State of Shred: Maine

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Get the skinny on the East Coast's AK.

State of Shred: Northern California

Don't let this season sway you, Nor Cal rules

State of Shred: Southern Idaho

Mashed potatoes aren't the only abundant white fluffy stuff in this state.

State of Shred: Pennsylvania

Dinosaurs in Outerspace breakdown the Keystone State.

State of Shred: Colorado

Population: 5,024,748 State since: August 1,1876 Total Resorts: 22 Colorado is home to some of the top resorts in the nation. Even people from that Europe place come over here to stimulate our economy with their vacations and luckily…

State of Shred: Vermont

Jay Peak. Photo: For such a tiny state, Vermont certainly packs a punch when it comes to East Coast snowboarding. It's not just sitcoms based in NY that travel there for the goods, but aspiring pipe jocks, wanna be Burton…

State of Shred: Wisconsin

Dave Matonich at Sunburst, courtesy Wisconsin Shred Project Population: 5,654,774 State since: 1848 Total Resorts: 30 (no, seriously) State of Shred? In the state of Wisconsin? I know the editors expected me to come out and shit all…

State of Shred: Washington

Population: 6,664,195 State since: 1889 Total Resorts: 15 There is no better place for a snowboarder than Washington. Being an old and bitter man, sometimes I forget this. But it’s true: we’re at least tied for Number One In The…