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|3.5.08 |

I didn't think it would ever happen, but Yobeat has been replaced as "the best site on the 'net." I spent about two weeks archiving and editing, etc to produce brookegeery.com. So far content includes kitty soccer and a video about kids mistaking my friend for a pro, among other writing and photography from my past. Anyway, it's good, and was responsible for generating 200% of leecrane.com's traffic. So if you haven't checked out, now is the time. Soon we will have an RSS feed of it on this site, but to get the full effect, you need to visit it yourself. brookegeery.com. yaheard.


|1.29.07 |

My Ichat name still makes reference to this site. Apparently I am now known as more than just the girl who shittalks on the internet and started Yobeat, so people often ask me WTF is Yobeat? It sort of makes me sad that despite our amazing google rank and years and years of content, not everyone in the action sports industry knows the name Yobeat. Do you think it's because I update once a month? Maybe because even now Yobeat is still a totally stupid name? I don't know, but whatever it is, I am going to do my best to get the Yobeat name out there once again. I even bougth brookegeery.com and had in redirect to this site. Maybe someday Yobeat will recapture the glory of what once was. Maybe not.



Well 2007 is pretty much a wrap. Big year. I became a blogger. I mean, I've techically always been a blogger but now it's officially called that and I guess I have come to terms with it. Other than that, I got a cat, a new camera and I still don't update this site much. I am on the east coast right now and had dinner with Rachel and her new boyfriend last night. He wasn't aware of her booze holding abilites of yore. I set the record straight. But oh how times have changed. I think the most exciting thing though is that I like snowboarding again. I have gone something like 6 times to Meadows already this season, which is a lot considering its really far away. I've ridden knee deep powder twice. I am sort of learning the mountain. Oh and I got studded tires. So yeah, big year. Maybe in 2008 I will update this site more like I always say I will. But for now I selected "drink less" in the below poll. One can hope.



I left my house the other night, and ran in to none other than Jared Slater. Jared is a friend from the Killington days, Grenade videographer and all around rad dude. He, as many people i know from the olden days often do, asked when Yobeat was going to make a comeback. The short answer: never. But I do get inspired from time to time (such as now) and so I updated. I figure our ramp plans will get us tons of google hits and maybe a sponsor to pay us money. In other new, Rachel recently came to visit me in Portland and she is going to move here (whether she knows it or not.) She enjoyed intorducing herself as "Yobeat's silent partner" to any random east coast snowboard folk we encountered (yes, there were a few.) Um, snowboard season is about to start. I am sort of excited. Write me emails. Cool.


| 6.23.07 |
Since it has become increasingly apparent I am not good at updating this, I am going to go with something timeless. So check back every month or so for when I get around to putting up the new best week ever (only my mom actually reads it on here--everyone else in the world is Sarah's myspace friend.) I've got my boyfriend putting up new pictures. Don't mind the helmet and elbow pads, they are required. Rachel went to Isreal. Hopefully she comes back soon. Kevin is turning 30. I suggest crashing his birthday party. Damn it, neither of those are timeless. I suck.



I was recently alerted to a thread on the Transworld Message boards about Yobeat. Unlike most threads, it was positive. People talking about how they used to like Yobeat. I remember when Yobeat was good too. Those were the days. I was also in High School. But anyway, it inspired me to put up a real snowboarding story. Actually, it is about the X Games, so I don't know how legit that is. I don't actually know how to spell the winner's name, so I just went with both possible spellings. In other news, I've been snowboarding a lot this season. No, wait, I've been around snowboarding a lot this season. It's cool. I keep meeting people who remember when Yobeat was good. Oh yeah, supposedly we are starting a Yobeat blog, so any one interested in blogging should apply within. Thanks.



For my New Years Resolution, I have been debating what I should do. I know you are probably supposed to make a resolution before its actually the new year, but I'm still not sure. I've considered "drink more," but these days I am pretty much a grandma and I don't think I could hack it. I've also considering "update Yobeat more" but we all know that's not really happening. I think I am going to go with "snowboard more." I mean, I do have a season's pass, some sweet Flow gear, and an extreme reputation to uphold. Since I make it skateboarding about once a week these days, its really something I should do. So it's settled: snowboard more!



It's beginning to look a lot like Winter here in Portland. Hell, its supposed to snow Monday. You know I will be out doing some urban boarding (pause) not!. I have been working hard to help get all of Grenade sweet gear out to shops and also writing stories about snowboarding, so I am getting psyched. Unfortunately, the road to Meadows washed out a few weeks ago, and well, that's where I have a pass. But when they do open (December 16th), I am totally going to be the first one in line. Oh wait, I will actually be at the Grand Prix in Breckenridge, but close enough. On the 17th, I will be the first one in line!



Last time I wrote one of these I was feeling really deep. Hence the one liner. That's what people do when they are being deep, the only write one line. Anyway, I am not feeling that deep right now So I am going to use more words and say even less. It's a skill, I know. So I have a season pass this year and if you want to drive me up to Mt. Hood Meadows I will totally snowboard with you. How's that for a deal?



It's almost winter.



Big excitement in Portland, the Dew Tour is in town! I am really excited because I think this is officially my 1,000,000 extreme event. Plus I somehow got myself responsible for covering BMX. Its exciting stuff. So far I know that a lot of them are vegetarian, and I can totally pick out a flair. So I figure at this rate, Yobeat should be switching over to a BMX site by the end of the month. Hope you are excited.



Some of you have been using our new email address a little too much. There is the girl who keeps trying to sell me wetsuits, and the emporer of Zimbabwie who wants to transfer his fortune to me. The rest of you have not emailed us and it makes me sad. Again, its [email protected] Other than that, it's hot as hell everywhere, and I like just sitting around infront of my airconditioner. Thanks to our new poll, you can vote for your favorite way to stay cool. So go do that now and try not to break a sweat in the process.



Big news, we have a new email address. Since everyone emails us so often, I figured I'd better make this announcement before the old one even goes out of commission. But my family finally got highspeed internet, so they are cancelling my trusty AOL account. From now on if you wish to write to us, type [email protected] into the to line on your email server and we'll be sure to respond. thanks



Some of you may know that I have gotten myself invovled in yet another extreme activity. This time, it's wakeskating. Whatever, I know it's kind stupid, but so is snowboarding, right? Anyway, I ended up in the deep south for a wakeskate trip last week, and let me tell you, I almost miss standing in the cold. Something about getting stuck in a dry county over night, and sleeping in parking lots cause no one wants to pony up for a hotel just doesn't do it for me. So I've decided to give myself a vacation and I am heading up to Alaska next weekend. I am going to make out with so many eskimos, and I may even marry one of them on 6.6.06 as a joke. Who knows, I'll keep you posted.



Summer pretty much kicked off last week in Portland. Global warming decided that it should be 90 all week, so it was. I'm not really complaining, in fact, I love the heat so much I am driving to Georgia this weekend. The Oklahoma City park looks extra epic, so if you live in that area, watch out, I will be there soon.



Hola. Merry Cinco de Mayo. Not a lot of people know about Yobeat's rich Mexican heritage, but we like Corona and Tecate and we will be celebrating in our sombreros. In other news, it makes me laugh really hard when other sites (with nothing to do with being xtreme) link to Yobeat. But this one is especially amazing. Click on Sinners in Las Vegas. Doesn't seem like it would be hard to figure out that the story is about snowboarders, but who knows.



Our first ever backpack giveaway is over and we are currently divising the most random way possible to determine the winners. While we are doing that, you should add us as your myspace friend. Sarah Morrison already has so you know its big time. Thx for the add!


p.s. The winners of the giveaway are Tien Jo of West Hampton, NY and Brian Hampton of Falls Church, VA. We will have them send us photos of themselves with their sweet new packs for all of you haters who don't beleive Yobeat will actually give anything away.


