An Engine Enthusiast’s Review of Depth Perception

Words: Anthony Scott** Photos: Iphone photo of a computer screen no thanks to Itunes. 

I tried snowboarding once. It was a weekend trip to the Black Forest in Germany. I donned my trusty pair of Levis 501s, and I’m lucky I didn’t lose a leg from frostbite! For this reason alone, I might be the last person on earth that you think should review a movie about snowboarding, but tough luck, because the whole idea behind Depth Perception is to introduce the wonderful world of snowboarding to us bystanders unaware of its greatness.

Depth Perception invites the viewer to join Austen Sweetin, Travis Rice, Robin Van Gyn and Bran Fox on an expedition in the breathtaking and beautiful snowcapped mountains of Galena in British Columbia. I didn’t even know a place like this existed and surely, if it did, I couldn’t actually afford to go there. And that’s where they lost me.

While I can understand the need to make a film bigger and better to reach a HUGE AUDIENCE, I couldn’t help but feel a little disconnected. With numerous choppers filming and far-out-of-reach locations, every scene reminded me how far away I was from being able to experience this little slice of heaven.

Travis Rice and a chimpunk thing

That being said, the film was still captivating, and had a little bit of something for everyone, snowboarder or not. Beautiful glades, mountains of endless possibilities, a beautiful sountrack by Hannah Holbrook & Kishi Bashi, and Travis Rice talking to (and occasionally) kissing chipmunks. Yes, you read that right. The humor throughout the movie helps make it clear the cast was having the best time of their lives.

But, what in Depth Perception actually made me want to go out and try snowboarding…?

Well, the artistic follow-cam shots were beyond anything I’ve seen in any snowboard film to date. Austen Sweetin zig zagging down the mountain dodging trees had me right there with him. I couldn’t help but cringe in fear while watching scenes of Bran Fox drop into a takeoff I’m sure would have taken a few million Benjamin Franklins for me to work up the nerve to even try…

…And this was the moment the light bulb shined through the murky fog in my noggin. These are legitimate pros doing what legitimate pros do –  snowboarding in paradise. So, for us small dreamers considering strapping in for the first time, the door has been open and my interest sparked but…  

Where can I see an amateur version of this film?​

extreme powder turn

Download Depth Perception VIA Internet Magic Here.

*** The previous was written by Anthony Scott, who you can follow on the Instagram @Enginethusaist. It was written for people who may be considering downloading this video on iTunes. And if you download this movie through one of the 10,000 provided links in this post, we at Yobeat are legally required to note that we will  supposedly receive a few cents. We still like pennies in America. Thank you. ***

A-Man’s Actual Review: The Cloudious9 Hydrology9 VAPE BONG

Weed smokers have never been content to just smoke their weed. This is because smoking weed isn’t all that exciting. In order to pump up the hobby, stoners get into gadgets. Whether it’s a ProtoPipe, a triple chambered organic linoleum bubble bong, or Kevlar scrotal microdose patches, adding an element of exclusivity to your THC delivery method obscures the fact that you’re just, well, smoking weed, bro.

Leave it to 2017, the craziest year ever, to bring us the Cloudious9 Hydrology9 Liquid Filtration Vaporizer. Hydrology9 Cloudious9? 9. VapeBong. 9000. Whatever.

It’s a “dry flower vaporizer with water filtration.” In theory, this could be an ultra-clean way to smoke your weed.

The packaging is tech-bro perfect. A fancy felt-lined box lets you know you’re on some next level shit, for advanced humans only. Definitely got a boutique exclusive Tesla vibe. Included in the box is the unit itself, an AC adapter and charging cables, and a tool kit that looks like it came from a dentist’s office.

The Cloudious9 Hydrology9 Liquid Filtration Vaporizer looks like a light saber. Because of course it does. It must. Right? Yes.

This is a $250 Sharper Image LifeHacker Future Keto Spillproof Pepper Grindr for the Internet VapeLordz, it has to be a bit too much. Perfect!

So yeah, how do you smoke weed out of it?

vape shoe horn

You grind up your weed and shove it in this thing’s butthole, using the provided shoehorn. A metal buttplug acts as a stir-stick while you smoke (sorry, when you commence the “inhalation session”):

vape butt plug

Remove the “borosilicate mouthpiece” and pour in some water. It doesn’t take much:

fill er up

Screw the mouthpiece back on. Hit the button a bunch of times.

