By on April 1st, 2018

HAPPY DAY AFTER EASTER EVERYONE! Everywhere we can see change; the seasons, political climate, and so much more.  But something that we didn’t foresee happening this year is… BRACE YOURSELF! Timberline has decided to cancel spring park and its pass! What will all the park rats of America and around the world do? What will everyone do without those memoriable laps through Conway’s?  Or the epic transition hits through the flow park?

APRIL FOOLS… a day late. Or is it?  I think April fools trickery has become too predictable.  Anyway…. Conway’s is fully operational and the flow park is prime! Lets talk about Jaeger Bailey; I mean we could talk about him or we could just place this insanity here. Jaeger must be over snowboarding or something, tell that man to chill out!

Love Games 2018 happened this past weekend.  We caught up with Chad Otterstorm to find out more details and all the “crazy shit” that happened.  The night before, the snow set in.  So much so, that “the ironing board drifted in about 4 feet.”  Chad, along with JG, Raul and about 20+ laborers worked on rebuilding the run in an effort to make the event “next level”.  And it sounds like it was!  Rarities including, a “dislocated elbow, a live wizard catching air, so many amazing landings and crazy tomahawks” were all present at the Love Games.  As Chad says, “twas nuts to say the least!”  While the rankings have yet to be announced, Chad enjoyed spending time seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  Love Games 2018 could be the “best event in Colorado,” in Chad’s opinion.

Zach Griffin Pc by Chad Otterstorm

Hunter Fruthcly Pc. Chad Otterstorm

More Photos will be posted to the Yobeat Instagram!

Boulder FeelZin’

Boys at Big Boulder Park were caught catching the surf, and man, were they ripping!

Mark Gama Wes Heffernan Filmed by Avery Wrubleski, Johnny Hatcheck and Billy Heffernan


A little segment for the movie FULL PATTY. Great music, phenomenal riding, and just an all around good vibe. You should give the full movie a peep!

Actors: Theo, Abbe, Niklas Mattson, Nils Arvidsson

Film/Edit: Nobudget Production


Earlier this year, Scotland received a massive amount of snow.  So much so, the state went into a code red and pretty much shut down. You know what the means- Poppy house music, partying with the boys, and street rails! What more could you ask for?