Spring in the air here in Portland, and you know what that means? My birthday is coming up. April 4th. Send your presents now so they get here in time. No but seriously, maybe we will send you presents if you enter our backpack giveaway. There is still one day left so send your name, address and email to [email protected]



The Olympics are over. America totally kicked ass. Now we're on to bigger and better things, such as a Da Kine skate pack giveaway. We've got two of the hottest, newest packs and we're totally giving them away. You should read the review of all the skate packs to you right, but to enter to win all you have to do is send an email to [email protected] with the subject line: "I want a free Da Kine Backpack." Please include your name, address and email. We will select two winners at random on April 1, 2006. Good luck!



Well the Olympics are officially in full swing. Unfortunately, since they are not live, and every snowboard website (including this one) insists on posting spoilers, some of the magic has been taken away. My roommates won't even bet with me because they know I know who wins. But in case your tivo breaks or you fall asleep during the speed skating, we're doing nightly updates with what actually happened at the event... In other news I live in Portland again. Apparently they are having a "good" season here. I might even go check it out for myself.



Big news in the world of snowboarding, the US Olympic team was named. Now I only really care about boardercross, so I was excited to see the steeziest of all BXer's Jason Smith made the team, as well as Jayson Hale (who I'm going to call the dreamiest). But unfortunately, that means they have to wear the team uniform, which Yo Beat fashion experts have deconstructed to your right. We also have some new, not so timely stories from Tessa in the works, and you should look out for a strong Yobeat presence in Vegas, as both she and I will be there. That's all for now, but stay tuned for Yobeat's exclusive Olympic coverage from Rachel's couch in Somerville.



Since I am feeling lazy and I am also on "vacation" I think I am just going to wish everyone a happy holidays from your friends and Yobeat and not update this again for a month.



I just returned from another of my ill-fated magazine trips to Mexico. This time I went to real Mexico, not TJ, but instead of being with awesome people in a shitty place, things were kinda of the opposite. But I know eventually everything will fall into place down south so I will just keep going there. Also, it was warm. I'm sure I missed some epic days at Killington, but these are the sacrfices we make. In other news, a former yobeat hater found me on myspace and wanted to be friends. Apparently he got old and realized that snowboarding should not be taken seriously after all. They always come around.


So Vermont finally has a concrete park. Thats what Travis is skating on to your right. This part is located in Bondville, about 1/2 mile from the Stratton 7-11 where you buy your beer for the Open. Rutland now has no park, but podunk little Bondville has this. I'm not saying Rutland is not podunk, it's just a little bigger than Bondville. Anyway, this is what happens when skaters get old and get their shit together and work with a cooperative (and wealthy) town. I am going to hold my breath for Rutland to catch up.




Last weekend I went up to Burlington for an undisclosed purpose, and ended up at what is apparently the biggest party of the year- The drive-in premeire. You can imagine my surprise at seeing the likes of Danny Kass and Pat Bridges hanging out in Burlington since I just thought this was some sort of local premeire. But no, like I said, biggest party of the year. Anyway, a good time was had by all and its getting damn cold in Vermont. Not quite cold enough for snow, in fact, I don't think we've even had a frost yet, but cold enough to wear a real jacket. So take that as a warning, if you plan to drink outside, a Canadian tuxedo is not sufficient. That is all Killington opened this past weekend. This was not one dirty trail like in years past either. I was making serious powder turns down Ovation and there were no snow guns and it even got sunny. Granted my feet hurt more than I remembered and it really was too early to snowboard, but still, epic times all around. But don't be jealous if you live out west cause the mountain is closed again and won't reopen for at least a week. Since after the pre-season noreaster, it's warm again. Whatever, I'm going skateboarding.


Another weekend, another tradeshow. This one in Florida cause rumor has it I edit a wakeskate magazine now. If I had any shame I wouldn't plug it here, but I don't and well, wakeskating is pretty damn fun.

So peep that piece here and let me know what you think (mock me, whatever.)



Well it's ASR time. And since as you all know I have my finger on the pulse of snowboarding, I'm down in San Diego throwing shakas and slapping high fives. Of course, I'm not actually here for anything to do with snowboarding, but don't worry, I'm am being extreme.

So it seems to be getting colder, which means Killington will probably open any day, but I hope to move back to Burlington before that happens. Someone find me a place to live, k? thanks.



As some of you may know, I once again live in the backwoods of Vermont. It's beautiful here, but we still have dial up, which hasn't gotten any faster.

Well, the good thing about dial up is it gives me plenty of time to think while waiting for things to load. So as I was rearranging our old promo shots (the new layout is brilliant, check it out) I started thinking about how most of these people don't even snowboard anymore. And that inspired me to figure out just what they are doing instead, and I wrote it down on the internet so you can find out too.



I would like to take this moment to mourn the passing of one of Yobeat's friends, The Best Month Ever. It's not that June and July haven't been the best, its just I don't feel like doing it anymore and I think Sarah really has the Best of thing covered in a much funnier manner. But if you really care about my misadventures, feel free to read my livejournal. Its unfortunately easy to find on this here internet.

So for awhile we thought Yobeat was cool because we kept going over our bandwidth, but apparently that was just because people were stealing photos from us. But the jokes on them because they now have a more amusing middle finger where the cast of Degrassi used to be.

Anyway, I'm at X Games, its extreme. I think Danny Way is going to win everything so vote against his stunt show in our poll! Oh wait, is that going to sway the results? damn.


Last fall, I discovered that if I drive about 5 miles NE of my neighborhood, the landscape looks exactly like Florida. In actuality, I live on the north shore of Massachusetts. I love this place, especially in the summer, but I do really miss VT.

Brooke told me to change this message, so that is what you're looking at. We plan to open a Yo Beat store at some point, full of cool merch and hot swag. How's that for Xtreme?

Last night, I got a call from someone driving a motorboat. Apparently, he usually kayaks to and from work and the motor is his way of slacking. This morning, I got a call from someone riding a bike while drunk (and talking on the phone) in Japan. I fully realize my life is boring, but that's what friends are for.



So now that we have this poll thing, I've been scouring the 'net to try and find inspiration for our amazing poll topics. My favorite so far is the wakeboarding website, Wakeworld, which has insightful poll topics like, "Where is the stereo located in your boat." We can only aspire to such greatness.

Southern California has officially driven me further towards insanity but I'm heading back to VT on Thursday. I heard the weather's gotten better, and since this column is really just about small talk, I figured I'd better mention it. Correct me if I'm wrong.



The weather's fine over here. Of course, I'm living it up in Southern California. If you live here you should come skate with me.

I'm happy to see in the poll that drinking is more popular than extreme sports. And the world makes sense again.



Nice weather we're having. Cloudy 56F Feels Like 56F.
UV Index: 3 Moderate
Wind: From E at 9 mph
Humidity: 87%
Pressure: 29.67 in.
Dew Point: 52F
Visibility: 8.0 miles

It's a good day to listen to Master of Reality. I'm bidding on a wetsuit on ebay so I can be one of those (weird) people who surfs in weird parts of Massachusetts. I think Brooke was trying to butter me up with her "shout out" in the Rutland bar tour feature. Apparently, it worked. Poll live below.



Things have been a little hectic around here, what with moving, globe trotting and the like. Thank god for Tessa who is making everything happen these days.

Rachel decided she didn't like our old poll and took it down in search of a better one. But apparently she hasn't found one yet so hold your breath. The next topic is even more ground breaking than the old American Idol poll.


