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When I was a child, my mother used to distract me from being annoying by giving me crayons, markers or colored pencils and some blank paper. Not only did it work, occupying my growing young brain for hours while I artfully drew my versions flowers and animals, but it fostered creativity, too!

Twenty-something years later, my mom purchased me my first “adult” coloring book. Like mothers do, she remembered how calm and happy scribbling made me as a child and has read some expert reports that adults could find a similar calming effect in coloring. The drawings were more elaborate and I rarely used crayons, but god damn it the experts were right! Coloring is fun at any age.

Which is why you need to get a copy of Cy Whitling’s Mountain Mix Coloring book.

For the last three years, Cy has been doodling outdoor scenes in a notebook. Some are hilarious (like the crumudgeonly old man and his pick-up truck) and some are straight-up extreme (Sasquatch carrying a pow board! what!?) but they’re all naturiffic-outlines ready for you to fill in with your own colorscheme.

For those of you who require more pursuasion before investing $25 in something, Cy offers even more uses for his project:

  • Killing time on rainy tent days
  • Coloring on the plane ride to your next trip
  • Practicing your fly-tuning hand-eye coordination
  • Keeping the kids occupied while you go out for another lap
  • Using as a fire starter in an emergency situation

So yes, you need and want this coloring book! It’s awesome. And the best way to get it is to click on over to Kickstarter, where Cy is raising funds the new-fashioned way. For $25 ($5 off retail) you can have your own copy of the book delivered to your doorstep by the US Postal service, or you can also get stickers, a puzzle, prints, t-shirts and more. On top of that, Cy is very funny and you will laugh at least a few times reading his hand-crafted Kickstarter campaign.

Children still enjoy coloring, too! 

I assume you are still reading this because the title said “win” and so far it’s basically a review and a Kickstarter plug, so congratulations! You’re right! We’re also giving away a Mountain Mix Coloring book to one lucky Yobeat reader and entering is easy. Just email submissions at yobeat dot com with your mailing address and “Mountain Mix Coloring Book” in the subject line. One person will be selected at random on April 2 to receive a coloring book FOR FREE! (One entry per person please!)

If you’d like more information on the project check out and/or visit Kickstarter:

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    Just email submissions at yobeat dot com with your mailing address and “Mountain Mix Coloring Book” in the subject line.

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