Cameron Gorby used to come into the shop I managed in Maryland as a little grom. He was always stoked on snowboarding, but sadly he was also into longboarding. After a couple of years of razzing – he traded in the longboard for a skateboard and now he’s a better skater than I ever was.

Cam grew from that little grom into the well-educated ripping young man he is today. He made the move from the east coast to Utah in search of more time on snow, but recently came back to the east for more time with family and friends. Some of my most favorite conversations in life have been with Cam, he is not afraid to discuss contrarian ideas. If you ever run into him – ask him about dyslexia as an ice breaker. He’s seriously on the forefront of the body of knowledge on the subject. — Nate Musson

Photo by: Brandon Payne

This has been my first year being able to enjoy and spend some time at Seven Springs on the east coast. Most of the time when I do back flips I like to spread out but a tuck knee is always fun.

Photo by: Ian Macy

This is the second jump through “The Alley” at Seven Springs it doesn’t look big and it isn’t. In order to clear this bad boy you have to point from the beginning of the trail, role over knuckle of the first jump, in order to make it to the sweet spot, it takes work.

Photo by: Ian Macy

At this point in the winter Seven Springs hadn’t opened up their big jump line but still had some fun on this hip

Photo by: Ian Macy

When I’m not sawing off Nazi feet with my Rome artifact, I’m usually hitting the hip again and getting a doper angle with my home boi Ian Macy.

Photo by: Ian Macy

This was my first time getting to ride “The Streets” set up at Seven Springs. Not the bright, sunny, blue bird day I was expecting to lay down every trick in the book but I was able to do a back side shifty after probably trying it 10 times.

Photo by: Ian Matteson

On site location is Brighton Resort. This location is hidden in Brighton’s depths. Its called fun gap its the classic back country cliff that can really get year heart racing.

Photo by: Ian Matteson

This was one my favorite photos back when I was riding for Lib Tech. We had just built a back country booter in Powder Mountain’s backcountry. We had an almost random ski patrol with us for extra safety sense some of the guys we were with were potted out on weed. He sat there reading the bible and watching a few of us take on Nazi’s while doing tricks on our snowboards!

Photo By: Al Pal

Brighton always has something going on once the lifts stop running. Some of the Nitro guys were up there and I was just doing my thing. Definitely some good times in the sun.

Photo by: Cole Atencio

This spot was at Fairmont Skate Park in Salt Lake City before it got ripped down. It was sketchy. It was a gap half close in half close out then you would drop into the skate bowl from the deck. It gave me a battle and a few close calls but I walked away with a solid clip.

This photo was taken by one of my roommates at the time. I think that night I had just gotten off work at around 10 from serving tables and a couple friends hit me up to hit a spot. It’s a pretty big down rail that has a little gap out from a rail connector. Its really pretty mellow but was stoked on how the light set up worked out.

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