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DC Shreddfest 2016


– Men –
1: Jesse Augestinus
2: Niek van der Velden
3: Kasper de Zoete – Women –
1: Kim Stuffers
2: Babs Barnhoorn
3: Sofie Brederveld – Kids –
1: Duarte Pereira
2: Matthias Kral
3: Gib van der Sluis

Shoot the Moon: Tailgate Alaska 2016 Wraps Up


Valdez, Alaska – April 27, 2016 – Tailgate Alaska wrapped up the now legendary ninth annual event on Thompson Pass on April tenth, making it the longest running, purely wintersports event in Alaska.

Alaska is the dream of snowboarders from around the world and for nine years, Tailgate Alaska has helped make the trip safe, affordable and unforgettable.


According to Olympian Tailgater Julia Dujmovits, “The first thing I decided when I won the gold medal was to come to Alaska… Tailgate has been awesome. This is just amazing.”

With zero approach access to 1.6 million acres of terrain, there are literally hundreds of glaciers and hundreds of thousands of peaks surrounding the Thompson Pass basecamp. For ten days, Tailgate Alaska puts riders in the heart of Mother Nature’s greatest snowboard park. It’s hard to even comprehend the magnitude of the Chugach Mountains – and when it went blue, teams of backcountry riders from 16 countries, explored and challenged themselves with snowboarding’s ultimate rubix cube.


Alaskan patience is an acquired skill, and waiting out the weather is a mandatory part of every trip. Tailgate Alaska fills these times with daily classes taught by the Alaska Avalanche Information Center, events like the Wizard Stick Slalom, Frankenbanken Big Air and Polaris Snowmobile’s Riding Clinic.

At night, Tailgater’s celebrated with savage parties, bonfires, Man Games After Dark, and live music including a northern lights, bonfire performance by Justin Boots and two floor breaking shows by The Shoot Dangs that went until the morning hours.


According to pro rider John Jackson, “The Shoot Dangs were great. We got their CD and are listening to it every morning. That party was crazy.”

Ultimately, Tailgate Alaska is about creating unique and pinnacle mountain experiences through mentorship and brotherhood for those that covet the ultimate mountains and snow conditions that Valdez, Alaska offers.

Participants agree. Five time Tailgater Jimmy Laghezza said, “I had the single best day ever this year. I drove a snowmobile to the top of one of these peaks for the first time and went inside a glacier. It was terrifying. It was amazing. I’ll never forget it.”


As spring dawns on Valdez, Alaska, the Tailgate Family returned to all points on the globe, from Australia to Austria, and Hong Kong to Costa Rica, fulfilled with new mountain experiences, friendships and knowledge, and a deep desire to return next year, because even after years of riding and exploring these mountains, you still have everything to learn.

For more information, check out www.tailgatealaska.com.




Appertiff Team Battle 2016

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Save Granite Peak Parks!

Please Help Us Save Granite Peak Parks. Reach into your Hearts and Share this video. Granite Peak Park CrewGranite Peak Ski AreaAdam NicksMitch HoltzDom SwangstuRide Snowboards

Posted by Scott Moline on Saturday, April 9, 2016

According to the locals at Granite Peak Parks, next year the park scene will be hurting in a bad way.

We are getting our parks cut because the owner of the resort, charles. Thinks we are are all worthless scum punks who hurt his bottem line by scaring families away from his resort. He even goes so far as to set prices higher to stop certain types of people from coming and he treats the workers like shit. (cuts hours and pays next to nothing along with employee taxing for work uniforms.) This video is ment to be a joke however. sort of satire on our situatition. but with recent deveoplmets in the mid-west ski resort economy (ie wilmot being bought by vail to get chicago families) and Granite Peak loosing lots of money this year we are trying to re Brand our hill as a local’s hill and not stupid corporation that is not in touch with ski culture and the people who use the resort.

Social media outrage may not change the fate of the park crew, but it certainly can’t hurt, so share this video with your friends and let em know!

Snowboard Raffle to Benefit the Stone Hut


Locals and lovers of the Stone Hut in Stowe have teamed up with Never Summer to give away a board with the proceeds benefitting the rebuilding of the Stone Hut, which burned down under questionable circumstances this winter.