We're back. We're also in the beginning stages of a whole new era of Yobeat awesomeness. First of all, this site is going interactive. Stay tuned for all the gimmicky web crap that makes you think we keep the site up to date. Also, we're gonna start selling stuff. Really, really cool stuff. I'm even thinking of having real shirts made so email me if you'd buy one so I know whether it's worth it. And to celebrate all this, Yobeat is giving out free Frosty's at Wendy's all weekend. Just drop our name and they'll hook you up.


Well, I hope you enjoyed your free frosty's. I like to dip french fries in mine.

Tessa has been working hard to bring you new content regularly and I would say the timely-ness of the Britney and Kevin drinking game should be a testament to that. Also in case you don't scroll all the way down when you visit this page, we have a poll now, so exercise your democratic rights and vote!

I'm off to Virginia tomorrow working on my best month may (which also includes the prom) and we're almost up to date on that column too. Check out March.


We're back. We're also in the beginning stages of a whole new era of Yobeat awesomeness. First of all, this site is going interactive. Stay tuned for all the gimmicky web crap that makes you think we keep the site up to date. Also, we're gonna start selling stuff. Really, really cool stuff. I'm even thinking of having real shirts made so email me if you'd buy one so I know whether it's worth it. And to celebrate all this, Yobeat is giving out free Frosty's at Wendy's all weekend. Just drop our name and they'll hook you up.


Ahh, spring. Its finally nice out in Vermont and there are skateparks to skate outside and people go skateboarding. But I can never live in the now, so I've taken to reminiscing about the months past, which I've decided were the best months ever. Ripping off VH1 is so now. I wrote about them all but I'm going to make you wait for February and March until I feel like putting them up.

Anyway, I called snowboarding for the season and Barcelona is the greatest place ever. Stringing random thoughts together is the new telling coherent stories. That is all.



What better way to mark my triumphant return to the world of online snowboard journalism than by posting a piece that was rejected by a print mag? Read it at right. Also, there's probably more where that came from (for better or worse), so check back often.

I had a really great February week in Colorado thanks, in large part, to the generosity of my dear friend Joanna. I like snowboarding again even though I rarely make it to the mountain. Heading to Puerto Rico on Thursday for a while, trying to get serious about surfing. Winter will definitely be gone from this place when I get home. That's the plan, so enjoy the snow, ice, sleet and frigid cold while it lasts (Jack Frost packs up for good on April 6, FYI).

This is the first year in four that I have not attended the US Open. Brooke is there right now, though, so go find her and buy her a beer. I can't say that I'm not a little sad about missing this year's festivities, but, as my latest contribution proves, priorities need to be set and maintained. This year, mine is hanging with my boy before I leave for PR the St. Patrick's day parade in South Boston. TGIF.

-R Cotton


I just returned from my "get the hell out of this cold" trip to Florida, where I hit up skateparks, watched some little skateboard contest and also got to witness, firsthand, a wakeboard "high ollie" contest. Seriously, what will they think of  next?

I took some more pictures of pro types holding up Yobeat signs and had the first ever person say no, Tosh Townend. Of course, I worked my magic, convinced him and then forgot to turn on my flash so the shit didn't come out anyway.

So we have an intern now, Tessa, who is going to keep things around here fresh. Kevin went to Italy, but luckily he left a stockpile of stories behind so keep checking back. Our new business manager says we need to double the number of hits we get to cash in on this beast.



So I've been fucking up lately. First of all, life steez editor, has been on his shit and so I have a list of stories of his to put up. And I keep making excuses that once we get our intern it'll get done, but that's just a cop out. So I'm putting up some of Kevin's stuff, cause he's basically a genius and his stories are top notch, with or without images.

Other reasons I'm no good: I'm on three month paid vacation and I'm bored! Now this is not acceptable under any circumstances, but especially since I'm getting paid to do nothing. This crap has to stop.

But accordingly I'm not feel very funny or clever as I update so hopefully I'll be motivated to update again soon and this bitter anal_log will soon dissapear.



At some point, I think I grew up. I have a job now that sort of pays money, and I'm finally getting to travel for free, which is what I always wanted. So I'm thinking, since I'm so grown up, its about time to start passing my wealth of knowledge on to the next generation, which is why I've decided Yobeat needs a intern. So if you live in the Burlington area and would like to be our intern, we don't pay but I am willing to fudge anything you need for college credit. And our awesome editor will show you how to hold your liquor.

Anyway, I'm off to X Games. Don't expect any Yobeat coverage cause we're still banned, but if you hear the announcer screw anything up really, really bad, you can blame me.



Right now I have a lot of alcohol in my kitchen because I heard this rumor that tomorrow is 2005. So in honor of the mid-2000s, I present my resolutions.

1. Olympic training begins Jan 1. Oh yeah, I'm going to go to the Olympics for boardercross. I decided after a lot of tequilla last night and it still sounds like a hilarious idea.

2. Learn kickflips. The resolution here is to actually try them when I go skateboarding.

Okay those are probably going to keep me busy, luckily Yobeat now has a writing staff.. Awesome editor and music editor have assignments.




Well, it took Vermont, but Yo Beat is awesome again. No, seriously, since moving headquarters to Burlington, we've even got a new department of awesome. Now, by awesome, we mean drunk, but whatever. That's what snowboarding, skateboarding and otherwise being extreme is all about this week. So check out the new story and I'm seriously going to start updating this thing regularly. Look at this, twice in less than a month. What's up now!



Funny story. So remember how I lived in the Midwest? Well, I don't anymore. No, Yobeat has finally made its grand home coming back to Vermont.

Music man Kevin Peckham and I are living in a lovely place in Burlington and we're both planning on learning to snowboard again this year at Stowe.

On top of all that, we've had a recent influx of photographers who want to send us photos, so maybe I'll change things up more often now. I know I say that all the time, but I might really mean it this time.



Big news! I now live in the Midwest. What? You may say scratching your head. How can you run the most authoritative snowboard site on the 'net from the Midwest?

And you would be right to think that. Except everyone knows that this site was far better when I lived on the east coast anyway, So maybe the Midwest is exactly what Yobeat needs to be revitalized to its once witty and original self. Or not. But I did change the photos finally, so that's a big step. One thing at a time.



It's been awhile. Even longer than usual. But before you come down on me I have an excuse this time. Okay, I always have excuses, but I think this one might actually be legit. You see, about 3 weeks ago I fell through a roof.

While I was spared of any broken bones, I did manage to make my brain bleed, which has robbed me of my gift for sarcasm, thus making it utterly pointless to update this site.

Don't worry though, I'm taking all my free time to come up with a way to turn my misfortune into a True Life episode or at least a pimped ride, and while I do that, I hardly have time to change up the pictures or write any new stories for this site. Plus, I don't think my fragile brain remembers how to write picture tags, so the dream is over for now.



Well, I went to Slam City Jam last weekend, scammed my way into a pink VIP wristband and watched some girls skateboard. Then I wrote a story about it, which you can read here. I would write another story for Yo Beat, but my once youthful vigor has been replaced with a general feeling of being over writing two stories about the same event. Anyway, the best part of the contest was hanging with Jason Lee in the VP area and making him hold up a Yo Beat sign, a tradition I almost miss. I got some other skateboard dudes to pose too, I would say the shining moment of that was when I pointed at Jamie Thomas and asked my friend "who's that dude and why is everyone taking pictures of him?" Man, I love being out of touch. But anyway, there's more dope promo shots coming so keep checking back once every three months for them. 



Recently I paid a visit to Kevin Peckham, music editor extrodinaire for this here site. Actually, it's a longer story that that. First we met in Seattle for coffee and IHOP and I wrote a story about that. Then, inspired by the fact that neither of us hold full time employment I decided to take a trip south and impose on him for a few days in SF.

