By on March 22nd, 2018

Yo-Official Test Conditions

Size: 156cm
Bindings: Union Forces
Shape: Camber
Stance: 15/-15 and 23″ wide centered
Rider Size: 6′ 180lbs
Test Conditions: Powder, Groomers, Pipe, Park, Cliffs


  • All Mountain Slayer of Park, Pipe, Powder, Everything
  • Will help you side hit like Arthur Longo
  • Comes in Camber and Rocker offerings


  • You’ll try and ollie over stuff you shouldn’t
  • People will get in the way of your sidehits

Power: It’s no secret that I love cambered snowboards. This board is no exception because of the power that it can generate at all times. Whether you’re ollie-ing onto olympic-level park rails or just building power out of turns, this thing has all the power you could ask for in an all-mountain board. It’s a little bit softer this year so this energy accessible to even smaller riders.

Handling:. The Arbor Coda in Camber is a go-kart of snowboards. It rails carves at high speed while remaining stable. It floats powder thanks to the early rise fenders, and rips pipe thanks to the griptech. The Coda has turned into my big park, pipe, and powder board. It continues to surprise me through all the conditions I’ve had it in.

Flex: If you like doing tripods, cartwheels, and flat land Miller Flips, the Arbor Coda is perfect. With what feels like a stiffer nose and tail that softens into the camber, Arbor really created magic in this board. It hugs hand rails, drops cliffs, and is forgiving when you touch the ground again when you’re trying to get your Arthur Longo on.

Overall: I haven’t found anything this board can’t do. From presses to full circle carves, pipe to powder, this board handles it all. On powder days when I don’t have my Cosa Nostra near me, the Coda floats incredibly and does some of the best powder wheelies and jumps you can imagine. If you’re looking for a full camber quiver killer, put this on your short list, or better yet just buy one in the links below. You won’t be disappointed.