Happy Friday Yobeaters of the world! Dunno about your plans this weekend (hopefully they include snowboarding) but we’re about to load the whole fam-damily to the Granite State to Live Free or Die it up at the Mike Baker Banked Slalom at Waterville Valley.

“Following my stellar performance at the Smash Life Banked Slalom in Alpental, and our totally not-embarassing team finish at Killington’s Slash and Berm last weekend, I’m feeling pretty damn good about not placing last in the older lady divison Mr. Baker has promised me,” Yobeat founder Brooke Geery said.

There’s a ton of new snow and it’s gonna be awesome either way, we’re sure. Hopefully you’ll be there too (in body or in spirit) but in case you’re stuck staring at a screen all day, we are excited to provide you with this sweet Finnish snowboarding video, “Runsition!” Like so many of the greatest medias of all time (we’re referring specifically to 90210 and Can’t Hardly Wait) this video features seamless editing, meaning it all looks like one shot! How did they do that? We have no idea. But we highly recommend you click that play button and enjoy.

Edit: Steven Stephan