While we may not be productive members of society, we are amazingly productive when it comes to making ourselves laugh hysterically at accidental emo songs and skatepark trips.

Kevin, being more productive than myself actually got it together to put all of the genius conversations that went on into eloquent stories, which I finally got my shit together to put up. He also may have been inspired to contribute again since I threatened to give his job away, but that's a whole-nother-story.

Of course there are no photos to go along with the stories because while our music department may be back in bizz-ness, our photo editor is actually employed by someone who pays.



Even though I've long ago given up on keeping this site remotely current or interesting, lately I've been getting an influx of reader mail, mostly telling me what an idiot I am and other things of that sort. All of a sudden I realized that rather than being selfish and keeping all the reading fun to myself that I could publish said letters, creating a new column without having to waste any creative energy.

I'm introducing a new letters section "Dear Yo Beat Magazine" which you can find to the right. Apparently I've had this idea before because I even found some old letters I'd saved and put those up to. So now, when people email me with their concerns, they can be sure it will not be in vain. Please note: I will not edit letters for clarity or content so hit the spell check button or proofread or something. Anything.

If you have something to say, the email is [email protected]. Wear it out.



I bought a postcard the other day depicting a scenic Rhode Island beach shot. In bold red lettering it proclaims "I love Southern New England." Not to hate too much, but SNE is a dirty, cold place in the winter-- full of ice, aggression and poorly plowed roads. These days, my heart (and not to mention all the snow) is up north.

Friends, internet junkies, shred heads-- winter is officially upon us. Not to blow the lid off our entire, highly-sophisticated operation over here, but we have some very important (and super secret) negotiations in the works that may enable a series of LIVE UPDATES ALL WINTER LONG from the east coast's finest resorts. In the near future, look for those, a critical book review and a long overdue tirade about trends, snowboarding and trends in snowboarding. Buckling down to spend the next few weeks riding and writing. See you on the hill and at the bar after the hill.

-R Cotton


I got high speed internet so I decided to change the photos up a bit. Damn I am a lazy bastard. Everyone watch The OC as it is the best show on TV to entertain yourself rather than reading this site. It seems somehow more effective.



You may be saying to yourself, Holy Shit! Something is different on this site. That's right, I updated it. It took a lot to inspire me. Snowboard video premieres didn't do. Going to Mt. Hood didn't do it. Even a new skatepark in Ludlow, VT wasn't enough. No, only something as big and exciting as Grind could make it happen. And after dealing with the dial-up nightmare that has been this update, I have a feeling ain't nothing going to change again til I get a job and a high speed connection. Enjoy.



I am officially a Portland resident. It's not really that different since I spent so much time down here anyway, but I do get to go to Burnside everyday now. Okay, so I've only been there twice for a total of about 15 minutes since I moved here, but whatevs. I also went to California and maybe if I can take time out of my busy schedule of being unemployed I'll write a story about why the skateparks down there suck so much (except for Berkeley, pictured right) or something else insightful. We might also be able to swing a US Open story pretty soon here. Hold your breath.



You would think after almost seven years of Yobeat, people would get the fact that I'm not going to update it every day. But no, I still hear, on a regular basis, "How come you never update the site?" Well, I'm lazy that's why. And there's no full staff sitting behind my computer screen to update things. I never do anything interesting to write about and if I do, Yobeat pays kind of crappy and I'm not really that motivated. So that's why I never update. Now if you want something new to read, we always accept free submissions, so you update the damn thing.



Sometimes I think I'm still cool and I know what's up with snowboarding. Then something like the Red Bull Heavy Metal Challenge goes down and I don't even hear about it until after the fact. Luckily, Nicholas was on it so I might be out of touch but this site is not. In my defense, Slam City Jam also went down last weekend, and I knew about that one. I didn't get to go though because I had to work my shitty job. Oh well, maybe next year I'll make it to the cool contests.



A few quick facts for tax day:

1. Snowboarding season is over, for me at least.

2. Skateboarding is fun.

3. Rolled ankles suck.

4. Beer rules.

5. School sucks.

6. You are a sucker if you wait until today to do your taxes. I already got my $17 back! booyeah!



I just got back from my whirlwind tour of the U.S. I hit all the hot spring break spots: New York, San Francisco, Portland, Rutland. Needless to say, I had a good time, but guess what I missed? One of the biggest March snowfalls Washington has ever had. So snowboarding didn't work out for me, but I was in some of the greatest meccas for skateboarding so I guess that makes up for it. Please just disreagard the fact that I didn't bring my skateboad in Peir 9 in SF and there were cars parked all over the Brooklyn Banks and pretend I am cool. Anyway, it's finallly nice out and Friday is my birthday. Send me presents. I'm going to make up for all the extreme sports I didn't do over the past two weeks.



Now we've done it. After several failed attempts, Yo Beat has finally succeeded in being fully banned from ESPN events such as the X Games. Doing so is not an easy feat, it takes a contributor of questionable merit and a bar fight. I wish we had a story about it, but "constructive criticism" is apparently hurtful and said contributor wouldn't allow his story to be edited down to merely the unfortunate event. So whatever.

I've just been informed of some news I'm actually sad about, Jeff Anderson died today after falling off a handrail and down three stories in Japan. Apparently he was not snowboarding, but simply fooling around. Jeff was a super nice kid and an awesome snowboarder and he will be missed.



It's super bowl Sunday. Grab a beer, watch the tube, grab a boob, eat lots of crap. Check out the new football feature at right. From 4 PM onward, I will be running around the house wearing pink slippers shaped like monster's feet, insisting that the following music be played over "the big game" and totally not looking at the television unless the cameras are pointed at people in the stands.

Rachel Cotton's Super Bowl Playlist:

At the Gates -Slaughter of the Soul
Queen - Greatest Hits
Andrew WK - Party Til You Puke single
The New Year - Newness Ends
Johnny Cash -all
Black Sabbath - Past Lives
Disrupt/State of Fear -all
Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry
Misfits - Walk Among Us/Legacy of Brutality
Bongzilla- Gateway


To be everybody's hero is quite a feat.

RIP Craig Kelly, 1966-2003

Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to all those who lost friends and family in the Revelstoke Avalanche.

Shit was looking a little 1999 around here, so I took it upon myself to redesign this entire site in a cumulative 24 hour period. The graphics came in one heap, and the code came in another, all within this or a recent evening and afternoon. I have no background in design, color theory, what goes with what, what is cool or anything of that sort; I simply got tired of looking at so much white space within an incredibly formulaic design and decided to do something about it. All code was written in notepad. All the mildly useless nonsense contained within that code is a product of my own demented imagination. I hope you like what you see, and what you don't like I hope you'll change through positive and creative interventions.

Snowboarding is cool again, with buddies, on weekends and mid day mornings, following each other's lines through the overlooked stashes of Sugarbush. I rode 2 feet of powder the other day at Suicide 6 and loved every minute of it. In these modern times, when I barely recognize most people on the mountain, when it's a struggle for me to even allow myself to participate in a "sport" that has become incredibly commodified, ultimately standing as a symbol of unrivaled privilege in an increasingly stratified world, I look at something like this website and realize I'll never be able to give it up, my vice. Snowboarding is a reason to get up in the morning, plain and simple. Nine or ten years into it, I'm still just as enthusiastic and passionate about riding a wooden board down a snowy hill and how much snow is on that hill as I was in '93. I'm more cautious today (no more hucking), more aware of my surroundings, of time constraints, financial woes, stress and injury than I was when I was thirteen, but I'm still stoked.

