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Sur La Rue: Viva Norway!

There has just not been much snow in Quebec City, so we decided to go film in Stale’s neighborhood, aka the land of the Norse, aka, Norway. The two first days were pretty hard, we were all jet lagged big time. I went to sleep around 11 pm super tired one night and woke up […]

Sur La Rue: One of Those Weeks

I spent the week in Quebec City again, where things could have gone a bit better. The snow wasn’t so great. Some of the spots we tried to hit were actually surrounded by grass, which is a bit unusual for Quebec (coldest place on earth) during January. We did what we could to film some […]

Sur La Rue: New Years in Quebecois

Christmas was rough, a lot of cheering and a lot of food. Then New Year came and it was kind of the same deal, more party than snowboard, but it was good. I normally go back to my parents’ place and spend new years with them, but this year I felt like partying with my […]

Sur La Rue: Christmas in Quebec

Christmas went by really fast — dinner on Christmas eve and another one Christmas. On the 25th we get together with ALL the family I see once or twice a year, so you can imagine what kind of discussions we have. Most of the people in my family don’t really understand what I’m doing, so […]

Sur La Rue: Holiday Travel Edition

My week started off in Breckenridge, where my roommate Craig McMorris made the above video. I’ve been wanting to ride this rail since I arrived, and we finally did, on the last day of our stay in Breck. After a quick session, it was time to head home. I was supposed to fly out of […]

Sur La Rue: California Dreamin’

I started this week in Mammoth, where we had a meeting for Quiksilver, but it turned into a little summer vacation. Our flight got canceled on the way there, which gave us a whole day in LA. We went to Venice to see what was going on. From Venice we went to Mammoth for a […]

Sur La Rue: Colorado to California

Hey yo, I spent another week in Breckenridge. We rode some park and some pow, and the ski patrol got a bit overzealous, cutting passes and living out their wannabe cop fantasies. Right now I’m actually in L.A. though, waiting for my flight to Mammoth. At first the flight got delayed two hour.  They told […]

Sur Ra Lue Hits Keystone

This week, I’ve been shredding the park in Keystone with friends. The park is pretty cool — a bunch rails and 5 jumps that can all be hit it the same run. A few people got sprayed and many skiers got cut in line. You know the drill. First, here is an edit of some […]

Sur La Rue with Will Lavinge Finally Sees Snow

Even though I am Canadian, I have something to be thankful for today. I made it to Breckenridge (finally) and there is so much snow here! It is pretty cold, it was -16 (about 3 degrees American) yesterday. We made due though, and I put together this mini edit with Alex Cantin, Louif Paradis, Phil […]

Sur La Rue with Will Lavigne

If you’re not up on your High School french, sur la rue means “on the road,” which is this idea of this column. Unfortunately, this week as been super low on activities, as I had to stay home for an extra week to get surgery. I know the word surgery sounds pretty bad but it […]

Sur la Rue with Will Lavigne

Will Lavigne here, reporting for duty. Starting today, and every Thursday, I will be posting photos, videos, and telling stories here on Yobeat from what’s going on around me on the road this season. Right now, here are a few photos from Halloween, since we don’t have any real snow yet in Quebec City. I’m […]