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VOTE NOW! Drew’s Worst Injury Ever Giveaway Presented by RED

***The entries have closed. Thanks to every one who entered and congratulations to Mayhem (Comment #38), Fondi (Comment #25) and MN (comment #5) the winners of our random drawing. For the rest of you, there are still two more helmets to giveaway. We’ve picked out some our favorite gnarly/harrowing/hilarious/frightening stories for you to vote on. […]

Winters Children. Dateline: NYC

A little over a year ago, Jim Mangan called me up, inviting me to his house to discuss a potential project. At the time, Jim had recently stepped down from his position at Park City Mountain Resort, and I knew he was looking to shake things up. I arrived along with Justin Parkhurst, and Jim […]

Rail Gardens “THE MOVIE” Teaser

Mad tricks, mad lips, mad homies, no homo. Club Boya sets out to log as many tricks at the Rail Gardens as possible. I hear Ted Borland has compiled a list of some never-been-done-next-level-shit. Clubboya das wuhsuhh! Featuring: Justin Keniston, Dave Kerwin, Ted Borland, Brandon Hammid, Matty Mo, Johnny Brady, Parker Duke, Jayell White, Matt […]

Have Fun and Win With Academy

Have you heard? Snowboarding is fun! The crew at Academy has been having fun snowboarding since 2002, and hopes you have been too. If you can prove it with a photo, you might just be having fun this season on a brand new Academy Propaganda snowboard. We want you to send in a picture of […]

Getting Sick with Club Boya!

Chris Beresford, Scott Stevens, Drunk Dave, Drunk Dad, Sean Black, Marquise de Blout and Roobs ride Brighton as a tribute to Granger’s morning phlegm, coughing loud, sore throat thing that’s disgusting. clubboya.blogspot.com

The Real Life COMUNE Premiere (In So Cal)

Photos and real life experience by Drew Amer This past weekend, Cale Zima, Justin Keniston, and myself drove from SLC to LA for the COMUNE premiere of “Black Holes an Invisible Forces Bending Time Through Particle Deformations Creating Infinite Freedom in the Garden on the Moon.” Besides watching some boarding videos and getting mixed up […]

Postcards From Home

A touching look at snowboard history and memorabilia by Drew Amer It was the winter of 1995. I was in the fourth grade. My family took our first ski trip out west, to Beaver Creek. Unknown to me at the time, Beaver Creek, Vail, and the outlying Summit Country, CO area had some legit shit […]