How to Make a Season Edit (Awesome)

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We lay down the secrets of making a mildly entertaining Internet snowboarding video

A Quickie with Jed Anderson

We play a little catch up with the Shoot the Moon ender-haver

Quickie with Tre Squad

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Follow cams with Gus and Max

Rejected Edits: Yeah, Jerm's Back

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With an overwhelming 63% of the vote, you guys asked for it... There seems to be no end to the need for approval by our peers in the world of snowboarding, so lucky for you, we have another issue of rejected edits with Jerm. I’m not rejecting…

WTF Wednesday: Maria Thomsen

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This week's Whistler quickie features Maria Thomsen. Maria always has a smile on her face and she sends it harder than most guys. Next time you're in Whistler, get your back 1 switch 50 on lock and hit her up for a game of s.h.r.e.d., just…

Hump Day Goes Dancing with Louie

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He's no Jsak, but Louie Vito is the latest pro snowboarder to be cast on the mainstream stage of reality TV.  Whether you think it's the greatest or the gayest thing you've ever heard, Louie is one of 16 stars on this season of Dancing…