The sequence will be easy to remember because if you bought this thing there’s a high probability you’re a gamer. I haven’t played video games since Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, but I’ll never forget the code to warp straight to Iron Mike (it’s 007 373 5963). Internet people will get it. To turn on Cloudious9 Hydrology9, it’s three quick presses of the button. Then you have 60 seconds to determine which of the five heating modes you desire. I don’t know why you’d desire anything less than Level 5, but there are four weaker modes available for dipshits. I choose Level 5, because I’m trying to smoke this weed, motherfucker.

red means no

LED lights will let you know when it’s time to smoke. Your new vape bong life is controlled by LED lights, get used to it. You are a FutureStoner. Red means wait.

green means go!

It takes a minute or so to heat up. Green means go, thankfully.

I’ve been smoking intermediate dad weed out of this thing for a couple weeks, and as much as it pains me to say it: this thing pretty much rules. There’s a slight learning curve, but it delivers the cleanest weed hits I’ve ever had—something those ultra portable vape pens can’t claim, let alone a pipe or a bong. I haven’t coughed from a hit yet. That’s saying something.

There’s a slick magnetic cover for the mouthpiece (did I mention it’s borosilicate?). It’s satisfying to remove it, you gotta pull a bit against the magnet. That’s fun. I’ve found spinning the buttplug as I inhale to be a bit distracting, but it does seem to help achieve a stronger pull.

That’s it. Hit the button a few more times and the thing turns off.

Overall, this thing is pretty rad!

I give it 7 out of 10 fedoras.

I can’t believe it, it should totally suck. But it doesn’t. It’s pretty expensive, but so are glass bongs. It’s super clean and very efficient. I do question its true portability when compared to a sneaky vape pen that can be hidden in a sock, but it has many advantages over smoking with a flame. Damn. This tryhard internet lightsaber vape bong is actually legit, especially in this new age of shamelessness. I’m a dork with nothing to lose, so yeah it passes the test: I think I’d actually seriously consider buying one of these. It can’t handle the capacity to fuel an entire party, but it’s gotta be the smoothest and cleanest way to smoke weed on your couch. By yourself. With the blinds drawn so nobody sees the goofy LED lights.I dig it, and I’m gonna keep it. Thanks, Yobeat!

Appendix A: can you take a vape bong boarding?

I took the Cloudious9 Hydrology9 Liquid Filtration Vaporizer splitboarding. I loaded it with weed, filled the water chamber, and shoved it in my backpack for a stroll in the snow. It worked, but I’ll probably be leaving it at home in the future. Or maybe the car. I’ll leave it in the car.

And yes, we got some pow turns that day!


Leather Case

An-Almost-Review: The Summit Plus Vaporizer by Vapium

This guy broke all of my rules. It was probably my 99th Tinder date, and by this point, I’d come up with a few deal breakers: no car, no fixed address (or a fixed address belonging to a parent), gauged ears, etc. This guy literally hit all three big no’s right on the head. Honestly I don’t even know why I went out with him the the first place.

But, the Tinder gods know better and we really hit it off. We had brunch at Acropolis and he managed to pay even though I’d soon find out he was horribly financially irresponsible. After a fun first date we ended up hanging out for a solid three weeks until he got a job at night and our schedules just didn’t work anymore. Such is life.

Of course, one of the things we had in common is our love for weed, somehow over a deep-marijuana fueled conversation I told him I’d received this Summit + Vaporizer to review. We busted it out, packed the chamber with flower and fired it up. It was quick and easy, and the battery means there’s no need to fuck with butane. A real plus. I explained how it arrived at my door step and “Gauges,” as I would come to call him, was like, “You know, I love to write!”

Since I love to shirk responsibility a lightbulb went off and I was like, ok, why don’t you take it and use it then write a review based on more than a few puffs. I mean the most important thing I look for when buying something is if it lasts more than a couple uses, right? While it seemed sleek and relatively easy to use, who knows.

Well, as stated before, Gauge’s and I’s relationship wouldn’t last, and unfortunately, my sick new vape was a casualty of the end of our affair. We did text/snapchat occasionally, each time ending with me saying, “Lemme get that vape back,” but at this point, I’ve sadly given up hope. Which is really too bad because I think it would have been great for snowboarding with- joints are just not efficient for the soggy Northwest!


