Yo Beat: Issue 11: The Cool-Guy Issue

Judge Judy

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Back in the high-hair day, gloriously prior to the influx of talk-show ridiculousness that broke the gnarly 9-0, daytime TV, for those of the non housewife variety, was all about The Love Connection, The Price Is Right, The (legendary) People's Court, and the plastic-surgical sexiness of their respective hosts. Unfortunately, this day is no longer that of "2 minutes 2 seconds" and "The Case of the Turkey Baster," and, among a polluted sea of Steve Urkel and Hard Copy copies, I can find close to nothing of value on non-educational TV. As I am not at all prepared to give up TV, I forever thank the controlling forces for Judge Judy.
                      You should watch Judge Judy for the following reasons:
Entertainment: First and foremost, Judge Judy is quality because the most ridiculous people appear on her show. On one episode, a woman was suing her ex-boyfriend, whom she had met at A.A. and put through motorcycle repair school by stripping, because he refused to financially support her jaunt through cosmetology school and, instead, bought beer. This trial, just one of many equally as amusingly outrageous, encompasses the sizable entertainment value of the show.

Inspirational Entertainment: Judge Judy is quality because she's a VERY strong person. This is seen as she screams anything she wishes to emphasize; it's not "Mr. Johnson, would you kindly pay up," it's "Mr. JOHNSON, this is ABSURD. PAY UP!" While being incredibly amusing, Judge Judy, in the moral to the story, inspires all to take a stand and let their true feelings be known by screaming them at people.

The Boob Incident: The bottom line is that Judge Judy is down. On one episode, a woman was suing her plastic surgeon for doing a bad job on her breast implants. To determine if he actually did a bad job, Judge Judy called the woman into her chambers and had "a look for herself." Upon "taking a look for herself," Judge Judy remarked "Mrs. Shapiro, you're a lucky woman" and sided with the defendant. If that doesn;t make you watch Judge Judy, nothing will.The end.

-Rachel Cotton

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