By on March 29th, 2018

After the liner in my Volcom pants blew out, I was in the market for a new pair of snow pants. For the first time this season, Saga Outerwear debuted its women’s-specific outerwear line. At Brooke Geery’s suggestion, I went for the Rogue bibs—a first-ever since I started dressing myself. I side-eyed this suggestion extremely hard. I’ve never liked bibs. I always equate my skin-crawling discomfort with that of baths: too self-aware of my body and all the places it expands to fill space.

To my relief, the Saga Rogue Bib Pant is an optional bib. I can strip-tease my top off whenever I so choose. This made the difference. I am now a full-blown bib-lover on the mountain. These pants keep snow out of my asscrack and keep me phenomenally warmer when the Northwest gets chilly.* And then at the end of the day, when I’m ready to drive home, I simply zip off the top of the bibs and now have normal pants to sit in for an hour.

For their first attempt at women’s pants, Saga did a pretty good job. The Rogue bibs have a tall fit, so I find myself having to roll up the pant legs to keep them from dragging on the ground. And if I were to offer any product design feedback, it would be to keep in mind the athleticism in most snowboarder’s thighs. When I wear them as just the waist (meant to ride slightly below the hip otherwise hello, cameltoe) is baggy and slightly too tight on the quad, causing the thigh meat to pull the pant down no matter how tight the belt is. I would also have loved a more articulated knee for maximum style.

I like that the charcoal color is dark through and through (also comes in olive), no frilly “girl” colors thrown in needlessly. The 10K waterproofing is great. I spend 99% of my time at Sno[Rain]qualmie in Washington, and there was only one wet day where the knee fabric wetted out. But I boosted it with wash-in waterproofing from Nikwax, and follow up every couple of weeks with tech wash and it holds out pretty well. As an instructor, I’m on-snow 5-7 solid hours straight in the elements, and I appreciate a pant that sticks through it with me.

The other bonus is the tech pocket on the chest with a headphone hole so I can truly jam-the-fuck-out when it gets sloppy in the springtime. And I feel way cooler than I ever thought possible in a bib. I feel assured in saying I am a self-proclaimed bib-convert and you can be too for the low, low price of $200!

*The Northwest never gets “cold.” Northwesters have 0 idea what cold really is. They had a 2-hour school delay once because it was a “bitter” 19 degrees. L. O. L.