MSRP: $149

Lipton Reviews: The Shaun White Gum

While on a beer run, we noticed the a familiar ginger staring up at us from the candy section in the check out line. Though hesitant to spend actual money on something endorsed by Shaun White, we couldn’t help our selves and picked up a pack to check it out so you may or may not have to! So, will Stride’s Whitemind gum make you snowboard better, faster and in closer proximity to babes? Lipton’s got you covered…

And next up, Shaun White’s entire razor scooter line!

Timmy Diamond’s First Review

We’ve still been unable to locate Diamond Donny, however, we did track down his nephew, Timmy, in Summit County. Strangely, Timmy is one of the most generic snowboarders alive, and does not seem to take after his uncle at all. In any case, we asked him to tell us a little bit more about his snowboard gear and do a few serious tests as well.

Bonfire Blur Jacket

Available in Classic and Long Fit, the best-selling Blur jacket is Fully Taped with 2-Layer Ripstop construction. Built with our exclusive Comfort Collar and Infinity Cuff extensions for customizing your internal environment. Quick connect Goggle Bag and Internal/External Chest Pocket with a one-of-a-kind ArtDump print. Also features a fused DVH (Dryview Hood) and Cuff Gloves.

Buy It

Foursquare Socket Pant

2L MicroShieldâ„¢ Pinstripe Dobby Weave
40gm Insulation
Dual Shank Fly Closure
Micro-Fleece Lined Seat & Knees
210T Taffeta Lining System
Fully Taped Seams

Buy It

Under Review: Steep (the game)

By Joshua Kodis
Park rats be warned, there are no rails in Steep. Other than the lack of jibs and some product placement that will have you sucking down Red Bulls and shitting GoPros, I’m having a blast playing this game.

When I first played Steep at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany back in August, I hated it. I waited an hour in line to play a super-shitty ten minute demo. There was no tutorial, and the controls were completely different than what I was used to (compared to any other snowboard game). I also had some German chick trying her best to explain stuff to me, but I speak maybe ten words in German, most of which are bad ones. There was also this terrible techno music blasting loud enough to penetrate the shared sweaty headsets and pollute my ear holes. It was just an all-around terrible experience. Having been looking forward to this game for quite a while, I went home from Gamescom highly disappointed. And then in November Ubisoft released an open beta for a few days to try the game out. This is when I fell in love with this game. Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, yeah, it’s that sexy?

Today was release day for Steep. After playing the game some more this morning, and then sharing my either boring or entertaining Gamescom experience, I’m ready to review this game for you: It’s awesome. You start off going through a short tutorial that runs you through the four different action sports the game offers. This is really what the demo at Gamescom could have used to prevent the crushing of my hopes for a good snowboarding game.

After the tutorial, the controls make sense and feel quite natural. For some odd reason though, they don’t explain how to do different grabs — all it takes is a trigger button and a move of the right analog in whatever direction for the desired grab/tweak. Now before all you elitists out there start whining about skiing being an option in the game, fear not, you are never forced to ski if you don’t want to. I think it was a smart feature to throw skiing into the game though. Not only will the game simply appeal to a wider audience, but this will also benefit the players since it is an online game at all times. The more people who play, the more people you’ll see bombing down runs with you. It makes the game feel more real, like there is an actual human presence in the world created for the game, but I am glad they left out lift lines. Plus, you’ll also be able to compete against those dicks on sticks if that’s more your thing.

You can also choose a wing suit, which you guessed it, allows you to fly down the slopes at high speeds dodging trees, power lines, and rocks. The last sport is paragliding. At first, this was my least favorite until I figured out the stunt button and how to score points by swooping close into cliffs without killing your character. And yes, you can die in this game. It’s a nice feature and keeps the game more realistic. If you plan your line poorly and launch off a massive cliff, you’re going to die.

Steep is without a doubt, the best looking snowboarding game ever made. The snow especially has had noticeable work put into it. How it reacts to your character, wind, and light. I acts like real snow. Being immature, I tried walking around leaving footprints with hopes to mark the hill with a snow cock in front of some other players, but they must have foreseen this threat and put a limit of footprints before older ones start to fade away.

The characters in the game are pretty customizable with different boards and clothing and the option to add other things like, yes, a GoPro. The best thing about the characters though, is how they react to the world. They’ll fumble and recover, scream when plunging off a cliff, claim banger tricks, or shout out “Oh shit” when doing arm flaps through the air. That last one had me sold on the realism of the game, because I yell out “Oh shit” while riding all the time. The world pretty much allows you to explore where ever you want to and even rewards you for doing so. Even though there are no rails in the game, which I don’t fully understand why they were left out, there is still plenty of natural features as well as some added park runs loaded with jumps to hit.

