First, and most importantly, anonymous commenting is back. The height of the season is over, midwest mountains are starting to close.  We know you guys have lots of hilarious and witty comments saved up, so we’re rewarding your patience. Feel free to debate and annoy as you see fit, and just know when/if you cross the imaginary line, we have a master delete button and ain’t afraid to use it.

This past week has been a great one in board world. It’s been dumping coast to coast and seems like everyone who lives in a mountainous region of Americaland is finally getting theirs. On TV, the Olympic hype is dying down, but MTV’s Winter Break: Hunter Mountain lives on. It’s just moved to MTV2, Fridays at 8 now, rather than way past our bedtime on MTV like before. Phew! You can catch full episodes here. 

As for Yo-personal updates (which you know you we’re gonna give you whether you want em or not,) Joey and Jake hopped an Amtrack away from the 6-foot pow dump in Tahoe to get tats in Los Angeles. While they were there, they stopped by a party thrown by Shaun White. Brooke flew back east, took third in the Mike Baker Banked Slalom at Waterville Valley and smashed herself into some rocks before collecting her swag bag at awards. Don’t worry, it’s not fatal, and according to the nice doctors in Castleton, VT, no bones or internal organs were damaged in the process. Jim is still getting ready to go to Alaska. Estes drank coffee with Wille Yli-Luoma and our newest contrib Patrick Whitehead spelled out how to make all your hopes and dreams come true.  We’ve also got some new T’s in the printing process, and we’d love it if you bought one.  (praying hand emoji.)

Real Snow 2018 TRAILER | X Games

#RealSnow 2018?: Mar. 14• Six snowboarders• Six video parts• One #XGames gold medal

Posted by X Games on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

This week is gonna be a good one in Yobeat land, thanks in large part to Bear Mountain, which is “poppin rn” as the kids say. The new episode of Lift Accessed drops sometime this week. In the meantime, you have them to thank for another week of exciting snowboarding content to come, including yo-sclusive interviews with the stars of ESPN’s Real Snow 2018 dropping this HUMP DAY so accidentally click away on those banners, yo!

Now, enough typing, enjoy some videos.

Bone Squad x Mtn Dudes

Salt Lake City did not get a lot of snow this year. But the kids did their thing as hard as they could anyway.

Riders: Adam Redling, Rob Roethler, Zach Higgins, Hollis Grossbard, Collin Vesely, Jack Kohan, Griffin Felligno, Mikey Tuck and Brett Kulas.

filmed by Jake Phillips and Collin Vesely.

Eidt: Jake Phillips

Grande Rocha 3

It was a typical East Coast Winter for the dudes at Big Boulder. Low tide in February, followed by two Nor’easters.

Riders: Joe McAvoy, Shane Weis, Jeff Verbitsky, LJ Henriquez, Connor Smullen, Sam Klein, and the homies.

I also think Frank Knab’s in there but, unconfirmed.


Hammer my back in sounds similar to what happened to me last Friday at Waterville, but Hammarbybacken in a small resort in Stockholm, Sweden where this homey edit was filmed.

Labyrinth Crew – Ruka Takeover pt. 2

Some one made a rule that these guys couldn’t hit anything in the park on their most recent trip to Ruka, Finland. We’re not mad at em.

Riders: Veikka Siivonen, Roope Rautiainen, Saska Halmes, Heikki Pitkänen, Mikko Rehnberg, Joona Saikkonen, Petrus Saikkonen.

Video: Veikka Siivonen

G Tribe’s Hood Nights #3

There’s something strangely ironic about the fact that snowboarders call themselves Hood-living Gangsters in Germany, but we’re not quite sure what it is. A little night action from Snowpark Nesselwang.

Rider: Michael Botzenhart

Clip: Stephan Ruchte


The L.A River Fuck My Liver Tour Vol.5

Why is a crew that rides Domes in Europe called LA River Gang? And is there any relation to the guy who gave Jake and Joey their tattoos? We just. don’t. know.

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