Video: Jason Bayne, Darkside Snowboards

Many years ago, New England was home to the World Quarterpipe championships. It was rowdy and raucous and eventually someone got very hurt and they stopped doing it. Most of the participants are now grown ups with real jobs and kids, including Mr. Mike Baker himself. However, his annual Banked Slalom is as close as today’s boarder can get to the “good old days” gone by.

This year, the event went down at Waterville Valley, where 17 inches of fresh snow covered up all the hazards just enough to make them invisibly dangerous. The course itself was pretty mellow, that is, until you hit the moguls at the end. The maniacal ice bumps beckoned the best riders to take em at full speed, but many learned the hard way, that just wasn’t a good idea. Those who made it through were handsomely rewarded with cash, prizes and no chance at permanent loser’s tattoo.

Groms (10 and under)
1st Oliver Contario
2nd Haley MacDonald
3rd Daniel Krajewski

15 and under Winner – 
1st Morris Gifford

Women’s Division Winners 
1st Aisha Bhutto
2nd Jamie Mills
3rd Brooke Geery

40+ Winners – 
1st Trevor Kupete
2nd Marc Beaudin
3rd Bob Ellis

1st Mike Bardis
2nd Sean Genovese
3rd Michael Murphy

4th Luke Mathison
5th Brendon Rego
6th Paul Archer
7th River Richer
8th Noah Gaurriello
9th Kevin Court
10th Brandon Halberstadt