For me, Steep is the greatest snowboarding game to come out in many years. With its handcrafted slopes that provide countless detailed runs and providing different ways to come down from the summit, Steep will keep you stoked until it’s time to go riding for reals.

Viewed and Reviewed – “Second Floor: The Movie”

Words: Joey Leppien
Alright, do me a favor real quick, and picture this; it’s a holiday at your local ski resort, and the crowds are rushing in by the busload, literally. There’s children careening into every group of people like tiny, out of control kamikazes on a suicide bombing mission. Lift lines are long and painful, the terrain park turns into more of an obstacle course of avoiding said kamikazes, and the highway is backed up 3 miles from the resort. Then, you look up. Through the crowds of Jerry’s and Joey’s, you see a group of guys all reconvening at the base of the hill. These are the same guys that you see sending sketchy cliff drops, surfing the pipe, and catching virtually every little piece of tranny the resort can offer, all without ever letting their smiles leave their faces. If you’re riding at Boreal, Northstar, Mount Rose, or anywhere else in the Lake Tahoe area, odds are that this group you saw are the Second Floor guys.

A group of twenty-something college students, some graduates, all focusing on a common interest; to make a full winter video, all while having the best possible time doing so. Some hail from the area, and some hail from the east coast. The east-coast in them is very palpable, given their keen abilities to slam straight to their faces in ice cold temps, all just to pop up and laugh while hiking back up for another go. Heavy slams and even heavier makes, all combine for a comical, yet jaw-dropping movie. With deep powder turns and cliff-drops, late night street spots, indoor mini-ramps, and hilarious B-roll, these boys are well-versed at the art of keeping the audience entertained.

I truly only have two negative things to say about this video. Although, I suppose they could be taken as positives. First, I wish it were a bit longer, and I only say that because I wish I could see more of these dudes. However, I understand, first hand, how difficult it is to film a full movie while being a full time student and/or having a full time job. Even having the final project be 11 minutes is absolutely worth praise in this case. Second, and lastly, I just got so sick of how good looking they are. I’d watch 11 minutes of just their B-roll. Honestly, if they just flashed those pearly whites and winked at the camera the whole time, I’d buy ten copies and a video projector for my bedroom ceiling. Uh, anyways.

This is the perfect video to watch while drinking your morning coffee, doing yoga, eating breakfast, etc. Vibes are high and the times are clearly good for these guys. It’s very evident that they never leave a spot or mountain unsatisfied. They make the best of the times that they are given and I find that absolutely admirable. This is the group that you want to see at your local resort, and the type of group that snowboarding needs to keep around.

Watch it, enjoy it, learn from it.

• Fast paced
• Very entertaining
• Heavy slams
• Heavier makes
• Good vibes
• Great friends
• Comical B-roll
• They’re all so good-looking

• Could be longer
• They’re all so goddamn good-looking

Follow them on Instagram for more: @Second_Floor_

Video featuring:
Bryant Davis, Jake Brayton, Austin Smith, Tim Bloom, Peter Rispoli, Marco Gooding, Cory Rudolph, and Ian Weiczorek.

Watch it now!

A Reader’s Review of the Game “Mark McMorris Infinite Air”


Review by  Joshua Kodis

I like snowboarding. I also like video games. Every once in a while someone decides to combine the two. Back in the 90’s we were blessed with titles like Cool Boarders, ESPN X-Games Pro Boarder, and the legendary Amped series. Then for some reason, it became difficult to develop a fun snowboarding video game. We ended up wasting money on titles such as SSX and that god awful Shaun White game. Then there was nothing. Silent years where no game developer dared to mix those two ingredients together again. Until now, we were given a new game to slash digital pixel pow pow. Infinite Air: Featuring Mark McMorris hit the store shelves earlier this month, and here is my review.

It sucks. You can save yourself some time and stop reading right now, because that’s all you really need to know before you go and waste your mother’s hard earned cash. However, I will provide my reasons for those of you who need extra convincing. My biggest complaint with Infinite Air is its controls. Gone are the days where you could push a single button and stomp out methods and ridiculous tricks that you would never be able to pull off in the real world. Infinite Air has you pulling trigger buttons, pushing analogs, releasing everything, then pulling triggers and analogs again mid air. Controls flying all over the damn place. I have to think harder about my tricks playing Infinite Air than I do with my actual snowboard tricks. When I stomp a trick playing the game, I don’t even know what the hell I did. Anything cool I do is completely accidental.

