and was BUSTIN along with the rhymes on his walkman for everyone's listening pleasure. I heard the word "dilly" about 12 times in two hours from the little playa-wannabee in the wu-wear hat in front of me and was highly entertained by the lyrical and dance style-ee of the mini-miggitas in the second row of the van. If you dread long car rides, bring along some 12 year olds who know all the words to the entire firm tape and every wu song and bust the dance moves from their seats, and I guarantee you'll have yourself a good old time.
Pico was dope, and everyone loved the skiing and riding and especially the "ride" (a.k.a. chairlift). Personally, I had myself some great fun, mostly because of the imported talent/van entertainment, completely stoked about their short time on the snow, straight outta Boston MA.
All of you who get to ride a lot, just think about and enjoy it a little more next time you're out there, remembering the kids to whom a day on the snow is an extremely special and rare occasion. Oh, and if you see hercules around on the slopes, give him a "what up," and he'll flash you a nice set of dimples.

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