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How to Explain Snowboarding to Your Extended Family

Much like immediate family, extended family is trouble. They likely have similar genetic makeup to you, and you are a good-for-nothing snowboarder. But if you are forced to interact with extended family, which you might endure in order to consume some of Aunt Beth’s homemade pecan pie, you will undoubtedly be dealt the question, “What […]

Snowboard Events Rejected from the Winter Olympics

Editor’s Note: This article was originally intended for run in The New York Times new “We Like Snowboarders” section. But the publishers discovered that the author is a complete idiot and doesn’t snowboard. Plus, Hannah Teter’s pursuits of saving Africa with candy are far more interesting. The International Olympic Committee has found the inclusion of […]

Dear Santa: AHart’s X-Mas Wishlist

Editor: YoBeat and its contributors have needs and wants, just like anyone else this holiday season. But rather than sending off our letters to the big man in red using the antiquated post office, we’re giving this new media thing a shot, and hoping for better results. We know for a fact Santa is a […]

The Authoritative Guide to Product Reviews

Hello again snowboard land. I regret for being out of touch, as I have been focusing on climbing the retail clerk ladder at Zumiez. But I am compelled to share some thoughts on selecting snowboard equipment as the season change and my sales shift from board-shorts to beanies. Pairing a kid with snowboard gear used […]

How to Start Your Own Company

There are many rites of passage in snowboardumb — first pow slash, losing your wallet on the slopes, “experimenting” with skinny snow pants, realizing that you are not that good — but perhaps the most momentous is starting your own snowboard “lifestyle” company. Even in these uncertain economic times, the demand for further saturating the […]

Kinko de Mayo!

Nothing says fun like a bunny and boardin’! Photo Greg Miller I cannot tell you how ashamed I am that my homecoming post to Yobeat is about a goddamn rail jam. I fear it is a sign that I am forever doomed to watching little kids goof around pieces of metal hoping to win a […]

Great Depression Shreddin’

Snowboarding is far from a low-income friendly activity. Between the costs of updating equipment several times each season, travel, lift tickets and candy, it is no surprise that snowboarding’s populous is comprised of white suburban-dwelling bourgeoisie. Youngsters are only able to make it up to the hill because of financial support of their exasperated parents. […]