In terms of the future, Brooke and I are moving to Portland at some point, in search of bigger and better things. Look for opportunities to buy Yo Beat sweatshirts and "the best loud music" and "you like emo? here is something better" mixtapes to support our future in the PNW. If you love us, buy our ideas. Let me know what you think about the new design. -R Cotton

PS There are some new stories coming and a lot of gaps to fill within the changing of the design. In fact, I have a whole list of pages that still need to be "updated," so pry if you must and I'm sure you can find something that looks terrible. If you dig around enough, you may even find what you wish this website looked like. It's 4 AM. I'm going to bed. With time will come completion.

12.09.02 I think I quit snowboarding. Last year on closing day at Baker I announced that I quit. Of course, I really only meant for the summer. So now it's snowboard season again and the only snow I've seen is the stuff on my front yard in VT. Baker is open and rocking (according to the website, of course.) I heard Meadows was off the heezy yesterday. But what was I doing? I was completing my journey home to lovely VT. Now I wouldn't mind snowboarding here, after all, I always thought it was a bit silly that those in the Northwest warm up in knee deep powder, but, wait, the airline lost my board bag. And they still haven't found it. "It's probably stuck in Atlanta," the lady told me. Sweet. So I can't go snowboarding even though I want to, and I might as well just quit. Of course, if anyone working at any company would like to send me a Christmas present of a board, bindings and boots, then I guess that would be alright and maybe I'll get to ride before next year. Brooke

11.26.02 Okay it's been awhile. Long enough that even I, am starting to get annoyed with my laziness. But there's nothing new to report really. No snow in Washington or anywhere in the northwest. It's cold and clear. Good for skating still. That is, if you can avoid the ice patches and leaves that are everywhere. I'm almost done with school for the quarter. One more week of classes, during which I have one giant project due for all 4 of my classes and I've only started one of them. I must say though, my creative energy has been sucked dry because of the classes I'm taking now, and I'm really looking forward to winter when I'm only taking one, maybe two intensive classes. Maybe I'll even be inspired by all the "epic pow days" at Baker and write something about snowboarding for this site. yes, maybe. Happy Thanksgiving. I'm out. Brooke

10.23.02  have an online friend who really likes snowboarding. I also have real life friends who really like snowboarding, but I'd rather talk about this kid because I fond my online addiction somewhat amusing. Anyway, he keeps asking me if it's snowing on the west coast yet and what board I'm riding and various other things that to me seem like things you think about at age 16. Then I realize what a bitter jaded hack I've become, and I think about making that first powder turn of the season. How much my legs will hurt the next day and how my skateboard will feel so small and awkward. I like to think about that stuff because it makes me remember the magic that snowboarding can be. I don't think most people need this inspirational rant, but for me, I it's working. I can't wait to go ride. Brooke

09.22.02 As the sun shines on a daily basis here in Washington, I find myself getting bored with going outside. It's weird to be back where any sunny day brings a remarkable amount of pressure to go out and enjoy the nice weather. Don't get me wrong, I know it will start raining soon, and I will have nothing better to do than watch digital cable and beg people to let me skate their indoor ramps. I'm just very tired. When I look outside though, and see blue skies I know its only a matter of time before I go stir crazy in my house and head out to enjoy the concrete jungle. I don't think this is really a bad thing. After all, summer's almost over. Brooke

09.03.02 Rachel recently admitted to me that she only wrote a not here because she didn't want her parents reading the one that was up. I don't think I supposed to say that (okay, I know I'm not) but it's funny damn it. Tonight will be Yo Beat's trip to the fair. Look back for insightful coverage of the must-attend event. Maybe I'll even put batteries in my camera this time. Anyway, just wanted to establish that I am not dead and still think about this site occasionally. Hell, we're linked to Armedforces.net. what up! Brooke

08.01.02 For unmentionable reasons, this space must be filled with different words. Summer is the time for growth and change, the longest days of the year, harsh sunlight and thoughts and events that last well beyond the threshold of the nights and months which struggle to contain them. The moral of the story is: try new things, be good people and exercise both mind and body while the outside world is warm and calm. Skateboard, swim in lakes, ride bikes when cities are quiet and crank up the stereo as far as it will go. Act as though these days will last forever, evolve, conspire, pick up hitchhikers and email your pals. Most importantly, drink lots of liquid and be cool. hell

ps. Today Brooke told me I had "a mullet thing going on." I ain't cared.

07.24.02 You know what they say, while in Rome...So Rachel and I painted Rutland red and you can read all about it. In other news, Rachel has another website which is way better than this one: www.whyiwearblack.com and Tim Zimmerman is living it up in Hood, where he may even give us a picture to use so I can change the one to your left. That's it, I'm boring and computer solitaire is remarkably hard. Brooke

Hi, I just added my "take on things" to the features. I think I have officially become one of those people who waits for stuff to happen to them so they can write about it on the internet. CONTENT WITH THE CONTENT??? good great. Rachel

07.15.02 Just a note on the newest story to you right. It does not reflect the opinions of the editors of Yo Beat or any of our contributors. It was sent but secure email to us directly from the offices of the U.S. Government, specifically the desk Homeland Security Director Tom Rydge. So if anyone wants to cry about it, talk to him. Brooke

06.27.02 I know it's hard to believe, but I found a website that's even better than this one:

exploded scrotum magazine, circa 1995-1997

CHECK IT OUT. -binge cotton

06.10.02 Today I cleaned out my closet. It's amazing the things you find stashed away when you never throw anything out. For me, it was en entire box of Bluetorch crap, including business cards, stickers and a fax from the one and only Kyle Clancy. I also found my studded belt (I'm so p.r.), some shoe laces, my Lifetime CD (which I replaced months ago) and my working laptop that I passed off for ruined after it had beer spilt on the keyboard. Well the computer works, and on it I found stories I wrote during the Bluetorch era, which I've repurposed for this site. I don't know what's more exciting, all this stuff, or having a clean closet with clothes organized by the season and 17 pairs of skate shoes. Either way, it was a good day. Brooke

05.31.02 Because you'll probably think I did, I'd like to make it clear that I had nothing to do with the latest installment courtesy of Al Engelhart. About this time, I wish that school was over so I can embark on the latest Yo Beat skateboard tour, which will take the team through the middle of the country this time. If you happen to live onI-70 and want to let me sleep on your couch, let me know. 

Apparently, the previous paragraph is way too short and will make the site look lopsided, so allow me to elaborate. Nevermind, it's actually sunny in Washington, let the site look like crap! Brooke

05.15.02 About the new addition: I wrote this a while ago, but nobody else wants it, so it's going here. It comes with an outdated editor's note because I'm in no mood to be cutting edge:

Does this site need a redesign? Vote here.

Last week, I was hired to work as an audio visual specialist at the Middlebury College language schools. Don't ask questions. Instead picture me as the geek with glasses who came wheeling the projecter cart into your high school classroom and laugh. I'll be dealing with people who are not allowed to speak english for the summer, so that adds an extra element of stupidity to this illustrious position.

I turned twenty one on Monday. Anyone who reads this should come to Vermont and buy me a beer. If you already live in Vermont, buy me a beer.

Admittedly, proper credit was not extended in my last PIECE to the people who made all the fun times possible and probable in Stratton. During my weekend there, I spent about a day and a half straight with this guy, which was fun, crazy and interesting all at once. He and his friends donated floor space, off beat commentary on life delivered at extremely high volumes, beer and a rare enthusiasm for destructive merry making during every hour of what amounted to a three day party. In case anyone is wondering, these are the good guys (and girl!), especially this one.

