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The Pillow Talk Issue

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****************La Note D'Editor***************

This issue of YO BEAT has been a long time coming. MAybe our lives have suddenly gotten a little less meaningless, or maybe Playstation has just taken up some of our sparetime. For whatever reason, we are well aware that the timely production of our publication has been slowed. But good things come to those who wait, so perhaps this will be our best issue ever. I suppose it's all a matter of personal preference, but you best enjoy it foo!

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Table Of Contents

Dave seems to think he can drop more names then me. We go head to head in this months column.

Record Reviews
Now you can see all the albums you need to buy right in the comfort of your own home, as if MTV wasnt good enough.

Concert Reviews
And this is what happens when you actually leave the house.

The Peter Line Interview
If you wanna get Peter Line to talk just ask him about movies. You hear that Transworld, he gave YO BEAT more then a one word answer, and nobody even reads our magazine.

Big Mountains Are Overrated
Yet another reason Killington sucks.

Ring around the O.G.
So word is the Olympics are the cool thing to write about this month. YO BEAT certainly wouldn't want to be left in the dark, so here is our own commentary, as said by our humble gossip boy.

When in Boston....
Don't go unprepared, read the YO BEAT Boston instuction manual. Almost as enthralling as the Boston Drivers manual, but without all the pesky pictures.

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Record Reviews

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Sublime: Second Hand Smoke
I didn't want to buy this album. After all, it went against every philosiphy i had about dead bands, but I figured the kids would be hip to it, and since my entire point in life is to make the kids happy, I figured I'd give it a shot. The album starts out with about 20 different versions of songs from their old albums, and then finishes the same way. I was releived to see that it does indeed include a version of Don't Push, because what would a Sublime album be with out one. I think the highlight of this album comes around track 3 with the song Romeo, which is actually one that never made it to an earlier album. Unfortunatly, this whole album lowered my impression of Sublime as a band, but I am assuming that they had nothing to do with the production of the record, so it can be forgiven.

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No Use For a Name: Making Friends
I liked the cover art on this album so I bought it. It sounds just like all the other No Use For A Name albums. If you like the band buy the album, if you don't, then don't bitch to me about it.

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NOFX: So Long and Thanks for all the Shoes
Punk bands hate NOFX because they are a punk band that knows how to play thier instruments. However, after listening to numerous punk records that all consist of the same 3 chords it is refreshing. The new album reminds me of the older NOFX with less catchy, melodic songs. They continue to be almost as thesaruas happy as Bad Religion, and actually used the word monosylabic in a song. The theme of this record seems to be in the true punk fashion, a giant fuck you to everyone, but they did have a crack reference in the liners notes. I also found the "10 answers to the most asked 10 questions that we'd like never to be asked again" very humorous, and for those who don't want to buy the album I will print them here, because they are in the true essence of YO BEAT, and i don't know what else to say about this album.
1. How's the tour going? None of your business. (who cares)
2. When are you coming back? Hopefully never. ( who asks that, your parents?)
3. Where do you play tomorrow? Another overpriced club. (NO DOUBT!)
4. What does NOFX mean? Yo Mama (Hells yea)
5. Why do they call you Fat Mike, You're not fat? I've been sick (It's all a big conspiracy)
6. How long has NOFX been playing for? 15 years, which makes our band older then you. (No comment)
7. Why was your last album so slow? Because we thought the executives at MTV would like us more. (and the kids are hip to it)
8. What do you think about Green Day and the Offspring? Green Day have cute and well behaved offspring (who ever asked this question has had thier young and impressionable mind warped by too much empty V, you need to get out more.)
9. Was El Hefe really in the Bad News Bears? Yes. (No comment)
10. Where do you see NOFX going in 10 years? Down. (Yeah, cause your all going to die of old age and drinking too much)

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Concert Reviews

Holiday Buzz Ball
Memorial Auditorium
Burlington, VT

Oh no, another stupid radio station concert, but for 13 bucks you can’t go wrong. So I
ventured up to Burlington on this snowy evening. All I really wanted to see was
Blink-182, so luckily we made it to the show before it started, because in true radio station tradition the best band went on first. Blink put on an excellent 20 minute show filled with
self-mockery, ill dance stylee and multiple prostate maintenance references. Their set
consisted of mostly new songs, a few off of Cheshire Cat, and a pretty little ditty trashing everyone there for only liking them after hearing “Dammit.”
Next on was Ben Harper. I defiantly did not want to like his performance, because his
songs force me to lunge at the radio whenever they come on, but the slide guitar stylings were entertaining. While the showmanship of this performance was lacking, he made up for it in talent.
Goldfinger came out with their shiny gold banner and their horn section and I didn’t
expect much. They played several songs off their old album, and many that I’d never
heard before so I am assuming they are on the new record. The real highlights of the
show came however, when the drummer sang an excellent rendition of the Chumbawumba song we have all heard to much, then plunged to the stage off of a stack of amps. Also they did the Cure classic Just Like Heaven, broke into a little Reel Big Fish, and did a version of White Christmas that would make Bing Crosby cry. The fan who was pulled on stage and new every word to “Fuck LA” was almost as impressive as the band, but the best was the touching tribute to snowboarders intitled “Skiers Must Parish.” I couldn’t understand a word of it, but it was a nice thought.
Now I would review Catherine Wheel but I fell asleep during their enthralling
performance. Basically they were another British band who never realized that hanging
your hair infront of your face isn’t what the kids are hip to anymore.
Headlining the big show was G Love and Special Sauce. Unfortunately Catherine Wheel manage to ruin the entire show for me so I left after 3 songs. They were enjoyable, and G Love can get down, so next time Catherine Wheel is supposed to be on, I’ll make sure to go down and check out the local acts.