If you can make it past the controls, the game lacks any content. I honestly think the game developers built a mountain generator, gave you the tools to place a few jumps and shit, and then decided to call it quits and let you make the damn game yourself. It gets boring really fast, since there really isn’t any purpose to play other than just cruising down the mountain. You can create and share runs with all your sucker friends who were dumb enough to buy this game, but you’ll get frustrated with the strange physics. Placing a jump or a rail is difficult due to not knowing how far you’re going to launch off the feature. You’ll hit the first kicker on your run and fly over everything else you created. They really did mean “Infinite Air.” It’s just ridiculous.

The best thing about this game are its sound effects combined with the one thing Infinite Air does well, and that’s just carving down the face of a mountain. Maybe the developers were soul-carving purists? The sound of the wind and snow as you cut lines was noticeably better than previous games I’ve played. You might — and I do stress might — get a few hours of enjoyment out of this game before you question what else you could have spent your moms money on. My advice is to wait for a price drop, which probably isn’t too far off. Or, wait and see if the next game coming out in December, Steep, is any better.

Until then, maybe skip it and watch some videos instead. Or go snowboarding. It’s winter now!

Under Review: Warp Wave’s Aurora Boardealis

“Turning was the first trick in snowboarding” – Pat “The Eye” Bridges

The Warp Wave crew is back again this year with another offering that pays homage to arguably the most important component in snowboarding: style. Style is defined as “A manner of doing something” and, “A distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.” By these definitions Warp Wave shows you what style looks like for nearly 40 minutes. The film itself is as distinctive as the riding with a funky retro soundtrack that’ll make you wish you had eaten some form of psychedelic before viewing. Aurora Boardealis separates itself from last year’s offering with a higher production value and more freestyle influence, something which I think will appeal to a broader audience.

The riding in the film honors the foundation of this culture we all love. That’s not to say this film is 40 minutes of dudes turning. It’s not. These guys know their roots and pay tribute Tahoe’s legacy as a hotbed for freestyle innovation during the 80s and 90s with progressive tricks thrown in the mix as well. In a lot of ways, Aurora Boardealis harkens back to the earliest films in the legendary Totally Board (TB) series and that’s saying a lot. Classic Tahoe spots including the Donner Summit/ASI zone and Mt. Rose are featured as the crew blends freestyle and surf style into the kind of freeriding that can only be described as masterful.

The snowboarding in the movie struck me as honest – that is to say, pure. A prominent philosophy in design suggests that the best designs are those which are stripped of everything but the most fundamental and necessary elements. To this end, the riding in the film is nearly flawless from an aesthetic perspective. It is snowboarding distilled down to it’s purest form. There is something really enjoyable about watching a capable freerider paint their way down a slope. Where they choose to slash a turn, what natural transition they air off of, and which chute they pick to pin it through all become individual signatures of their own style much in the same way one can distinguish a Van Gogh piece from a Monet. We saw that earlier this year with the Full Moon film as well. If snowboarding is not a sport, but rather an art and way of life, this film is a tribute to that notion.

Warp Wave has made a film they should be proud of without a ton of monetary support from big corporate backers. Films like this are what made many of us fall in love with snowboarding in the first place. Show your support for these dudes and snag a copy when they release it on DVD in the coming months.

Featuring: Gray Thompson, Eric Messier, Nick Russell, Jackson Fowler, Jeremy Jones, Tim Eddy, Tucker Andrews, Curtis Woodman, Taylor Carlton, Johnny Brady, Wyatt Stasinos, Zander Blackmon, Felix Mobarg, Griffin Seibert, and more…