A few Fridays ago, while attending an IDM (nerds with powerbook g4s making music) show, I was struck with an idea, so I got a pen and wrote it down. I don't know what else to say. See for yourself. Album of the week: Little Wings - Wonderue. Do yourself a favor and listen to it. -Rachel

05.06.02 It's funny that the excitement of this here site reappearing after three weeks only lasted about 5 hours. Then I forgot about it again, and haven't done anything to update it. Oh well. But I'm supposed to be doing biology homework and I need a bio break so I figured I'd change the pictures. Supposedly, Rachel, who hasn't skateboarded in years, wrote a story about skateboarding. Look for it soon, with pictures from Tim Zimmerman who now curses the day he started snowboarding. My, we are a bitter old bunch. Brooke

4.17.02 Yeah, so the site has been down for a few weeks. The routing problems began literally an hour after I originally posted my usopen story. COSMIC COINCIDENCE OR NOT???? You decide. What follows was originally written at the beginning of April, but it's still pertinent.

I'm very much behind the times. I'll give two exampes to prove it. Last week, I watched (for the first time) the Olympic halfpipe finals, and I also read books (made out of paper) for pleasure. In an attempt to recapture my reckless adolescence, I attended the US Open two weeks ago. Once there, I saw about 45 minutes of actual snowboarding. I wrote a story about the parties, which is available to your right.

Speaking of parties, Geery made a trip back east last week, where she was treated to an evening of Middlebury hospitality. The night ended with her snuggled up in bed right next to yours truly (someone puked where I was supposed to sleep). It was heavy, and so was the next day. Always the idiot, Rachel

3.27.02 Thanks to my wonderful school's quarter schedule, I now have a legitimate excuse to miss the US Open every year. It's cool cause the event has become so commercialized it's lost all meaning. If you were wondering why witty and insightful coverage of the event is yet to appear on this site, it's not my fault. Hopefully, Rachel will be able to take time out of her busy binge drinking schedule to get this year's story up before August...but don't hold your breath. Brooke

3.13.02 Today I was studying for my marketing final, which happens to be tomorrow morning and I started looking at the book today. Anyway, there was a very informative chapter on internet marketing that stressed the importance of changing your website frequently. Finally, I understand why people are always hassling me for not changing the site. But I'm lazy, so I'm over it. Other than that, people write you very useful emails when you leave them out of stories. Check out the newest installment in the oft-neglected vilification section. Brooke

2.27.02 I try to cut down my workload whenever possible. A lot of times this means using and reusing stories. For example, I take advantage of the journalism department by turning in slightly-altered versions of stories I write for a real publication. Sometimes, I really luck out. The downfall of every dot com, especially Crossrocket, was quite helpful. In fact it provided me with a fantastic history of snowboard zines. I tried to resell it to Transworld, but I've decided they are never going to post it, so Yo Beat has new content! Enjoy.  Brooke

2.14.02 Hooray. It's Valentine's Day, my favorite holiday because it's an excuse to make a boy buy me dinner. Of course, boys don't like me, or rather, there are no boys worth liking in this town, so instead, I am going to celebrate this joyous holiday with my jr. high boyfriend, snowboarding. I guess Baker redid their park last night, and that can only mean one thing. Everyone will be distracted riding crappy kickers with flat landings, while I have the groomers to bomb all by myself.  Suckers. Brooke

2.04.02 As far as snowboarding goes, I'm not bitter anymore. I think I might like it again. Maybe it's just buckets full of snow that are dumping on Baker, but I can almost remember what it was like when I was really into the sport. I've also finally come up with the perfect level of bro-ing down to go along with actual riding (that being as little as possible, with the exceptional high-five for free product.) Yep, so look for happy, sunny reports from me all the time now! Well, maybe not all the time. Brooke

1.24.02 I just realized that Yo Beat is the best site on the web. With almost six years under our belts, I'd even say it's legendary. We totally have the best photos, funniest and most insightful articles and only the coolest people contribute. Every idea portrayed on the site is completely original, and no one ever leaves without being entertained. So are you convinced? Because it's Banked Slalom time, and that only means one thing: CLAIMING! I figured if it works for certain mountains, bars and snowboard companies, it might just work for us. Sorry if you're not sold. Brooke 

    of course we're epic. we're finally in our 20's#@! my latest contribution to yo beat is a get well wish to the world, but especially to my friend brooke geery. i told her to listen to the mountain goats as a cure for her foot ailment, but i'm not sure that will actually help. in this new entry, i have arranged excerpts from my journal of two years. most of what i wrote during that time was not about snowboarding at all, but i did have an occasional moment of clairvoyance. i'm leaving those collective moments here, to be dedicated to a season free of harm. enjoy the winter, and do it well. -rachel

1.14.02 Yesterday I went snowboarding at Mt Baker even though there was only one inch of new snow. This being substantially below my eight inch requirement, I was hardly expecting to stay for more than a few runs. But even though it was a weekend and everything was tracked out, I managed to stay for most of the day. First of all, the single run I took at Killington over Christmas break was enough to make "packed powder" seem pretty sweet. The other deciding factor in my fun day of snowboarding was running into old friends and having someone to ride groomed trails with. Now I know all the hardcore soul-shredders out there probably think I have a bad attitude about snowboarding, but as far as I'm concerned, I mediocre day riding with friends is 1000 times better than a powder day by yourself. Brooke

12.29.01I like to procrastinate. That's why I did absolutely nothing for the first two weeks I was home, and now I am trying to pack as much fun as possible into my remaining week. The east coast isn't so bad, as it it turns out. I can go to Boston, New Hampshire, Montreal and NYC if I want to, I just have to figure out how to make it all happen in seven days. Actually, what will happen is a trip to Plymouth and maybe I'll make it the extra two hours to Boston. Maybe not. Either way, with my new found need to update this site, it could very well mean lots of new content. Hooray! Brooke 

12.22.01 Take warning, this may be a bitchy installment of analog. As I sit here in lovely Vermont, where there's 1/4 inch of icy snow on the front lawn and it's like negative 30 out, I've reverted back to my bitter old self. It's amazing what two feet of snow will do for the attitude. On top of the less-than-desirable conditions, I couldn't go riding even if I wanted to because a mean dentist ripped my wisdom teeth out, so all I can do it sit around anyway. Of course all this crappiness is compounded by the fact that I have no friends in Vermont anymore (for everyone out there who send me hate mail but still reads the site religiously, I saved you that one.) All in all, don't expect any new brilliance to show up on this here site until I get back to Washington, that is, unless I decide I need to ride Killington and put up some bullshit PR article for free tickets (hey, it is my major!) That's all. I told you I was bitter. Brooke 

12.03.01 I am happy to report that after a season of turmoil and upheaval, things are finally back to normal. Baker got 7 feet last week, and the Sierras are supposedly receiving a storm that will be measured with the meter stick because the snow amounts will be so substantial our American measuring system just won't cut it. All of this of course means that it's warm and snowless back on the east coast and the world makes sense again. So I've been snowboarding and it was fun. Thanks to everyone who gave me free stuff this year. I look so cool on my pink board with baby blue bindings. TIGHT! Brooke   

11.15.01 I would like to to this opportunity to apologize to everyone in the Northwest who likes snow better than rain. Because I now live here, it is too warm to snow. Take solace in the fact though, that I will be moving away in a few years. Also, I am leaving next week, so you be able to enjoy the greatest opening day ever. Of course, I'll be sunning myself in Costa Rica, so I can't say I'll be that jealous. peace out. Brooke

