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It took me a while to feel confident writing this review because the Machete GT isn’t as lively as I normally like, at least not at first. After finally pushing the board the way it’s meant to be pushed I have to say that the Ride Machete GT is the most under rated board I’ve ridden.

Size: 156cm
Bindings: Bent Metal Logic
Shape: Camber Binding to Binding, Tip Tail Rocker
Stance: 15/-15 and 23? wide centered
Rider Size: 6? 170lbs
Test Conditions: Powder, Groomers, Pipe, Park, Slush


  • Soft landings even sending flat
  • Rips chunder pow like no other


  • Dampening makes it seem less lively
  • If you’re not a strong rider, you won’t enjoy it
  • Rips harder than you expect

Power: The power of the Machete GT is hidden, at least during the break in stage or if you don’t just open it up. The damp ride, thanks to the slimewalls, makes the board seem less energetic than it is. However when you really drive the board, it will surprise you with how much it rebounds. It’s caught me off guard more than a few times.

Handling: The Machete GT is nimble at all speeds and grips the crust well. I spend most of my time doing hop turns since it grips the snow so well, even when landing edge to edge. I was concerned about riding it in the halfpipe due to it’s hybrid shape, but it grips the walls well and even held on when I’ve landed deep in the transition of the super pipe.

Flex: The stiffer nose and tail that gives way to an almost soft middle is what gives this board it’s power, handling, and ability to lock into rails. That’s why the Machete GT shines where most other hybrid boards in it’s class tend to falter. The mid stiff torsional flex is what makes hop turn handling and nose grab reverts so solid and stable.

Overall: I understand why some bloggers might not like this board. It took a while for me to break it in and for it to grow on me. It had been a while since I had ridden anything with Slimewalls and its a different feeling. However, once you get used to it’s lazy boy chair comfort and start to push it, it will push back. Surprisingly it has dethroned every other board as my daily driver even though I almost hated it when I first strapped into it.

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    yells at cloud says:

    These “tech nerd” reviews all seems to be decidedly non-technical.

    “I spend most of my time doing hop turns”…WTF?

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