Under Review: The Fourth Phase

My First Honest Impression of the 4th Phase
By Paul Bourdon

The Fourth Phase premiered last night on Red Bull TV, and I was excited – genuinely excited. It had been five years since the last Travis Rice film (The Art of Flight / 2011) and for the last year or so the hype surrounding the latest effort from the world’s most talented snowboarder and most gifted film crew was ever-present on nearly all snowboard related media, and rightfully so. This op-ed is going to make me sound like a hater and I really don’t want that. I have a tremendous amount of respect not only for Travis but for everyone else associated with this production… except for maybe Red Bull, but I’ll save that for another discussion. Let’s face it: Travis Rice is the best rider in snowboarding today. Hands down, end of discussion. No, he doesn’t have several olympic medals hanging around his neck, but is that really the metric we want to use to quantify who is “the best” at this artform we all love? I don’t know Travis personally, but from what I’ve heard about him, from the people who do, he’s a really good guy. He’s not one to wear cheetah printed spandex, or have rock star fantasies; he’s just a ripper from Jackson Hole, who through hard work and a level of dedication unlike anyone else’s has happened to find himself in the mainstream spotlight. I can’t really say anything bad about the guy. He’s not sending poo porn to female friends of his, and I feel like he’s a great dude to have at the forefront of snowboarding. What he and the other world-class riders in this film are capable of is nothing short of jaw dropping, but I still couldn’t make it more than 10 minutes into this film last night without my eyelids getting heavy, and my brain getting bored, ultimately forcing me to turn off the live feed and go back to watching a documentary on happiness on Netflix for the second time. And therein lies the rub….

Maybe it was the 4+ years of hype, maybe it was that Red Bull broke the internet last night (how you couldn’t allocate the appropriate amount of server space to handle the amount of hits you KNEW you were going to get on this is beyond me), maybe it’s because I’m not 16 anymore, and watching dudes throw variations on double and triple corks doesn’t really inspire me, but I was bored by the Fourth Phase before it even got started. I talked to Jens Heig from Snowboardmag about this, and even talked to Brooke about it too. Jens assured me the movie gets better and that I should give it a second chance, which I will; I plan on buying it and fast forwarding through the opening Wyoming segment with high hopes that the story that unfolds after the first ten minutes of gymnastiboarding and holds me for the duration of the movie. I want to like Fourth Phase; I really do. But, and I’m saying this with tremendous respect, the film just fell short for me last night. I was let down. I was disappointed. After talking to a couple other friends, I wasn’t the only one. It begs the question: Does every pow turn and landing really need supplemented audio? Do we really need to spend 4 years and millions of dollars making a snowboard film? I get that I’m not really who this movie is intended for; I get that this movie is intended for more of a mainstream audience and mass consumption. I realize that this movie is for the kid who wants to show his parents and grandparents snowboarding so they can say “WOW!!!! THAT IS AMAZING!!! THAT IS EXTREME!!! THAT IS DANGEROUS!!!” but is that where we’re at in snowboarding these days?

I blame Red Bull mostly. Lets face it, at the end of the day this is a multi-million dollar marketing piece for an energy drink company that sells poison to kids, dudes who vote for Trump, and drive teched out diesel trucks who like to ‘roll coal’ on cyclists and people who might have a world view wider than about six inches. And I can hear the people flaming me already, “But Red Bull has done sooo much for action sports!!!!” and you’re right, they have. I can’t deny Red Bull and other corporate sponsors have helped bring our lifestyle into the mainstream spotlight, but at what cost? We have an industry that for years has over produced product on the bet that more people will get involved after seeing films like this. The reality is, that just hasn’t happened.

Films like the Fourth Phase are amazing visual journeys no doubt, but the problem is, they aren’t accessible. I don’t know that many people travelling the world and making a living from snowboarding. Yes, there are some exceptions, but lets face it, it’s not 2003 anymore. I guess I just prefer films and edits that are more accessible. Stuff like Liam Gallagher’s ‘Search for a Cool Place’, Warp Wave’s ‘A Place Called Kookabunga’, Work Shirt’s ‘Close to Home’, and the all girls film ‘Full Moon’ and of course the classic Robot Food trilogy do way more to make me actually want to go snowboarding with my friends and speak to what I think this lifestyle is all about than any offering from Red Bull or another larger production company ever has. But hell, that’s just like my opinion….man.

Under Review: Full Moon


“There is no present without the past and no future without the present”

I was given the chance to take a look at ‘Full Moon’ this week and rather than going to a movie about competitive adult tickling, I figured I’d do my due diligence and check this film out. I figured if nothing else, maybe there’d be some boobs — low-and-behold, I was right!!  (Spoiler alert?)