Castleton State College
Castleton VT
Decmeber 7th 1997

It has once been said that only two types of bands play at Castleton, Hippy bands, and Funk bands. On the night of December 7th, a new genre was thrown into the mix. It's the washed up rappers who are trying to make a comeback with their pathetically over careers, or such was the case when RUN DMC took the quaint Vermont college by storm.
I couldn't help but feel sorry for them. Not only are they old, fat, and too lazy to remember how to rap, but tehy were playing for 250 white kids, holding up their new skool Adidas skate shoes. While the bands was still rockin out in black leather, the young audience grew puzzled looks on thier faces at teh mention of old skool.
All in all it was a dope show. RUN DMC threw down plenty of old skool flavor, including MY Adidas, Peter Piper and Walk This Way. The show was an experience great enough to give everyone flashbacks. I can only hope however, that all the members of Puff Daddy's family (I beleive that incompasses the entire hip hop community) will leave not to come back in ten years because they are running out of money. And never let a white kid get on stage to freestlye, cause he might just be better then you are.

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Peter Line at Mt. Hood two years ago. I'd put in a picture of him riding but I dont have one and we all know he can ride anyway. Photo BG

Unfortunatley, our original interviewee, Luke Wynen, has been so busy on the road that he didn't have time to do an interview. So instead, we got stuck with this guy Peter,I guess he's pretty good at snowboarding, can't say I've ever seen him myself. All I had to do was offer him a sticker and he jumped right on it. Crazy kids.

um..... 23
Years riding?
I don't know, over 7 I think
where I live now? Kirkland, WA
Home Mountain?
Stevens pass and the Summit
Who do you like to ride with?
my friends from WA. John, Casey, Joey
Who do you look up to in snowboarding?
anyone who's doing cool tricks and is pushing themselves 100% every time they ride, people like Daniel, Terje and JP Walker
Have you, are you, or did you make an attempt at the Olympics, or would you even want to go?
sure I'll go, I don't have any isf/fis points so I have to start at the bottom. So I'll try and win the 2 grand prix contests I'm doing. That's the only way I'll be allowed to go.
Have you ever seen the movie Army of Darkness?
I liked Evil Dead 2 better, it's kind of like this other movie "Dead-Alive" which is even better than both of them, make sure you don't rent the edited R version.
Would you ever use the expression, "That's just pillow talk, baby"?
I always use it.
Do you still have that Model girlfriend?
I guess, we're still seeing each other.
Does High Cascade pay you to ride their pipes all summer?
no, I just get food and lodging. It's still a good deal.
If they have another S&M festival would you go?
sure, especially if it's in Austin again.
Did you get arrested while you were down there like everyone else?
no, I was the guy trying to keep jaime from getting arrested, to no avail.
Did you go on your free trip to the Caribbean yet?
no, I think I'm giving it to my parents.
Why were baseless bindings ever invented?
do you want the real reason or should I make one up? I'll make one up, it's more interesting. It's because it was cool to be short, so any little possible chance to decrease your height, people would do. That's why baseless bindings were invented, just to shorten ones height by a half an inch.
I'm convinced that the picture on the 156 forum is of Terje, who is it?
your momma
Why can you do backside rodeos, and I can't even visualize how to do them?
because I patented the trick, so your not allowed to visualize it without paying me first.
Why do you have all of your own companies, instead of just riding for Burton or Salomon like everyone and their brother?
it's more fun.
Do you think that there's any truth to my opinion that in a few years Burton & Salomon will be the only companies left?
and Forum.
This last question must be kept on the DL cause it;s such a juicy rumor it's not even going in the YO BEAT gossip column, but the answer was damn good and there's shout outs to my personal posse in it.
If all the rumors I've ever heard were true, I'd be dead and gay and riding for Atlantis. Plus, Forum couldn't afford to pay Jaime what she deserves anyway.