Raffle tickets are now on sale for $10 each at stowetoday.com/stonehut via Paypal. No more than 500 tickets will be sold. Ticket sales will close April 7 and a winner will be selected April 8.

If you don’t want a Never Summer snowboard but still want to help, donations can also be sent directly to Vermont Parks Forever, the foundation for Vermont state parks, at vermontparksforever.org. As of this week, 39 donors had donated an average of $137 to the Stone Hut fund, a total of just over $5,300.

Buy raffle tickets here: http://www.stowetoday.com/stonehut/

Travis Strunk Gets a Job Spraying Gravy


Constantly evolving, never staying still, learning from the past and pioneering the future.
Obsessed with standout style and human potential, with huge smiles and stinky methods, Spraying Gravy would like to announce the addition of Travis Strunk to their all star lineup of reps, brands, retailers and experiences.

Travis, a Poconos native grew up as a Gravy Sprayer rep rider holding down the Big Boulder movement over the last decade plus. Recognizing his great relationships, tireless loyalty and his ability to be ridiculously diligent, we carved out a lead sales role here at the agency for Travis. While most brands and agencies are downsizing, Spraying Gravy is investing over here in East Coast sales people to help tell our brands very genuine stories.

We are huge proponents that brands are people and you gotta work with who works well with you and elevates everyones potential. Travis is definitively one of those people and for that we are already that much better. Welcome to the team Travis!

Spraying Gravy is an award winning full service sales and marketing agency located in the epicenter of the East Coast representing NJ, NY and PA.
The farm to table type approach keeps us in the streets on the daily.
We are NOT showroom reps and follow product from launch to sell through and all the minutia in betwixt.
We represent and have been day oner’s at premium brands like Stance, Skullcandy, Wolfgang, Celtek and Arcade.
Have been heavily involved with Salomon Snowboards and Bonfire for over 16 years and aligned with best in class brands like Sanuk, Brixton and Airblaster for many moons.

POW Gloves, Holden Outerwear and Spacecraft Collective Sold to Separate Buyers

According to an article on Business Wire, Columbia Pacific Advisors has offloaded Spacecraft, Pow and Holden to three separate buyers.

POW Gloves was sold to Rojo Australia, a snow apparel company based in Torquay, Australia, with strong international links in the snow market globally. Rojo has retained the executive team and is working on a business-as-usual approach for all markets. POW Gloves, a leader in cold weather gloves, was fostered out of the love of snow and outdoor activities and the need for no-nonsense hand wear that is built to last.


Holden Outerwear was sold to private investors. Holden Outerwear was founded by professional snowboarder Mikey LeBlanc and designer Scott Zergebel with a mission to create apparel built on values of quality, style, fit and environmental awareness. Both LeBlanc and Zergebel will continue with the brand under the new ownership.


Spacecraft Collective was sold to Omen Longboards, a skateboard company based in Lynnwood, Wash. Spacecraft Collective makes headwear, apparel and accessories, merging art with outdoor activities.

Full Article here.

The 7th Annual Wheels of Fortune Skate Comp May 8th

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 2.44.02 PM

On May 8, we will be holding the 7th Annual Wheels of Fortune (WOF) Female Skateboarding Showcase. The contest is the largest female specific skateboarding event in the world. We anticipate over 100 participants, with girls coming in from Japan, the Netherlands, Canada, and all over the United States. More information on WOF here:


Okemo Death Squad: Walmart Should be Closed forever

The okemo death squad is back and here to drink your beer.
In order of appearance – josh barr, john garoutte, lane lantas, jesse gomez, joey okesson, jason bayne, dan ciminno, casey savage, thomas wescott, tim major
okemo sugarbush mad river glen (poach!!!!) and killington

The Loon Project

You’ve seen it on social media and probably some other site, now watch the brain child of Snowboy Productions, Scott Stevens and the crew at Loon here!

Edit: Jon Stark

NoiseApp: Now With the Essence of Pure Flavor


This week Noisapp just came out with a fresh new version with up to 10x more radness and and at least 3x more flavor. Noisapp still has the same great taste but now it come with preset flavors for all the other kooky activities snowboarders do to ‘train’ in the off season. It’s also got a cool banner so people can get hyped about other snowboarding shit whenever they open Noisapp =) 

Anyways hope you are doing well, I know you don’t personally listen to music when you ride, but if you got any obnoxious friends still fumbling around with headphones on the mountain, this is a must have update to increase freshness by 137% and reduce douchebaggery by a least 88%



This year we’re bringing the demo to Laax, Switzerland! Our European team will be there having a good time in a refreshing non-competitive environment on both April 7th and 8th at 11am!