11.08.01 I did it. I broke down and spent $500 on Baker's 8 chairlifts (of course, I'll only ride 6 of them). So now I have a pass, and I'll tell you why I realized I had to buy one. Other than the obvious fact of instant accessibility of snowboarding, I realized that way back when I decided to go to Western Washington University, it was based solely on its proximity to Baker (not the stellar journalism program that is stealing my soul). Since I go to school so very far from home I figured if I don't take advantage of the unparalleled riding in Washington, I might as well go to Iowa State.  That, and the fact that it's actually precipitating this season, and I want to to be able to talk about how much snow Baker got last week too.  Brooke

10.21.01For the first time in about six years, I am going to be sans pass this season. With all the great season pass deals at mountains around the country, you'd think there would be at least one I could afford, but I choose to live next to the mountain that charges $500 to ride its eight lifts! Since I am, as I should be to fit in with the snowboard industry, "over" snowboarding, you'd think I wouldn't care, but I am actually pretty broken up about this realization. Now when I sit in my house and watch it rain I have no real reason to get excited that it's probably snow in the mountains. Even though I could go riding about 20 times before I'd have spent as much as I would on a pass it's really all a mental game, and I am out of it.  Brooke

10.15.01Sometimes I find it hard to believe that people still visit this site, but everyday, I get yelled at by someone for not changing it enough. This leads me to believe that people are indeed going to the site, and might actually read it, was there something new to read. But because I haven't been snowboarding in a long time, I have nothing new to write about. All of this means that I am going to write stories about TV programs, especially on the extra special occasion of the start of a new Degrassi class. This will probably make you think I am even more lame than you already did, but I don't care.  If you want to read something about snowboarding, skateboarding or otherwise being extreme, please send me stories about such matters and I will post them. Enjoy. Brooke

10.01.01You may think I am dead because this message has been saying I've been on the road since September 19th, but I am actually alive and well. Even my car made it back to Washington in one piece. In new and exciting news, Degrassi: The New Class starts October 14, on CTV. If you don't get CTV, move closer to the border, because it will be worth it. FX moved 90210 to 8-10 at night, so I am no longer able to watch it 4 times a day. This has turned me into a nerd because I have nothing better to do than study. This does not mean I will do good in school, but I do hang out there more. Speaking of being a nerd, I must go read about population trends now.  Brooke

9.19.01 One week after the end of the world I am off to Washington. ETD: 6:00 pm EST September 19th. Hope I make it. Talk to you when I arrive. Brooke

9.12.01 Welcome to Yo Beat's first ever efforts at social conscience. Someone blew up New York and Washington DC and it wasn't aliens, so everyone automatically assumes it was someone from the middle east. One of the social studies teachers at the High School where I spend my days in perpetual study hall until I can return to Washington even said so! Of course, no one actually knows for sure, but it's okay because we're America, and it doesnt matter if people die as long as we get revenge! Since our president is a chimp we will probably drop a bomb, and I don't support this. Anyway, I have some on my hands, now that 90210 has been replaced with news, and I concaucted a little tale of the future. Sci Fi if you will. So please check out my version of America Under Attack and have as much fun as you possibly can. After all, the world could end tomorrow. And to everyone who lost someone, I am sorry.


8.23.01 This is my final week in Boston and i PLAN to ENJOY IT TO THE MAXX. Lately, my life reminds me a lot of the last scene in dude, where's my car? where the boys keep asking the girls what their tattoos say and the girls keep saying "dude, sweet" over and over again.

ATTENTION ALL HUMANS: Could someone PLEASE hack this site already, it's getting old!?

Fashion tip of the day: Look for "O," the new movie about Save The Last Dance. I have included LINKS for everyone's convenience!

THANKS! <3 Rachel

08.26.01 Aaliyah is DEAD. i almost touched kathleen hanna on friday night! eeeee Rachel

08.13.01 brooke and i drank beer together on friday night. i complained about my job and then requested that all the appliances in brian's apartment be turned off so i could fall asleep in peace. i actually used the word "appliances" when making this request. if you look to your right, you'll notice a story about the us open, recently transcribed from an old ecology notebook. as most of you know, the open was in march. it doesnt matter.

if you are anything like me, youll enjoy putting your britney spears cursor over the skateboarder's head in our "visual" section. try it. also, listen to geoff farina. have good days. -rachel

08.12.01 Not much happens here in Vermont. On a Sunday out-of-staters flock to Midas to get their car fixed, the lovely Rutland park isn't late enough for me to motivate myself to go there, and my little sister is a sore winner at Scrabble. It's nice, really. Best of all there are no highways for me to commute on. Hell, I don't even have a job. Well, not much happening= nothing to write about. Until next time. Brooke


"Brooke, I am sorry, but your image is just not core enough for us here at EXtremePN. You never call skateboard tricks 'hammers', you never end or begin sentences with 'bro', and most importantly, you spell Xtreme with an E! Due to all these infringements, we are going to have to let you go." - Head Extreme Dude.

So that's not exactly how it went, but the outcome is that my efforts to bankrupt another dot com have been thwarted by the man. Damn the man. Now I will go back to Vermont where people are not intimidated by honesty and have plenty of time to update the site (but I probably won't.) -Brooke

7.25.01 I wish I had time to update this site more often. Hell, I wish I had time to fix my car so that it doesn't break down everyday during my 200 mile commute. But I don't. Recently I have been thinking about a proposal I received last year to turn Yo Beat into a money-making action sports machine. It was a company called XDaze and they actually wanted to pay money for the content on the site. Damn my integrity, I said no, but now that I think about it, they are probably out of business now. If only I had sold out, I could be riding the unemployment bandwagon and would have all the time in the world. What the hell was I thinking? Brooke

7.08.01 Today I signed my life away to corporate America, namely the Walt Disney Company. I had to agree to everything from not disclosing company secrets (none of which I'll be told anyway) to not taking things out of the garbage. And I did all of this for a summer internship at the "X" (figure it out yourself), I won't even get school credit for. Sadly, a loss of freedom and an hour and 15 minute commute is more convenient than actually going out and getting a job with nothing to do with "core sports" (I have learned that core is the new buzz word and will be using it often). So the moral of the story is I am the laziest person alive and giant corporations are stealing your soul. The end.  Brooke

6.11.01 I just got back from Mt. Hood. Walking through Government Camp on a pre-session, rainy-day-off for the counselors was really fun. There was no one there. I didn't ride, or even bring, my snowboard, but I heard a rumor that it was raining on the mountain too. What news there is to really report is that everyone that was there seemed more over snowboarding than anyone who snowboards all summer should seem, and those were the people who stayed behind from a surf trip to go snowboarding. Moral of the story: It's summer, go skateboarding or if you want to go snowboarding, go to Hood, because it probably won't be that crowded. Brooke

5.29.01 I hate everyone.

I made a real print zine. If you want a copy, send 2 bucks to the address below (copy and mailing costs only, it's free).


5.17.01 Rachel will be done with school any day now, and you know what that means? US OPEN STORY! Lately I've been feeling like I'm neglecting my east coast roots, so I think that it is very important that this story gets up, even though everyone already knows who won. While we're on the subject, I've found myself immersed in West Coast culture, and I have to say, anyone who disses on the East Coast sucks. Other than the weather, the EC definitely has the monopoly on everything cool. I feel like I should finish this little rant with "O'Doyle Rules!" but I'll let you interpret it for yourself. Brooke

5.01.01 Every one send letters to Rachel and tell her to put up her US Open story.

[email protected]

Seriously, I'm resorting to stories I wrote for the school newspaper here.