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Big mountains are overrated

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Shawn Durst, shreddin a little rad. Photo: TZ

Sure, if you like jumps that always seem to have flat landins, pipe's with endless amounts of flat bottom and over vert, and tons of herbs who dont know how to ski they're good, but as hard as they try big resorts will never compare with the exhilaration of building a kicker in your own backyard.
This idea was re-itterated in my mind on a recent November evening. I spent the afternoon at Killington, landing flat, and trying to avoid the out of control ski population. My evening's plan was to go see Boogie Nights and then maybe even do some homework. For some reason I found myself suggesting driving a jeep up my backyard and shining the lights on a jump we had built a day earlier. The idea was shot down though, because no one felt like leaving the couch. I readied myself for a trip to the movies, make-up, hair the whole deal, and sat down to wait for my escort to arrive.
To my great suprise, 30 minutes later, Shawn "Double Rodeo Kid" Durst, Tim "I can get good pictures from this" Zimmerman, Jason "I can't think of a cool nickname" Dalton and I were trying to figure out where the best place to put the jeep would be. (Luckily, i had already done my make-up so i was ready to snowboard when they arrived.) Finally, it was decided that we were never really going to be able to see, so we started hiking. The jump wasnt great, but hey, we were riding at 10 o'clock at night, and we didnt have to pay 6 dollars for it like pass holders do at Killington.
We rode for awhile, Tim took a suprisingly large number of pictures, and then there was a bang. My damn hick neighbord were firing off bottle rockets again. Or so we though, because soon there was another one, and this time, Jason felt the bullet whiz right by his head. We actually got shot at, right in my back yard.
To our amusement, the fiasco did not end at the this. Soon after, all the lights at my neighbor's house were on, and we could hear them talking. Then a car squealed back and forth across the road a few times before finally pulling into my driveway, and i slightly overweight law enforcement officer stepped out. He made a very notable attempt at runnign up the hill, and eventually reached us.
"You folks shooting tonight?" was the question posed to us. Living in Vermont, this inquisition usually doesnt need to be asked, because they answer's always yes, but in our case, it was not.
Our uniformed friends left after radioing to the station a few times*, we were left to hit our landingless jump a few more times. Of course our near death experience had tired us so much that we drove back down to the house.
So not only did we get to snowboard, but we got to brush up on our bullet dodging as well. My mom always told me it was good to be multi-talented. In conclusion, this is why I'd rather hike my back yard then ride the new K1 at Killington. Yeah.
*we were impressed

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Our little brush with the law. Photo: TZ

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Ring Around the O.G.
Do we really want snowboarding in the Olympics?

What a crazy world we live in. People who once shuned our blessed sport of snowboarding are now welcoming it with open arms into there circle. Namley the Olympics. You have all probably read millions of articles about the FIS and the ISF and how they are fighting each other and its turned into a battle that I don't think anyone is really enjoying so I wont go into it. What I would like to say is that 99% of the population that snowboards and owns a TV will watch snowboarding in the olypics when it is aired no matter if you think it is cool or not. I'm not going to spend a long time talking about it, but there are some people that are gunna be pushing the envelope and making it {watching} alot of fun for everyone. I still don't know who all has been selected or who even wants to go (word is the team wont be decided until 2 days or some insanley small amount of time before the games anyway.) There are some people that I would like to see compete that would do a good job giving snowboarding a good name. First of all i would like to see TREVOR ANDREW ride for the Canadian team, which he probably will with the plifera or Canadian riders out there. TREVOR is the man in my opinion he is really giving some of the old men in the sport a run for their money. What is he 18 now? ERIC LEINES has been putting 200% into getting selected for the American team and I think he is deserving. It would be good to see some people as his teammates such as Peter Line, Ross Powers, and Michelle Taggart. There are too many good people to list that I think would make the ultimate olimpic team for the us. Personaly, I beleive the europeans are gonna regulate the olympics anyway, but i guess we will have to wait and see. Hopefully, corporate America will not take it upon themselves to make the sport look stupid, as they do every year around X Game time, but hopefully the stregnth of the athletes will hold it's own.

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When in Boston.......

How-deh young playas and playa-ettes. So nice of you to join our classy publication in welcoming the big 9 to the 8. Seeing as this issue is all me, (I have not written a single piece of dribble thus far) I figured I'd whip up a little something for the non-enjoyment of all two of you who actually read Yo Beat. If you ever come to Boston, here are some things to do and people to see.

