Way back 2011, Jack Kyle was a participant in the People’s Court. We can’t be sure if he won or lost, because the poll stopped working years ago, but here’s a breif review of his skills, by the people:

jack kyle is to fucking good to be in a peoples court [sic]

Jack Kyle is the most underrated dude in the game.

 Jack Kyle is the best snowboarder I know or know of. Hands down, not exaggerating at all. Jack Kyle all day everyday. Ride with him for a day, or even just an hour and you will realize it.
Now, a mere 7 years later, Jack’s skills have finally earned him a coveted slot on the Academy Team! It was a difficult decision which took weeks of deliberation and debate, but the officials have spoken. Here’s what they said:

We are proud to announce that Jack Kyle is the newest member of our regional team from our Sponsor Me Bro contest. Jack rides with power and timeless style. He’s an East Coaster who has been on the scene for a while and knows what Academy is about as you can see in his riding and interview. Keep an eye out for some fresh clips this Spring at The Academy Gathering at Woodward Copper . We would like to thank everyone who participated as well as Yobeat for hosting the contest. You are all amazing and the videos were inspiring to watch. Keep killing it.

Academy For Life. – JB And Chad Otterstrom

Congratulation Jack! Enjoy your sweet snowboards and all expenses paid trip to the Academy Picnic in Colorado this spring. And for those of you who were wondering, the runner up was Brandon Bischoff, which gets him his video posted right here. But hey! It’s better than nothing. Thanks for playing!