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Story Time with Uncle Russ Russ: The Final Am Stand

Have you ever woken up late for a cross country flight being stared down by an 8ft snake wondering, where what why and how???? Well that’s the way my trip to my last Am contest started. The night before the flight me and some so-called buddies went out for some dinner, drinks, dancing and some […]

Ask Uncle Russ Russ

If you haven’t been paying attention, every Friday Russell Winfield has been sharing tales from his glory days of professional snowboarding. This week though, we wanted to appeal more to the “kids” and opened things up for questions in the forum, which Russ so graciously answered. Do you need advice, or just have a question […]

Story Time with Uncle Russ Russ: Toy Soldiers

Another week, another story from the legend and total gentleman Mr. Russell Winfield. Sit down, gather ’round and enjoy Uncle Russ Russ’ first story as told on American soil. Trade shows are a very important part of the action sports industry and culture, and the Fall show seems to be the show that releases a […]

Story time with Uncle Russ Russ: New Zealand Part I

Russell finally takes us out of Euroland this week to drag our asses down to New Zealand. While with the Ride pro team they stumble upon this and that and guess what, get hammered. Continue following the globetrotting adventures and hilarious antics of one of snowboardings greatest legends. For your enjoyment, here is Part 1 […]