4.20.01 School is slowly sucking any desire to express myself with written word out of me. Today I had to skip three classes to muster the will to write this. You may say I'm learning things, and it's good for me, many have, but I'm not buying. All I know is that because of certain classes, things I once found fun, are now tedious and painful. At least everything I write now follows AP style guidelines. Brooke

3.28.01 im a big idiot and i broke my wrist while sliding a rail at stratton. typing sucks. spring break. life these days consists mainly of vivid dream sequences and an inability to communicate with the outside world.

i was at the us open. youll hear about it. r

3.21.01 So I am back in 8th grade. I find myself getting dressed up to go to the skatepark, I may have even bought a bandana today (no joke). I try to talk to the cool kids who skate street so that they'll think I'm cool too. Yep, I've regressed in my ways, but I'm not really that upset about. I mean, if everyone thinks Muska and Greco and all those dudes are so cool, then if I copy them, I'll be cool too, right? I AM A NERD. Brooke

3.15.01 No, you're not seeing things. That is a photo of snowboarding. And it's cool because it's in Jersey. I figure, just because I don't go snowboarding anymore doesn't mean other people don't (although it should).  So my new plan is to live up to everyone's expectations and just be a scene lurker. Oh wait, that would require going to snowboard events, and now that I've missed Vegas and The Open, I don't know if I can even hack it. I was talking to my friend Will today, about how glad we were to be out of the loop. It was a good feeling. I will continue to be out of the loop. Brooke

PS Yo Beat got a mention on Crossrocket today. We're big time. WORD!

3.03.01 When newspapers make a mistake they print something called a retraction. At Yo Beat, we never print retractions, because we don't really care. However, after my last analog entry about my disinterest in snowboarding, I received a letter or two from people expressing concern, so I am going to clarify. I haven't quit snowboarding. I have, however, quit pretending to have fun riding when it's not good. Today was very good. Baker had 18 inches of snow and sun, and I had a very good time snowboarding. It is actually still making me giddy at this point in time, two hours after the mountain closed. Maybe I've discovered something here, good snow and good weather make for good snowboarding. Who would have thought? Brooke

2.27.01 So I've given up. I don't bother going to the mountain anymore because I see it as a waste of gas, and every time I get there is more disappointing than the last. However, I'm not upset at all by this. You see the other day it was beautiful out, and we're not talking February beautiful, we're talking late April beautiful. I was at the skatepark. I was warm, my feet didn't hurt, and I wasn't wearing cargo pants that seemed like a good idea at the beginning of the season. Now I know a lot of people really like snowboarding, so it's not a good idea to admit I'm not really into it this year, but I really don't care what people think. I guess what I'm getting at here is that it doesn't matter what you do to keep yourself entertained as long as you do something, and as long as the weather holds out, I'm going skateboarding. Brooke

2.09.01 Have you ever wondered why there is no good coverage of snowboarding on television? Does is perplex you that there's usually some decent skateboard footage, and the surfing is pretty good, but snowboarding segments rarely even have snowboarding in them? This is because snowboarding is nearly impossible to cover. You have to be able to do it to shoot it, and if the rider misses a trick, it takes forever to try it again. Now you may notice that we haven't had any snowboarding photos on the site in awhile. Well it's snowboarding season, and I'm not going to take any, so rather than put out-of-season sport photos on the site, I've decided to put scenery shots up to entice someone to send me some damn photos! Brooke

1.23.01 And now more in our continuing series of life lessons. In the event that you live somewhere that requires a bit of a drive to get the mountain (chances are you do) and your car is being temperamental, don't try to drive all the way to the mountain in it. If you do, you will end up with a car as a permanent fixture side of the Mount Baker Highway, or a $270 towing bill. Trust me, this is not this rad. Brooke

1.07.01 Yes, even the editors of such important and influential websites such as this one go on vacation, at least that's what I've been telling myself to justify not updating for a month. Besides, I was having a rocking good time. Whether I was riding the snow from a Nor'easter or drinking with Rachel Leigh Cook (okay, she was on TV, I was sitting alone in my house), I didn't have time for such things as dorking out in front of my computer. Now that I'm back in Washington though, I have no excuse, except that I'm going to be really busy with school, and I have to go ride Baker (if it ever stops raining), oh well. What I'm getting at here, is don't hold your breath for another update, although Rachel is promising something extra special. Brooke

12.04.99 I think I'm the first person in history to go snowboarding on the west coast and yearn for Vermont. There's something special about the terrible jumps that pop up early season back east, and it just doesn't happen out here. Instead, there's snow right away, and instead of spending the first month of the season jibbing, it's all about riding steeps, doing drops and being over all extreme. I don't know about you, but the first couple days of snowboarding, I am not ready to take long runs or ride anything challenging. Every year I claim I am going to do something to get in shape, but guess what, it doesn't happen. This means I spend the first could weeks of the season in excruciating pain, and because riding here actually takes energy, it's worse than usual, and that, my friends, explains the extra bitterness. I'm going skateboarding. Brooke

11.22.00 For the first time in my (memorable) life, I'm on the west coast for the snowboard season. Ironically enough, if I had once again stuck it out on the east, I could have gone snowboarding already. Yep, two trails of a snow-like substance are at Killington and there's nothing open here. I guess some of the more hardcore kids in the area have been hiking Baker, but I'll wait for the lifts. Well, I don't have that much to say, I've just been realizing the irony, and the fact that Killington's desire to claim longest season in the country is actually quite a privledge. If you made it up there for the first few weeks, I'm jealous, and if not, you can read all about it to your right. Brooke

11.16.00 Pipe Down. Yes, by now you've probably seen it, my very own (shared) Pipe Down. After years of struggling, I've finally made it in the snowboard industry. Dave Sypnewski really likes me. Many people work for years to gain recognition by such a prominent feature in the industry and never acheive success, but I've already done it. Too bad I'm not important enough to get my own Pipe Down, but I think the kids care about Dave'd personal vendetta against Allison Berkley, right? The only thing I want to know however, is what Sypnewski was doing reading a wakeboard magazine?  Brooke

09.16.00 Living in your car can be fun, that is, unless you're trying to make the best snowboard website in the world. Although, we have launched, and we haven't gone under yet, so I'd say, that for now having home offices at the moment, Yo Beat is doing okay. Anyway, I just rolled into Bellingham, WA, where there's a new skatepark, and it was even sunny. This winter I'm going to ride powder, and I wish you the same, but I'm sure I'll have more crap to spray before then. Brooke

08.28.00 i hate people who drive cars. i love people who ride busses. enjoy this fragile end of summer because soon we'll all be old and alone. walkie talkie war on the world.

-moving to canada

08.16.00 Alright, after months of Forum Green it was time for a change, and so you may notice that the site is now blue. In addition to the green being "played", it is also now being used by Cross Rocket, and we have given ourselves a makeover to stay one step ahead. Another new thing you may notice is that the blue box above leads you to back editor's notes. Thanks to Rachel's genius, I was motivated to install this feature. One of the tricks of the site is that every blue box leads you somewhere, so if you think that the quotes are as hilarious as I do, you can check out more...So that's about it. Enjoy the new site, it took far too long to change over. Brooke

07.27.00 i'm sick of failed internet startups and the banality of conservative political rhetoric. i'm sick of getting home at ten o clock every evening, between working a thankless municipal job and desperate attempts to save the world, only to find that it's too late to skateboard because the neighbors are trying to sleep. i'm sick of paying outlandish prices for vegan cookies and personal zines, to later discover that neither has been made to my liking. over the past few weeks, i've seen some of my favorite bands cater to the whims of a bunch of headbobbing record geeks and i've started to peruse The New York Times on a daily basis. i finally purchased the mk ultra/seein' red split that i was too lazy to mailorder 6 months ago and i'm potentially fronting an experimental noise band called Big Hair. i've begun to write words on actual paper again. yes, it is definitely summer. put on a sweatshirt, seize the day and be sure to scrutinize the new animations for subliminal messages. viva la muerte digitale. xoxo rachel