Note: I’ll start by admitting some of my biases: I’m 35; I like freeriding; I like women, and I like snowboarding movies that have more to say than “we went here, went snowboarding and did über progressive, highly-technical tricks”. So with this in mind, proceed in reading this review with however many grains of salt are necessary…

Full Moon should be a part of your snowboard movie library. Period. End of story. If you’ve been around snowboarding longer than the X-Games have been in existence, you can easily remember a time when there were weren’t that many girls riding your local spot. Hell, you were probably even a part of a crew with that ‘token girl’ who you rode with that had something to prove to the boys. Every last one of us involved in snowboarding today should be thankful for the early pioneers in women’s snowboarding; people like Circe Wallace, Morgan LaFontaine, Barrett Christy, Victoria Jealouse, Tara Dakides, Jana Mayen and others who built the foundation for one of the few market segments in our industry today showing any growth at all. The future of snowboarding may simply lie in getting more girls on snowboards.

Full Moon honors this legacy and looks to build a secure future for women’s snowboarding by inspiring the next generation of female riders with aesthetically beautiful riding that is not only graceful, but powerful and strong as well. Everything you’d expect from a classic shred flick is here: exotic locations, classic PNW pillows, plenty of powder and a great story. Don’t sleep on this film. Grab yourself a copy here, and support this badass group of women who no doubt ride better and harder than 99% of the people reading this….myself included.

Starring: Annie Boulanger, Robin Van Gyn, Marie France Roy, Helen Schettini, Leanne Pelosi, Hana Beaman, Jamie Anderson

Directed By: Leanne Pelosi and Clayton Larsen

Check out the trailer below and rent or buy it. You’ll like it. 

Under Review: UKPro Pole


Words: AJ Ogden

Over the last month, I’ve gone snowboarding. Often alone, but that leaves it up to you to believe if I went or not. But with the help of my UK Mounts for my GoPro, I’m not leaving it up to you, because I can film it.

Because, really, with it being 2016, does it really happen if you don’t film it?

Anyways, these mounts are pretty tight; they hold the GoPro as they claim, with the standard screw attachment method. They provide plenty of combination attachments to create your own transformer Frankenstein of a contraption to get those unique and never before seen selfie angles. One issue I had was that they weren’t compatible with my other GoPro mounts and since snowboarding and alternative action activities are expensive enough, that would be a welcome feature but business is business, I get it.


With the main pole mount it has the ability to extend three times it’s compact length so who needs a heli filming when I can have that overhead? It’s awesome. And you can swat drones too if need be.

With the mini extension add on you can get some cool contorted angles; so if you rig it right, you can make those flat spins into quad corks.


Oh and the main pole mount, has a floatation wrap on it so when you are getting extreme at the pond skim, and drop it in the water, you’re all good! I didn’t get to any pond skims this year but it was blazingly hot the other day so I went to the river, on my way there, I threw the whole contraption in a creek, to my satisfaction, it floated and I still have the thing.

Here are some clips that barely relate to what I just rambled on about.

Bottom line, these things work and you can get creative with the builds that you want so you can get those hot angles for when you go pro. Or at least make some interesting dad cam edits.


Under Review: The Seasons Collection – The Book

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.21.22 AM

The Seasons Collection is an impressive coffee table book from an even more impressive project, a 150 hardcovered-page recap Matt Alberts’ inspirational journey. Sponsored by Cadillac, Matt traveled in luxury (brand new Cadillacs and and airstream is hardly “camping”) to visit some of the coolest people in the world, in some of the best and most beautiful places, and capture it all on not just film, but wet collodion tin types that will last forever and ever.

The book was actually written by Bonfire founder Brad Steward. Though it is mainly photos, the short version of the journey (we’re sure there are many, many more tales of amazing things Matt got to do over the course of the year that got left out) is beautifully written in a voice you can authentically believe to be Matt’s. And being authentic is what really matters, right?

The words are interesting, but the book is really about the photos, which are a mix between digital and tin types. The tin types vary from haunting portraits on blank backgrounds to people in their natural environment. Because the tin type process makes eyes look creepy as hell, the close up portraits may very well haunt you in your dreams, but we promise, these people are all very much alive and living life, as they say.

We would be irresponsible to mention there are only three seasons (snow, water and sun) in the book. Kind of a let down because we wanted more, so we hope Matt gets to keep those Cadillacs and do Canada next. If so, he’ll need gas money, and you can support the cause by owning your own copy. The book is for sale on for $70.