Bowling. Who doesn't like to get their kink on at the local bowling ally, throw down in the snappy velcro shoes, and scope out the toothpick chewing hunnies? Obviously nobody. Maybe it exists in other places too, but the bowlertecheries in Boston have Rock N' Bowl night. It's really a must see, but basically you get ya rolls on, while strobe lights and holograms twirl around you and bad techno re-mixes and the occasional old skool rap classic bust. Such a time. Everyone enjoys Rock N' Bowl, from the legitimate bowling enthusiast to the old maid reverse hustler, and the allies are always bumpin while it's goin down. My personal favorite allies, which highlight rock n bowl night, are Big League Bowling of scenic West Roxbury Ma, and Boston Bowl of somewhere in a back ally in Dot. Big League's local talent can be read about in issue 2's "One woman Party: a Night in the life," and Boston Bowl is all about being ghetto, which everyone can appreciate. (The only other bowling ally I like, outside of Boston, is somewhere in Vermont near Stowe, I think. It's somebody's trailor, onto which they have built a bowling alley extension, and it has a astro-turf mini golf course for a backyard. Too cold. My dreamhouse.) Okay, so the moral of the story is: when in Boston, bowl.

Shopping. Okay pretend you're not lost one street off Rodeo and you don''t like to buy stuff, fine. I know you do though. Some of my personal favorite stores are Savers and Value Village, both of West Roxbury. Savers locations are located randomnly throughout the world, so you can probably find one near you somewhere.(There are 18 in the Canadian province of Alberta or something ridiculous like that.) If you are incredibly cheap like myself and refuse to spend money on any item of clothing that costs over three dollars, go to Savers! Like Rock N' Bowl, savers is really a must see to believe, but it's basically a giant yard sale indoors. Such treasures as a Hulk Hoagn wrestlemania 8 shirt, a full length pea green bubble coat, The barbie goes to the Prom game, old skool b-boying suits and classic Nike hi-tops, Ice T's "Original Gangsta" tape, a scooter, a see thru blue plastic visor, a fly orange armchair, and millions of other treasures have been purchased there by me and my associates, most for under a dollar. Next we come to Value Village, where the prices are sketchy like the scene. I do not think anyone who has not had the pleasure of making a visit to the upscale locale can understand it. Do not buy food here. Basically it's all about the scene, Mahhgie Value, the lahhge woman in chahhge, and the completely ridiculous stuff one will find there. Some prices are alarmigly high, and be sure to watch out for the Mahhgie price checks, but Yo MTV Raps cards from the early 90's, really really unattractive wedding/prom dresses, and exceptionally big WWF stickers can be found somewhere in an obscure pile here. It is not neccessary to buy anything at Value Village, just walk in and enjoy your surroundings. Dented and unlabeled cans, irregular sweatshirts with Harvard printed on one side and Yale printed on the other, and stolen stereo equipment are a few other perks. It's really all about Mahhgie Value tho, who is so outrageous, I cannot even begin to describe her here. Just make sure that if you're ever in Boston, you stop by the double V and check out the scene. I guaranteee you won't be dissapointed.

Hmm. Okay, now we will highlight the must see people of Boston. There's the obvious Mahhgie Value, who can easily be located at Value Village in West Roxbury, but then there are some other quite smooth characters, who keep it on the D.L. There's this guy who regulates Tower Records in Copley, named Jimmy, I think it is. You will know "Jimmy" by his deformed hands and fascination for skateboarding. Jimmy makes lots of money by pretending he's homeless and spanging. He loves to skateboard and weave in and out of the too-hip frequenters of Newbury Street on a board. He will ask you to borrow yours. Let him. He'll return it. He has been known to come up with old skool skateboards out of nowhere and give them to people because he's the man. You're lucky if you see him because he's definitely a highlight of Boston. Talent.
Next we have the guy who gets his rhythm on, on the buckets. He is a taleted drummer and can be seen and heard in various locales all over Boston, banging away on various buckets and bowls and such. I have noticed a few imposters biting his steez who have no skills, but if you're lucky enough to find him, you'll know you have because you'll be taken aback by your desire to watch and listen to the phat beats he churns out. Talent.
Any adult who rides a tricicle is too smooth in my book. However, one triker nerd who stands out in my mind is the O.G. triker nerd of Boston. It will begin with a strange sound, which I cannot capture in words, the battle cry of the O.G. triker. It's not a scream, but a loud warning noise, repeated over and over and over again "NEE NEE NEE NEE NEE NEE NEE...". You'll know it when you hear it. The man rides on the sidewalk, making it necessary for him to make his signature noise, so as he cruises the strip at nail-biting speeds, innocent pedestrains will clear a path for him. He'll come flying by and almost knock you down, maybe swearing, maybe not, but you'll be in awe of his the man-ness. If you hear the cry of the O.G. triker nerd, and it could happen basically anywhere in Boston or Cambridge, watch out, hitch a ride with him if possible, because it can be done, or just allow your jaw to drop at his nutiness. Talent.

I cannot even begin to point out all the ill sights and figgas of Boston in one brief, last minute article, but I tried to include a few must sees. These are the too cold sights they do not include in your travel book. Make time for them, and do not get sucka-ed into taking a duck tour.

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