Come join Toni Kerkela, Benny Urban, Kas Lemmens, Dominik Wagner, Bob Van Unnik, Ovind Fyske, Jessi Alfredo, Simon Pircher, Basi Rittig, and Cees Wille for some on-hill fun!

Always the best time of the year.


Is it Too Deep for Tailgate Alaska?


Valdez, Alaska – March 23, 2016 – Tailgate Alaska is excited to kick off our 9th annual event on Thompson Pass April first ( April 1 – 10, 2016.) This year has seen a record snowfall in Alaska. This year is not like the others.

According to event Tailgate Alaska founder Mark Sullivan, “Just in the past week we have had between four and six feet of snow. And we are due for another huge storm – seven more days of snow – clearing the day Tailgate starts. If you have dreamed of going to Alaska – this year is off the charts.”

It will certainly be a season to remember in Alaska. Already both Scotty Lago and Travis Rice have spent considerable time in the Tailgate Alaska arena, filming for upcoming projects on the Thompson Pass corridor. This year everything is filled in more – and new lines and possibilities abound. Photographer Clyde Hewitt summed it up, “This isn’t blower, it’s choker.”

“Our goal is to share the best mountains and snow conditions in the world, and this year will not disappoint.” said Sullivan.

Right now, we have a stable snowpack – and it is deep. The Tailgate Alaska lot has huge snowbanks – and has required constant plowing and digging to keep open. This year, Alaska is different.

“Being on Thompson pass is the ultimate dream come true. I can’t imagine anywhere else I’d rather be right now. If you dream about big mountain riding, this is the place to make it real. We are walking in the footsteps of giants.” According to Russel Corn, upcoming freerider from Colorado.

There are still some tickets available for this year’s Tailgate Alaska. With free snow safety classes, an on-site rescue team, daily entertainment, and amenities to make the trip comfortable, Tailgate Alaska makes the trip affordable and safe.Tailgate Alaska kicks off on April first. Get ready. It is deep. Bring an extra shovel and snorkel. And leave your war chest of excuses at home.

For more information, check out www.tailgatealaska.com.
Tickets are available at www.worldfreeridefestival.com.

A New Twist is Added to the 10th Annual Full Sail Banked Slalom Saturday April 2


Course venue moved to “The Tunnel of Love”

More naturally technical and fun course to challenge competitors

$5000 prize purse thanks to sponsor Full Sail Brewing

MT. HOOD, OR (Immediate Release) – Registration is underway for the 10th Annual Full Sail Banked Slalom, to be presented at Mt. Hood Meadows Saturday April 2. A new twist has been added to celebrate the 10th annual event – the course will be moved to a fun and novel venue – Tunnel of Love! This natural banked slalom has been a favorite at Meadows for years, tight, natural banked turns located between Ridge Run and Chunky Swirly.

A banked slalom is a similar to a slalom course, with the turns built up to allow competitors to carry speed through each turn using the banked wall. In the past the course has been built on a traditional ski run using snowcats to build the berms.

The natural “Tunnel of Love” course will be “ridden in” and hand dug by crews with minimal snow cat work at the top and bottom of the course. This creates a more naturally technical course that many competitors have requested in the past. The start of the course will be at the Mazot mid-mountain restaurant and will provide an excellent venue for showcasing the event.

The new venue and design will be a fun and challenging course for competitors. But stepping it up will put the event on par with other national banked slalom events, attract top tier riders and create a fun atmosphere for spectators.

Registration is open now with men’s and women’s ski and snowboard divisions, in three age groups:

Junior (age 18 and under) | Masters (age 35+) | Open Registration. Full Sail Brewing is the event sponsor, putting up a $5000 prize purse for the event.

For more information or to register visit the resort website, SkiHood.com/BankedSlalom.


It’s the Alday crew edit of the 2016 Mongo Smash Rail Jam at Eagle Point Resort Utah.