Modern Cures for Altitude Sickness


I do not do well at high altitude. This is an unfortunate fact, given part of my job is to trek to mountain towns and then proceed to do active things during the day and drown myself in booze at night. I’ve basically accepted that I will have a throbbing headache and little to no appetite anytime I go over 7,000 feet (this is part of the reason I stay away from Colorado.)

But it’s 2016, and since it seems like they’ve figured out solutions for just about everything these days, I thought maybe it would make sense to test out some products that claim to help with this affliction. And wouldn’t you know a couple of very nice PR people sent me some products they claimed might help.


The first one I tried out was Beet Performer Beet juice. Since beets grow underground, they probably negate the altitude thing, right? Who knows, but Beet Performer makes all sorts of claims unsubstantiated by the FDA on the can, such as it can aid in your cardiovascular health. With a pounding headache at around 8,500 feet, I decided to give it a shot.

My first impressions, it’s thick and would likely make a really good hair or clothing die. It smells like dirt, which is basically because that’s what beets smell like. While perhaps more appropriate for a vampire-themed party, I bravely took a sip. The verdict, it tastes like beets. Now with each sip I took and each bold claim I read on the label, I will say I did feel a bit better. And when I was finished, I really didn’t have a headache anymore. Was it the juice? The passage of time? Placebo effect? The world may never know, but I didn’t regret drinking it, so that’s something!

Get some: Beet Performer Juice


Another product on the market I tested, one which seems a bit more logical, is Oxygen Plus – mini canisters of grapefruit-flavored, oxygen-infused air. Although I was feeling pretty good after my beet juice regimen, I decided to take a few breaths of these as well to see if I would feel super human, or at least, motivated to leave the hotel room. In a process which somewhat reminded me of doing whip-its in high school, you take the little canister and spray air into your mouth and inhale deeply. I wouldn’t say it tasted like grapefruit, or anything really, and it didn’t have the fun giggle-effects of nitrous. No, it pretty much did nothing apparent. That said, I kept taking hits and I did make it out of the hotel room that night.

Get some: O+ 6-Pack Mini Natural

After my extensive testing, I have decided that the best treatment for altitude sickness is still a shit ton of water and a couple Advil. But if you’re like me, these products may be worth a shot for improving your high-altitude experience.

Three Things I Don’t Know How I Lived Without Until Now


Since moving to Boise, I’ve found myself on the road a lot. Luckily, gas is cheap and a few key items are keeping me happy while I trek around the American west. Because I assume I received these items in hopes of coverage, I will now so my best to make PR people around the industry look good with a list highlighting a few of the items I’ve received that I would not want to live without this winter.

Vans Sk8-HI MTE Shoes


The Vans Mountain Edition hi-tops have been keeping my feet dry, warm and happy all winter. Whether it’s a freak ice storm in Portland or a much of slush in Idaho, I can honestly say that I have yet to have these shoes soak through. They also have super grippy soles, which is good when your coordination and walking skills are as poor as mine. Mostly though, I like these because they look good with skinny jeans and I can pretend I am being fashionable, while enjoying all the function of winter shoes.

Sony a6000 Camera


If you caught my camera article before it was deemed “too spammy” then you’ll know I can’t shut the fuck up about the new a6000. Sony’s camera game is on point and this mirrorless camera is small enough to fit in my pocket while riding or the center console of my car while driving, meaning it’s pretty much always available to get the shot (number one feature I look for in a camera!) Then it succeeds in taking really, really good photos. While obviously there is skill involved in photography and the right operator can make magic with any camera, the Sony a6000 takes out most of the guess work. Honestly, I’ve been shooting all winter on intelligent auto and am yet to be grossly disappointed by a photo I thought would come out well. Not sure how it works, but it does.

Thule x Stanley Mug


Did you know Thule makes more than just racks and boxes for cars? Well, they do. In addition to a rugged iPhone case I have not yet managed to destroy, I also lucked into a Thule x Stanley mug, which I’ve found most gas stations will let you fill with coffee for $1. In addition to the savings, it keeps the coffee hot (almost too hot!) I left it in the car when it was well under freezing, and when I came back, the remaining coffee (of which there was plenty because it fits a lot of the damn stuff) was still hot and drinkable. And while I’m sure you could get a similar mug without a Thule label, it wouldn’t be quite the same, so track down one of these where ever they are sold.

So there you have it, three items that can/will make your life better, according to me. And none of these guys even pay us any money!