ED: A few years back, we penned an article entitled 30-Something Reasons Colorado Sucks. It was hilarious and accurate, and accordingly has received some 4 million views since then. According to our sources, at least one million of those readers have chosen to move to Colorado anyway. But while we’ve been laughing all the way to the Oregon coast, those who lived in Colorado before it was cool have always held it against us. But never fear, brave Colo-RAD-bros, your man Chad Otterstrom finally put fingers to keys to set the record straight! Here is his rebutttal.

I wrote this article defending all 30 reasons Yobeat thought Colorado sucks from a few years ago last December. It didn’t make Yobeat look very good; it was actually pretty insulting. So instead, I decided to just run with a new article on 30 basic reasons Colorado doesn’t suck for snowboarding and leave it at that. I’ve lived in Colorado for the last 22 years and have been skiing/snowboardng there since 1981. I’ve also traveled the world snowboarding, so I feel my opinion counts.

Below: This is Chad

1. It’s sunny all the time. No matter what, if it’s sunny out, snowboarding is awesome.

2. Champagne powder. Steamboat  actually trademarked the name. High altitude snow comes with no moisture. Riding 4 feet of weightless powder is one of the coolest things you can do with your life.

3. Dew Tour, X-Games, Grand Prix, USASA Nationals etc. Once a month you get to go see live competitions at the highest level. If you’ve ever seen the Open class rail jam at USASA nationals you know what I’m talking about. Kids go for broke.

4. Logs. The aspens in Vail and Beaver Creek seem to bend into perfect rainbows all over the mountain when too much snow piles on them. I used to hate logs and still kind of do because I always fall off of them and it hurts, but cleaning a natural rainbow with a foot of fresh is pretty awesome.

Skiers. Can’t get rid of em, but can definitely use em to pull you across the flats.

5. Wolf Creek. Most years they get 100 inches of snow by the end of November. After that, all the gullies fill in and it gets flat, but November is usually amazing down there.

6. Nate Dogggg. He’s been getting first chair in Colorado/The United States for the last 21 years. He gets more coverage than Shaun White on ESPN during the X-Games by getting on ABC NBC and CBS morning talk shows all around the country. Hs fame is next level, making Colorado great.

7. Excellent groomers. They really are excellent and every ski area is dedicated to making them most excellent.

8. Silverton. It’s like heli skiing on a budget.

Doran Laybourn enjoys.

9. Aspen. If you can afford it, it’s the best ski town in the world. That’s right, I said ski town.

10. Loveland Pass, Berthoud Pass and Vail Pass. Three passes right off the highway that offer free snowboarding.

11. Vail. If you know where you’re going, and know how to avoid the crowds it’s amazing. If you don’t it isn’t so amazing.

12. Breckenridge. The skate park is amazing and they have a cheeseburger stand every half a block on main street?

Good enough for J2? Good enough for you!

13. Weed. Rumor is all snowboarders like to smoke it. I’ve never been a fan of couch surfing stoners, but now that there’s a housing crisis I assume there’s a higher class of stoners, since they have to actually get jobs.

14. Traffic. We call them sheeple. Don’t be one of the sheeple, and you won’t get stuck in traffic.

15. Denver/Boulder. Big city living one hour or less, depending on where you go for champagne powder.

16. Red Mountain Pass. People jock Robot Food movies still to this day. Half their movie was filmed there and it’s right off the road.

Zach Rawles, not seen in Robot Food.

17. Year round snowboarding. With Copper having a jib park open through September and A-basin opening mid-October, you can slide on snow year round.

18. Telluride. It’s super far away. So far that no one goes there. No lift lines ever on a pow day.

19. 14,000 foot peaks. When it rains in May and June, it dumps up high. The 14ers turn into Alaska late in the season when the snow pack tightens up.

20. Red Gerard. We get to claim a 17-year-old Olympian who has already had two Transworld video parts. Since when do Gold Medalists have video parts, or good video parts anyway?

Blake Axelson knows Red Gerard!

21. Terrain. The truth is, we don’t have much. I’ve been hunting for 22 years and still am. It’s not like Baker where you can launch straight off every chairlift, but that’s what makes it worth it. When you actually do find a good zone, it makes it that much more worth it. It’s like one of those inspirational quotes where people talk about how working for it makes it worth it. Super inspiring, ok.

22. Perfect parks. The parks are so good that kids dont ride anything else. They just go to the park day in and day out, even on pow days. I feel like snowboard parks kill snowboarding’s soul more and more everyday, but they sure are fun.

23. High speed chairlifts. The terrain may be mediocre, but you sure can get up to that mediocre run super fast!

24. Traveling. When you travel outside of Colorado and ride other resorts you realize that it’s not that good in Colorado. It’s good incentive to travel the world and ride other places besides your home resort.

Preston Jesick, somewhere in Snowmass.

25. The early 90s. Watch almost any snowboard movie from the early nineties and I guarantee half of it was filmed in Colorado. They make snowboarding look super fun. Most snowboard movies these days should basically be called “Fund my British Colombian Heli Vacation.” Cool pillow shots from Interior BC, that’s great.

26. Love Games. Satellite Board Shop puts on a contest at Loveland pass every year where kids go out and build old jumps from back in the day. Then they have a free-for-all contest/session on them. Nothing like hitting a backcountry kicker with 100 or your friends. It’s the highlight of the Spring for sure.

27. Cheap season passes. If you dont live in Colorado, it isn’t cool once again. The resorts leverage their season passes with their ticket prices. Get a season pass and you won’t be stressed out on ticket prices.

28. People. There’s lots of them. 100,000 people were moving to Colorado every year a few years back. I think thats slowed down a bit, but either way there’s always a friend to go ride with.

29. Never Summer. We make Academy snowboards there and they have the best construction in the world. Ride one you’ll see, not trying to promote, just speaking the truth.

30. I live there. There’s no way I’d live somewhere that sucks.

Chute! Even Doran Laybourn loves it! 

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    Keeney says:

    Chad with the knowledge. I grew up riding Oregon and Washington, but have called Colorado home for eight seasons now. This article is spot on. I could list 30 more reasons Colorado doesn’t suck, but I think the current yearly influx of “others” is flowing strong enough as is. 🙂

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