By on May 3rd, 2018

It’s 6AM as I wipe the crust from my eyes and sit up in bed. All the lights in our hotel room are on and Carter is sitting on his bed, fully dressed in snowboard bibs, boots and even his new Smith Grom goggles are on. Someone should tell him the lifts won’t be running for another 3 hours, but time is a new concept to a 1st grader.

“These goggles are going to be really clear when going down the hill. Would really show you if a tree was coming,” states Carter, a tip Sonny Bono should have heeded before two planking down Heavenly and barreling into a tree and skyrocketing himself into the afterlife. Even a 7 year old knows, a good pair of goggles might just save your life.

“It feels like you are in a video game, like virtual reality but you are in real life,” states Carter later on Boreal’s finest chair lift, Accelerator, and he is definitely spot on. The Cyan burnside frame covered with “Tiger’s and Panda’s and stuff,” as Carter describes, has a premium carbonic-x spherical lense that you’d only usually find on daddy or mommy goggles twice the price, accompanied by an exceptional kid fit that won’t have them bitching and moaning about them slipping off their stupid little faces after 20 minutes of riding. For vision and clarity, I believe Smith lenses are the best. They set the lense bar high(which I can’t go to at Boreal, because Carter is 7, FYI) and the chromapop everyday red mirror lense makes these goggles pop and let’s everyone on the mountain know you are a 7 year old badass and these goggles scream, “Fuck you get out of my way!”

The Smith Grom Goggles rule. Carter gives them a “10 out of 10. The lenses are shiny” he says before meandering off about “Riding them again and not hitting any trees.” Get your grom some goggles they’ll love. These one’s will do the trick and stoke out even the saltiest most sugar filled grom you can find from Mammoth to Mountain Creek.

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